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14+ Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Emma Watson Saying She Isn't Single, She's 'Self-Partnered'

As Emma Watson nears 30, she's been making some changes.

It's out with the old and in with the iconic, as the actress just coined a phrase that makes us single folk feel a little bit better about ourselves as we reclaim our singlehood sit at home another Friday night with our 10 cats.


With the holidays coming up, Emma's timing couldn't be more perfect.

Take that, Aunt Mimi!

You're not "single"; you're self-partnered, thank you very much.

Now pass the mashed potatoes.

The phrase is helping people everywhere embrace where they're at in life.

sings "I don't need a man" by the Pussycat Dolls

It's become the best way to announce to the world that you're single.

Time to change those dating app bios!

It's even caused some Twitter users to get deep.

Look out, Aristotle.

Let the single celebrations begin!

changes tax form from "single" to "self-partnered."

Being self-partnered does mean taking responsibility for yourself.

Just consider yourself a manager since, like Kelly Kapoor from The Office, you can be a lot of manage.

She's helping women feel better about turning the big 3-0.

Instead of facing that difficult day with a bottle of tequila in hand, armed with the mission to forget you ever left your 20s, try this self-love approach instead.

As 2019 reaches its peak, being self-partenered is THE ~mood~.

Don't even try to tell us otherwise.

Others were a little wary of the term cluttering up their timelines.

Hey, as long as "self-partnered" means sharing a pizza all to your SELF, then we're all for it.

Most people are dropping what Emma is throwing down:

You can be single and be happy.

Just try that on for size.

Emma's overall message has made us feel better about feeling "behind" in life.

Okay, so there's a Cheeto in our hair and our biggest accomplishment today was putting on pants, but if Emma Watson doesn't feel pressure to have kids or do other "adult" things, then NEITHER DO WE.

Forget about the single ladies; where are my self-partnered ladies at??

We're gonna need a Beyoncé x Emma Watson collab ASAP.

It's caused some people to question if Emma is new Gwyneth.

We all remember how well Gywneth Paltrow's "conscious uncoupling" went down...

Pretty much as good as her recommending that women get their vaginas steamed...

Some were a little upset at Emma stealing Keanu Reeves' shine:

I mean, it's hard not to when the precious, sweetie angel deserves every drop of loveeee in the world!

And finally, we have this Emma Watson appreciation post:

We love you, Emma!

Keep going on with your bad self-partnered self.