People Are Converting Unwanted Objects Into 'Free Little Libraries' All Over The World

Some people may say that traditional reading methods are on their way out. Nowadays, everybody is turning to eBooks and online reading. This, of course, threatens traditional brick-and-mortar libraries.

But there's a new trend on the rise and it involves turning small public spaces into free libraries. If that sounds like a great idea to you, keep on reading to get the deets.

There are tiny libraries popping up on street corners around the world.

They are mostly created out of converted phone booths, purpose-built kiosks, experimental art installations, and funky handmade boxes.

These miniature libraries are turning out to be sort of a communal book revolution that is able to bring free books to people all over the place.

It's awesome.

One of the by-products of the cell phone rise happens to be the leftover telephone booths.


Instead of ripping all of them out some are actually being converted into libraries.

In Great Britain alone there were about 92,000 leftover telephone booths and half of them have been torn down.

The rest has been involved in the Adopt a Kiosk program.

The Adopt a Kiosk project offers communities a chance to buy one of the iconic red telephone boxes for 1 pound and repurpose it into something useful to the public.

What a great idea.

These little libraries come with different rules and titles such as book exchanges, book swaps, and book boxes.

But the idea is largely the same and relies on an honesty basis.

People can take the books at their leisure, then return them once they're done.

They can also donate more books as well. There are no fees for late returns.

These telephone booth libraries have since inspired other outdoor libraries such as those created to look like small birdhouses.

Some of them were started by non-profit organizations to help the community.

What a super creative and fun idea to get kids excited about reading more books.

Just look at these two cuties sitting on a bench enjoying a new book.

Somebody even repurposed an old refrigerator and made it into a fun little library.

Wow, I would have never thought of that idea. How neat is this? Hee, hee.

And how about this awesome idea of using old microwaves that have been painted in fun colors to create this amazing stacked library?

Whoa. This is something else.

Why not use some old furniture such as this instead of throwing it away?

You can easily turn it into a cute little neighborhood reading nook right on the curb.

This unusual mini library in NYC was built out of upside-down plastic tank and wooden frame with perforations.

Arch League

It allows visitors to peek inside before going underneath to view books.

It's so awesome to see that not only places are repurposed in a creative and interesting way but that they also serve a purpose.

These tiny libraries are gems.

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