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Mom Photographed Overdosing In A Car Celebrates Sobriety With Inspiring Photoshoot

One mom unexpectedly became the face of addiction when a photo taken of her during an overdose went viral.

Like many individuals facing an addiction to opioids, Erika Hurt's life began spiraling out of control with a medical prescription for hydrocodone.

While she's been through a number of low points during her years of addiction and recovery, today she can proudly say that she is three years sober.

The opioid crisis has impacted countless citizens across the United States.

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The effects of this crisis has touched the lives of friends and families who have lost loved ones to overdoses. One woman's story is now going viral for providing new hope in light of this emergency.

In 2016, Erika Hurt from Hope, Indiana was photographed in her car after overdosing on heroin.

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When police found her in a store parking lot, Erika's then 10-month-old son was in the back seat of the car. Police said she still had a syringe in her hand and was unresponsive.

The shocking image made international news, with many saying it highlighted the dire state of the crisis.

The officers who found Erika were able to revive her using Narcan, a substance that counteracts the effects of an opioid overdose.

Even though Erika seemingly vanished from the public's eye after the initial news broke, in the years since the photo was taken she's turned her life around.

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The overdose prompted Erika to commit to sobriety for the sake of her health and her son, Parker.

Recently, Erika celebrated three years of sobriety with an inspiring photoshoot.

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Ali Elizabeth of Ali Elizabeth Photography helped Erika capture the images. In the photos, Erika is seen holding a sign that reads, "Narcan saved my life," while Parker holds one that reads, "And now I get to have my mommy."

Erika shared the photos on Facebook where they quickly racked up thousands of comments and shares.

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In her Facebook post, Erika credits Narcan for saving her life.

"Had Narcan not been available to me; or had someone who felt that I DIDNT DESERVE Narcan been there that day, I would have NEVER had the chance to get sober and my son would be growing up without ever knowing his mom," she said.

For the second time in her life, Erika has gone viral but this time it's for a completely different reason.

Erika's story of recovery has been shared on Facebook pages like The Addict's Journal and a number of news outlets.

After 10 years of addiction, Erika is ready to move on from the lowest points of her life.

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She says her son is her motivation for living and now there's nothing she and Parker can't overcome together.

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