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Kitties Can Countdown To Christmas Too With This Cat Advent Calendar

Is it just me or are advent calendars upping their game in recent years?

This isn't a complaint. In fact, I love how our only options are no longer a choice between the same four Christmas scenes on cheap cardboard, filled with cheap, plastic-y chocolate.

From much nicer chocolates, to spirits, to fountain pen inks (yes, really), everyone seems to have an advent calendar option that's perfect for them.

Last year, Trader Joe's got a ton of buzz for their calendar made specially for dogs.

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Unsurprisingly, cat lovers immediately began asking when one for kitties would be released.

Trader Joe's listened and this year, alongside the dog version, there is an Advent Calendar for Cats.

According to Colin Fields, the Vice President of Merchandising, the treats inside are made with salmon and seaweed.

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In the 17th episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, which I just learned is a thing, he added that the 25th treat is a gigantic version in the shape of a fish. Which seems pretty on point.

The best part? They're only $5!

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I suppose the biggest challenge will be keeping the tasty-smelling calendar away from your cats so that they don't eat all the treats in one go.

Though if anyone gets footage of a cat getting those little doors open, I'd pay to watch that.


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