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15+ Pics That Didn't Have To Make Sense To Be Hilarious

Most of us have found our way in a situation that became an inside joke among our friends, but it's also possible to be on the inside of a joke that only you get.

Whether it's in the form of what we swear is a hilarious video that only nets confused looks from those we show it to or a phrase that would take too long to explain, we're eventually going to embrace something that only we find funny.

Sometimes, we even understand why it doesn't work for anyone else, but it made us smile at the end of a rough day, so now we love it forever.

Hopefully, the images we're about to see fill us with that same inexplicable energy.

Either that's not what I think it is or this person is having a really crappy day.

Reddit | DKNova07

I can't help but wonder how exactly they got there, though.

It seems pretty hard to fall in, so they're either someone who played a stupid game and won a stupid prize or a plumber who deserves every penny they charge.

One thing that really helps when starting a new business is coming up with a catchy name.

Reddit | Aempha

It especially helps when you can tell exactly what kind of service you're getting just from the name itself.

For instance, this person is offering...m-math help?

It would be kind of hard to focus on the game with this guy staring back at us all the time.

Reddit | DonTheGeen

I will say this, though, that's definitely a creative use a skin fold.

And there must be something satisfying about being able to tell someone off while you're walking away from them.

The part that tickles me about this image isn't that somebody made Matt Damon's face out of meat.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Rather, it's the picture of him they chose to illustrate that because it looks like his exact reaction to finding out this unsettling thing exists.

I've been to some exciting shows in my time, but I think this one might beat them all.

Reddit | ApeCommando

I may have seen someone throw punches at the four security guards who threw him out of a Tech N9ne show, but I must admit that there was no giraffe there.

It's just as well, though. That scene probably would've freaked the poor creature out.

The last thing I'd want to do is crap my pants, but this is the only time where that would seem like the better option.

Reddit | shrekmemelover

People can give me all the dirty looks they want. The point is that I've still got my soul.

Well, well, well. It seems like that lift kit wasn't such a great idea after all.

Reddit | lifeishardasfunk

Unless your job involves rolling over other cars in front of a cheering crowd, it's probably best to make sure your sick car mods can still fit under bridges.

Truck drivers have to deal with this problem, but there's no reason to volunteer for it.

I'm not sure what actually made this shadow, but it definitely seems to be having a very good day.

Reddit | Marriedtometalx

And no, I'm not just basing that on the fact that it's smiling.

Let's face it, there have definitely been days when we've been both of these dogs.

Reddit | ApeCommando

For some reason, we can rarely remember the times we've been the one on the right when somebody else bites our heads off like this.

I suppose getting a foaming roar in our face kind of steals the focus, though.

It's not so out of the ordinary for an animal to wander into a school, but there's something weirdly appropriate about this one.

Reddit | Lifesahitch89

That's because this is known as a monitor lizard, so I can only imagine that it was roaming the halls because it thought it was on duty.

I don't think that caption reflects what's actually happening, but it's the only thing that really makes sense here.

Reddit | LeCookie1

That is, unless this guy managed to lock himself in here and simply wanted to congratulate his shirtless hero for breaking him out.

It looks like they won't be able to convince the marker thief no matter how many exclamation marks they use.

Reddit | javagat10

That's especially true since it really seems like the person who took it is mocking them with the same punctuation.

What does an exclamation mark after an ellipsis mean anyway? A pause followed by a random yelp?

It's amazing how realistic these graphics are getting nowadays.

Reddit | P0mb0

I'm not sure why this person's staring at a keyboard, but it almost looks like it's really there.

One could say it looks even more real than the one they're actually using. Incredible.

I just love that the one girl is so committed to taking a nice picture that she thought her friend's screaming could wait.

Reddit | O_Thanos

"Yeah, yeah, I'll look at your abject horror in a second. I just really need to make sure the focus is working here."

Well, at least we know that these plants will always have a steady supply of fertilizer.

Reddit | CookieOmNomster

I suppose that if you somehow end up with dozens of toilets at your house, this is as good a use for them as anything.

This is not only a classic reference, but an important thing to note.

Reddit | Jumpie

So while this person may get in trouble for covering up their license plate, at least that's as far as their list of no-nos will go.

I'm almost glad to find out what this really is because I thought it was just a really gross banana at first.

Reddit | DumpsterEnFuego

Not only that, but this might actually be the most adorable snake I've ever seen. That's a hard thing to be.

In case it's somehow not clear, this person dressed as their cat for Halloween this year.

Reddit | erinshaine

And the quality of their makeup was apparently good enough that the cat only feels sort of ambivalent about this.

As far as cat reactions go, that might as well be a ringing endorsement.

I'm not sure how well this kid can see right now, but it's clear that nobody will ever be cooler than him.

Reddit | BluSkies999

After all, coolness is indicated by the amount of sunglasses in the same way that the amount of hair indicates how powerful a Super Saiyan is.

And based on that comparison alone, I don't think I have to tell you that I am wearing precisely zero shades right now.

This may not seem so insane at first, but it helps to know that this window doesn't open.

Reddit | sinyanmei92

So how did this happen? Apparently, it fell from a higher part of the building and keeps vibrating as someone tries to call it.

Looks like this tense situation is about to reach a thrilling conclusion.

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