Mayim Bialik Shared A Reunion Pic With Her 'Big Bang Theory' Co-Stars

While the show may be gone, we can always hope for little things like this to look forward too. And of course, our yearly re-watches.

People tend to re-watch their favorite comedy over and over again, so no, you're not alone.

Yes, unfortunately, 'The Big Bang Theory' is over.


After years of making us laugh, smile and cry, it's finally come to an end.

We'll miss these characters and the cast that played them too until the reboot inevitably comes.

But while we're waiting for that, we can take some solace in pseudo-reunions.


You know, like when a couple of the cast members get together for an Instagram selfie.

The kind that makes you happy that they're all still friends, despite the show being over.

Selfies like this one!

Recently, Mayim Bialik (the talented actress behind Amy Farrah Fowler) got together with Kevin Sussman and Brian Posehn, who played the comic book store owner Stuart and the geologist Bert.

She asked us, the fans, to caption the photo!


Some of the best ones were things like: "All 3 snapchat filters at once man, woman, baby" and "“Hey, twelve eyes.”

But the best was: "Friends forever"

Awww. Maestro, cue the happy reuniting music.