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Viral Photo Of Teen And Cow Taking A Nap Together Is Winning Hearts

When we think of cuddly animals, we usually imagine dogs and cats, or maybe the odd rabbit or hamster.

We don't usually imagine a farm animal, though I would argue that of the various livestock options, cows seem like they'd be the most into cuddling. Or at least, they're cute enough to imagine wanting to do so.

Woolly sheep are the clear number one in the cuddly farm animals hierarchy, obviously.

Though a fluffy highland cow is a seriously close second.

The novelty is probably why the internet just can't get over this viral pic of a teen boy napping with his dairy cow.

Mitchell Miner was 15 when the photo was taken and he'd just finished competing in the Iowa State Fair with his cow Audri.

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Though they only came in fifth (out of seven entries), they worked hard and earned their rest. Mitchell's dad, Jeremy was the one that found them curled up together and snapped the candid shot.

While they don't live as farmers now, both Miner parents grew up working farms.

They told the Des Moines Register that they borrow animals each summer so that their kids can interact and bond with them.

I'd say the pic is proof that it works!

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