Bride Charges Parents for Bringing Kids to Child-Free Wedding 😱

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Picture this: You've planned a beautiful, child-free wedding, and despite making it clear to all your guests, some still show up with their little ones in tow. To make matters worse, these uninvited kids wreak havoc on your big day. That's exactly what happened to one bride, who decided to take matters into her own hands and charge the parents for their kids' attendance. Let's dive into the drama that unfolded. 😮👰

The Child-Free Wedding Plan 🚫👶

altruistichapa | altruistichapa

The Compromise 🤝

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In-Laws Offer Their Home 🏠

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The Uninvited Kids Arrive 😠

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The Parents Refuse to Budge 😤

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Staff to the Rescue 🦸‍♂️

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Ceremony Chaos 😵

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Kids Escorted Out 🚪

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Reception Mayhem 🥳

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Under the Dress 😳

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Enough is Enough 😡

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The Bill is Sent 💸

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Mixed Reactions 🤷‍♀️

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No Apologies Here 🚫

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Still Mad? 😠

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Are They the A**holes? 🤔

So, after all the drama, the bride and groom sent bills to the three couples who brought their kids to the wedding, reminding them they agreed to pay for the uninvited kids. While two couples paid and apologized, the couple with the rowdy kids refused and even had the audacity to give them a nasty call. The friendship seems to be over, but the question remains: Are the bride and groom in the wrong for charging the parents? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

NTA. Send another invoice with dry cleaning costs and stand your ground.

s1m0n_s3z | s1m0n_s3z

NTA. Guests broke clear restrictions, proved the point, and damaged dress. 😡

itsthelee | itsthelee

NTA for enforcing child-free wedding, guests should respect bride's wishes 👏

SolidEcho7597 | SolidEcho7597

👏 NTA! Finally a united couple who stood up for themselves.

RileyxDoll | RileyxDoll

Entitled parents bring kids to child-free wedding, ruin dress, and refuse to pay. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Commenter and replies share the fury towards entitled guests. 😠

imjusthereforaita | imjusthereforaita

Bride charges parents for breaking child-free rule 🚫💰

geordiehippo | geordiehippo

No kids means no f**king kids! NTA! 😠

Initial_Garlic7876 | Initial_Garlic7876

NTA. Bride accommodated, parents lacked respect & discipline. 😱

BananaLemonLime | BananaLemonLime

NTA. Couples brought kids despite sitter, OP charged for it 💰

Jallenrix | Jallenrix

No kids allowed, parents ignored rules. NTA for enforcing.

countrybumpkin1969 | countrybumpkin1969

No kids means no kids, toss them out right away! 😱

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

Clear boundaries set for child-free wedding. NTA wins!

mdthomas | mdthomas

Commenter calls parents 'trashy' for bringing kids to wedding 👎

Naisu_boato | Naisu_boato

No kids allowed: commenter supports bride's decision with sass.

Arc_Sodium | Arc_Sodium

Strict mom would've avoided embarrassing bride 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride enforces child-free wedding, makes accommodations, and is NTA 👏

MedicalStude | MedicalStude

NTA and kudos for hiring sitters for child-free wedding 👏

TahiniInMyVeins | TahiniInMyVeins

Child-free wedding drama: Entitled parents charged for bringing kids 😱

Due-Compote375 | Due-Compote375

NTA bride charges parents for breaking child-free wedding rule 😱

mypreciousssssssss | mypreciousssssssss

Commenter hilariously defends child-free wedding with sarcasm 😂

Ekaterina702 | Ekaterina702

No kids means no kids. NTA for charging babysitting fee 👍

ProfessionalSir9978 | ProfessionalSir9978

NTA. Parents brought kids to child-free wedding, caused scene. Pay up 👍

HorrorAvatar | HorrorAvatar

Bride stands firm on child-free wedding, one family refuses to pay 😱

swillshop | swillshop

NTA handled child-free wedding well 👍

sparkling467 | sparkling467

Commenter suggests bride should have banned all children from wedding

flashjesu | flashjesu

Child-free wedding drama - bride not the a**hole 😱

Buttcavetroll | Buttcavetroll

No guilt for charging parents for child-free wedding 😍

RealTexasJake | RealTexasJake

NTA and kudos for standing up for your child-free wedding 💯

TheBigChungus1980 | TheBigChungus1980

NTA stands up to entitled parents with child-free wedding 🙌

Shaggymaggie | Shaggymaggie

Commenter supports bride's child-free wedding and suggests legal action.

Jessicasd12 | Jessicasd12

NTA bride enforces child-free wedding rules, holds parents accountable. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out entitled parents at child-free wedding 😱

Fattdog64 | Fattdog64

NTA. Parents should have respected the child-free wedding rule 👏

Ranos131 | Ranos131

Not the a**hole and good riddance to bad friends! 😊

birdofparadise6 | birdofparadise6

NTA! Friends' behavior was completely inappropriate 😱

Desperate-Ad-3147 | Desperate-Ad-3147

Child-free wedding costs parents $1000 for ignoring rules 😱

kate_skywalker | kate_skywalker

NTA for charging parents for breaking child-free wedding rule 😊

alquicksilver | alquicksilver

NTA bride deals with disrespectful guests and considers low contact.

hunnypot01 | hunnypot01

Commenter jokes about kicking a child at wedding. Yikes. 😬

ChiefyPoof | ChiefyPoof

Parents defend child-free wedding, happy to have a night off. NTA 😊

kei-bei | kei-bei

Mom defends child-free wedding, says it's not personal 🙏

Euphoric-Lie-633 | Euphoric-Lie-633

NTA and thoughtful for making arrangements easy for parents 👏

cassidy11111111 | cassidy11111111

NTA - Short and sweet, no explanation needed 👍

DanCynDan | DanCynDan

Cutting off toxic friends? NTA, do it! 🙌

kab200 | kab200

NTA comment: Friendship-ending behavior 😞

warrinerdot | warrinerdot

NTA bride enforces child-free wedding with no exceptions 😍

Tricky_Dog1465 | Tricky_Dog1465

Commenter approves of bride charging for child-free wedding.

jimrow83 | jimrow83

Child-free wedding drama: Bride charges parents for breaking rules 😱

West-Improvement2449 | West-Improvement2449

NTA parent agrees with child-free wedding policy 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Impressed by enforcing rules & accommodating friends with kids 👏

Slow-Cherry9128 | Slow-Cherry9128

Child-free wedding drama: Bride charges parents extra fee. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Who are these people? 🤔

AgoraiosBum | AgoraiosBum

OP not the a**hole for charging entitled guests for kids 😍

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

Child-free wedding debate: NTA for excluding friends' kids? 🤔

morgan4216 | morgan4216

Short and sweet: commenter is NTA 👍


No kids means no kids. NTA for setting boundaries 👏

brenda0419 | brenda0419

Bride stands up for child-free wedding, receives backlash. NTA 👏

kitty_business_thing | kitty_business_thing

No kids allowed, entitled guests got lucky and bride's NTA 😊

MerelyWhelmed1 | MerelyWhelmed1

Bride stands her ground on child-free wedding. 🙌

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Child-free wedding drama: Bride charges parents for bringing kids 😱

Tazno209 | Tazno209

NTA! Short and sweet agreement with no explanation needed 👍

ExplorerRadiant | ExplorerRadiant

NTA! Savage response 😂

Absolut_Iceland | Absolut_Iceland

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