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PopSocket Sleeves For Starbucks Cups Exist For A Comfortable Sipping Experience

PopSockets continue to be all the rage. If you're not familiar, a PopSocket is this weird little spherical contraption that sticks to the back of your phone and can pop out so that you can hold your phone more comfortably with better grip.

PopSockets is now moving into other realms where people hold things, like Starbucks cups.

PopSockets understands the importance of getting a good grip on your Starbucks cup.

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As a former Starbucks barista, I've seen too many latte tragedies as drinks slip and slide out of people's hands.

With their PopThirst line, coffee drinkers can ensure that every last sip is savored comfortably.

Instagram | @popsockets

Each design is super fun and colorful, adding a little spice to your cup's life.

They're also designed with a special foam material to ensure prime grippage.

Of course, these PopThirsts aren't licensed by Starbucks, but they are guaranteed to fit standard coffee cup sizes.


They run for $15 and would make for a great Christmas or birthday present for that Starbucks lover in your life.

If coffee isn't your thing but pop or a cold beer is, they also have PopThirsts for cans.


Drink up!