Elizabeth Olsen Trolled Chris Hemsworth And Paul Rudd In Instagram Story

Yes, it seems that there's even more good-natured ribbing going on between the MCU stars.

And would you look at that! It's coming from the queen of sass herself, Elizabeth Olsen!

She's a star, we all know that much.

For those of you who don't know, the Marvel stars are in a charity fantasy football league.


They're facing off against each other in the greatest and most glorious of battles:

Who can predict which player will get the most points in week to week games the best.

This league, of course, comes with a whole lot of trash talk.


And to be honest, a lot of what we're hearing is coming from the usually sweet Elizabeth Olsen.

The actress who played Scarlet Witch is throwing a whole lot of shade around.

Despite her team being in last.


But that's okay! If you can't predict a good game, at least talk one.

The first thing we heard was when she called Anthony Mackie a "son of a b", and that was a thrashing never before seen.

And now there's a video.

Instagram | @elizabetholsenofficial

Where she not only plugs her new "Extreme Party Mascara", but she also takes a stab at Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth.

She calls Rudd a lightweight and implies Chris Hemsworth wears mascara.