😲 Friend Asks What Her Buddy Sees in His 'Mess' of a Wife, Gets Blocked! 💔

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We all have that one friend who just can't keep their opinions to themselves, right? 😒 Well, this story is about a woman who couldn't understand what her good-looking friend saw in his wife, who she described as a 'mess.' So, she decided to ask him straight up, and let's just say things didn't go as planned. 😬 Grab your popcorn and let's dive into this drama! 🍿

The Conflicted Friend 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

The Good-Looking Guy 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

The 'Mess' of a Wife 😖

[deleted] | [deleted]

Her Limited Pros 📚

[deleted] | [deleted]

The Hints 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

The Pregnancy 🤰

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The Video Call 📱

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The Grimace 😬

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The Big Question ❓

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The Silent Treatment 😶

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The Block 🚫

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The Aftermath 😡

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The Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

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The Fallout: Blocked and Confused 😵

So, our opinionated friend here couldn't resist asking her handsome buddy what he sees in his 'mess' of a wife. 🙄 After listing her 'flaws,' he went silent and eventually blocked her on all platforms! 😱 Now, she's left wondering if she did something wrong and if she should apologize. 🤔 But, let's see what the internet has to say about this spicy situation... 🔥

OP thirsts after friend, insults his pregnant wife. YTA, get lost. 🙄

HUNTerX099 | HUNTerX099

YTA for judging someone's worth based on their looks. 🤦‍♀️

IkeaYayas | IkeaYayas

Don't be a YTBAE! Mind your own business and be supportive. 👏

comprehensive_chaos | comprehensive_chaos

Defending the wife and calling out shaming behavior. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Troll alert! Comment and reply call out fake niceguy behavior 🚨

KrKrKr004 | KrKrKr004

Commenter called out for bitterness and jealousy towards friend's wife 😒

Tora420 | Tora420

Don't mess with a pregnant woman. 🤑

WeirdCrazyCatLady | WeirdCrazyCatLady

🤔 Did the commenter get rejected?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't judge someone's relationship based on looks. YTA. 😒

EscalatingEris | EscalatingEris

Commenter called out for being TA, gets sassy reply 🔥

millhouse_vanhousen | millhouse_vanhousen

Insulting a pregnant woman's looks? YTA and blocked! 😱

TacoInWaiting | TacoInWaiting

Commenter gets called out for being the a**hole. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Accusation of jealousy towards pregnant wife earns instant block 😱

andsoitgoes123 | andsoitgoes123

Jealous friend gets rightfully blocked for shallow comment. 👏

throwthebananaz | throwthebananaz

Commenter called out for being the a**hole, gets roasted 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Jealousy and bitterness lead to lost friendship. 😔

GlobalCriticism0 | GlobalCriticism0

🚫 Don't be a jealous and petty friend, YTA.

Notacoldnight | Notacoldnight

Don't be a jealous friend, support your buddy's relationship! 🙌

NavigatorBlack1 | NavigatorBlack1

Jealousy turns friend into YTA, gets blocked. Lesson learned.

ossedryver | ossedryver

Friend gets called out for inappropriate behavior towards married man.

IsThisRealLife201520 | IsThisRealLife201520

Is the comment real or a troll? Others share their experiences.

throwaway135961 | throwaway135961

Commenter insults friend's pregnant wife, gets rightfully called out. YTA 😠

Bentleyk1212 | Bentleyk1212

🤨 Friend gets blocked for calling someone's spouse a 'mess'

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't judge a book by its cover. YTA, learn empathy.

KA1017inTN | KA1017inTN

Sassy reply shuts down judgmental comment. 👏

isaidit_bloop | isaidit_bloop

Commenter calls out YTA for wanting friend's husband, gets roasted 🔥

hham42 | hham42

Rejected friend gets called out for not respecting boundaries. 🙅

blakerator | blakerator

Don't be shallow, beauty is in the eye of beholder 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out rudeness and hopes for negative attention 👀

taki_nips | taki_nips

Jealousy won't get you anywhere 🚫. Respect his relationship.

someonethoughtthis | someonethoughtthis

Commenter calls out OP as a 'legbeard' and 'nice guy' 🤨

Luciferthrowaway666 | Luciferthrowaway666

YTA accused of wanting friend's 'gorgeous' wife for himself 🤯

loc_nessmonster0 | loc_nessmonster0

Commenter calls out OP's obsession with friend's looks, declares YTA.

jojoandtheband | jojoandtheband

Insanity ensues in this comment section 🍲

1AbyssTheatre1 | 1AbyssTheatre1

Don't be an a**hole friend. Let people be happy ❤️

Ananas_jabuka | Ananas_jabuka

Let them be happy! 😊 YTA gets called out.

pienipallosalaatti | pienipallosalaatti

This comment section is a troll-free zone! 🚫

freshout8 | freshout8

Don't be a disrespectful friend. YTA comment gets shut down.

tenminutesbeforenoon | tenminutesbeforenoon

Don't judge someone else's relationship. YTA. 🙅

Bradford124n | Bradford124n

Let's downvote trolls and keep the comments respectful! 👍

Balto18 | Balto18

Don't insult your friend's wife, or you'll get blocked! 🚫

Pterodactyl_Noises | Pterodactyl_Noises

Don't judge someone's relationship. Ask 'what do you see?' 😊

I4getstuff | I4getstuff

Don't be a homewrecker, YTA. Move on. 👋

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Jealousy makes you the a**hole. Accept his happiness and move on. 🙅

cheerhurtmysoul | cheerhurtmysoul

Don't insult someone's spouse and expect to stay friends 🙄

intergalacticcircus_ | intergalacticcircus_

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole. 💥

hanging_chadz | hanging_chadz

Don't judge someone based on your narrow definition of beauty 👭

sipyourmilk | sipyourmilk

Commenter judges friend's wife, gets called out for being TA.

bigboyssmalltoys | bigboyssmalltoys

Commenter shuts down OP's behavior with tired frustration 😴

but_why_WHY | but_why_WHY

Skeptical commenter accuses story of being fake. 🤔

IStepOnHkers | IStepOnHkers

Let people be happy. Don't be a toxic friend. 🚫

dannyboy222244 | dannyboy222244

Jealousy and home-wrecking accusations lead to a brutal takedown. 😱

WowSeriously666 | WowSeriously666

👀 Beware of trolls lurking in the comments section

Flurb4 | Flurb4

Commenter calls out OP for being a terrible person 😬

tessk1 | tessk1

Don't be ugly on the inside. Real beauty comes from within 💗

whynousernamelef | whynousernamelef

🤨 A blunt and incredulous YTA comment.

Murchelle | Murchelle

Don't be a bully, YTA. Beauty is more than skin-deep.

skyrimmemer04 | skyrimmemer04

Envy is not a good look 😒 #YTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a jealous and shallow YTA, or get blocked! 🚫

loulou160616 | loulou160616

Short and sweet: a one-word comment section 🤷‍♀️

shoveltastic | shoveltastic

Doubting authenticity of post, commenter questions need for validation.

bcamb480 | bcamb480

🤨 Commenter calls out OP as TA, no explanation needed.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gender-swapped 'nice guy' post earns YTA judgment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't judge a book by its cover. YTA got blocked!

BaconFaceHappyPants | BaconFaceHappyPants

Commenter calls out YTA and shuts down negativity 👏

dissolvedgir1 | dissolvedgir1

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