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Brie Larson Falls Into Crocodile Infested Waters In Scary New Video

Well, she's probably alright, considering the name of this article isn't "Brie Larson dies in a hellish pit of monstrous predator lizards from pre-history".

Or would that title be too dramatic? Nah, it's perfect.

So, we all know Bear Grylls, right?

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That Australian guy we used to make fun of for drinking pee?

Well, he's got this show called Running Wild with Bear Grylls, where he takes celebrities to do wild stuff.

And his most recent guest on the show was Captain Marvel herself.

YouTube | National Geographic

Oscar award-winning actress Brie Larson went on the show and, you guessed it, had to do some pretty wild stuff.

In this clip, she has to cross over some crocodile-infested waters...

On nothing but a loose rope.

YouTube | National Geographic

She's obviously pretty spooked about this. A lot of us couldn't even do this in gym class, let alone in a life-threatening situation!

Bear gets across, so it's just her, the rope and a bunch of hungry crocs.

Don't want to spoil here, so just check the video out for yourself.

But if you're hoping for something gruesome (and why would you, weirdo) then keep in mind the name of this article wasn't: "tragedy strikes as Brie Larson is murdered by crocodiles".