New Mom's 'No-Kissing' Rule Sparks Family Feud: Are Her Boundaries Too Much? 😲

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Boundaries, they're a tricky business, aren't they? Especially when it comes to our loved ones. But what happens when a new mom's protective instinct collides with age-old family traditions? Our protagonist, a 24-year-old first-time mom, found herself in the eye of a family storm when she insisted on a 'no-kissing-on-the-lips' rule for her newborn. 😮 Let's dive into her story and see how a simple request spiraled into a family feud.

A New Mom's Protective Instinct 💖

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Drawing the Line 💋🚫

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The Grandpa's Kiss 😲

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The Clash Begins! 😡

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Dad's Argument 🗣️

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The Kiss Debate Continues... 💬

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Husband's Surprise Reaction 😳

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Mom's Plea for Personal Space 🛑

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Second Guessing the Rule 😕

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Clarifying the Intentions 📝

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Mom's Final Word 🗨️

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An Unexpected Twist 🔄

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A Kiss, a Feud, and a Mother's Dilemma: Is She Being Unreasonable? 🤔

A new mom's 'no-kissing-on-the-lips' rule for her baby girl has sparked a family feud that's left her questioning her own judgement. From a protective instinct to a clash with her dad, and an unexpected reaction from her husband, this mom's simple request has spiraled into a family drama. Her plea for personal space for her baby has been met with resistance, leaving her to wonder if she's being unreasonable. As she navigates this tricky terrain, she's left pondering: 'Why does it have to be her lips?' Let's see what the internet has to say about this intriguing situation.

"NTA. People don't need to kiss babies who aren't theirs, and nobody needs to kiss small babies on the lips. Many people carry HSV 1, the virus that causes cold sores. This virus can be dangerous to small babies. Also, COVID, cold and flu season, etc. There's tons of good reasons why people should not kiss your baby, besides the obvious fact that you said no." 💋

LunaBlue48 | LunaBlue48

"NTA. Your father needs to respect your boundaries. 😲"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kissing kids on lips=gross. Forehead/cheek kisses are family tradition. Respect boundaries. 😲

Longjumping_2390 | Longjumping_2390

Setting boundaries with family: NTA's fear of intimacy explained. 😲

Silent-Emergency571 | Silent-Emergency571

NTA. Mother's word is law. Kissing on lips dangerous for baby. 😲

astoldbyelliot | astoldbyelliot

NTA. No-kissing rule sparks debate on consent and boundaries. 😲

Luna-Strange | Luna-Strange

NTA! Protecting your baby's health and boundaries, plus it's weird 😲

mairisaioirse | mairisaioirse

NTA. Kissing kids on lips is weird. 😲

greenprotomullet | greenprotomullet

New mom's boundaries violated by father-in-law, husband needs to support 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Setting boundaries for your baby's comfort and autonomy 🙌

crystalnoellyn | crystalnoellyn

NTA: No kissing the baby during a pandemic! 😲

1890rafaella | 1890rafaella

NTA: Kissing babies on the lips is weird and dangerous! 😲

tangerine-trees- | tangerine-trees-

Setting boundaries to protect baby from diseases, NTA 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Setting boundaries for baby during pandemic sparks family feud.

QAB1974 | QAB1974

Grossed out by baby lip kisses? You're not alone! 🤮

jfeld22 | jfeld22

NTA. You're the parent, set boundaries. Dad needs to respect. 😲

Elle_Vetica | Elle_Vetica

Boundaries on baby kisses: NTA, husband included. Consent matters! 😲

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

🤔👶 Some people just don't understand the dangers of viral transmission.

No_Faithlessness8503 | No_Faithlessness8503

NTA: Setting boundaries on kisses, even as an adult. 🤪

Interesting_Papaya39 | Interesting_Papaya39

NTA. Protecting baby from herpes. Educate yourself before kissing!

tinykoala86 | tinykoala86

Heartbreaking story of a baby's illness due to close contact 😢

Pitiful_Wrongdoer | Pitiful_Wrongdoer

NTA. Hubby needs to step up and support your boundaries. 👏

penelopemorph | penelopemorph

"NTA. Kissing kids on lips is weird. Cheeks and forehead enough."

ObviouslyObsessed18 | ObviouslyObsessed18

NTA: Kissing babies on the lips is weird. 😲

thenamebenat | thenamebenat

NTA - Boundaries are important! No kissing on the lips!

LizzyrdCE | LizzyrdCE

NTA: Kissing kids on the mouth is gross and dangerous 🤮

dexterr96 | dexterr96

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