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Brewery Puts Photos Of Rescue Dogs On Beer Cans To Help Them Get Adopted

In an ideal world, every rescue dog would find its perfect home right away and wouldn't have to spend more time than necessary inside an animal shelter, waiting for their new family to come fall in love with them.

Unfortunately, that's not the case, and many pups end up sitting inside kennels for weeks, months, and sometimes even years as they're repeatedly passed over in favor of more social doggos.

After learning about a number of sweet dogs struggling to be adopted in North Dakota, one local brewery has intervened and made it their mission to draw people's attention to these deserving pups in the best way possible: through beer.

Fargo Brewing Company has released a brand new six-pack featuring some adorably furry faces on the cans.

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According to Food & Wine, the company partnered with local rescue group 4 Luv of Dog to put a spotlight on those pups who are still waiting for their new furever families.

Those dogs' images have been placed front and center on limited-edition cans of Original Lager to help bring awareness to all those tragically overlooked four-legged friends.

4 Luv of Dog Rescue volunteer Jerard Ryan said these harder-to-adopt dogs are what's known as "Oneder dogs."

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"My first three-and-a-half years volunteering at the shelter, I would spend extra time with the dogs that had been there long-term mostly due to the fact that they don't do well living with any other dogs," he told Food & Wine. "Many of our foster homes already have a resident dog or two [so] it's difficult to find these particular dogs a forever home."

As it just so happens, Ryan works for North Plains Label company, which produces beer labels. After a "light bulb moment," he approached his boss about donating some labels to a local brewery to feature some deserving dogs.

The special Fargo Brewery cans made their grand debut on November 4 with the faces of six special pups.

4 Luv of Dog Rescue

The sweet mugs of Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby, Virginia, and Nyx (above) are all printed on the side of the new cans to highlight each available rescue.

"It's our hope that through this event we can raise a little awareness about these 'one'derful pooches and hopefully find them homes of their own," Fargo wrote on Facebook.

In addition to spotlighting the dogs on their cans, Fargo and 4 Luv of Dog also teamed up for a special adoption event.

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People were invited to come out on November 4 to meet all the eagerly awaiting pups while also enjoying some delicious locally made beer where a six-pack cost only $9.

In an interview with CNN, Tawny Hewitt, the brewery's social media and marketing manger, said 25 of 40 specially labeled cases of beer were sold during the event. The rest were donated to the rescue, with a portion of sales also being donated to the group as well.

The cans are limited-edition and are only available for purchase at the brewery in Fargo, North Dakota.

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Anyone interested in picking up a case for themselves is encouraged to hurry as the company predicts they'll likely only last a week or two.

As for the pups currently awaiting adoption, it'd be nice to think they'll be able to find their furever homes a little quicker than that, thanks to this incredible event. Check out the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue website to see all the pups available for adoption now.

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