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Fans Defend Sarah Hyland After Comments Say Her Latest Post Had '#MeToo Vibes'

Sarah Hyland is all grown up now — she's not just ditsy but sweet Haley from Modern Family anymore, she's an adult with an Instagram and fiancé!

Something she posted on Instagram involving her fiancé got her in some hot water recently.

Sarah shared this photo from a friend's wedding.

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She captioned the photo that included her fiancé Wells Adams playfully grabbing her breast, "We take wedding photo booths very seriously... #mcm to the men who love and treat their ladies like queens."

The comments came flying in immediately.

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Another person wrote, "This is completely sick. Strong #metoo vibes. What is it with LA and everyone being a creep?"

People came to Sarah's defense right away, even as she deleted some of the nastier comments.

Fans expressed that she was obviously just having fun with her fiancé.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

One fan wrote, "Do you even know what the Metoo campaign was about, these women are consenting to this photo. Know the difference. SMDH."

"People need to chill," someone wrote.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

"Geez people," added one fan, "if my fiance wants to grab my boobs, by all means." Another wrote, "Cute. Fun. Silly. Happy. That’s all I see in this photo."

"Trolls move on."

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Sarah hasn't responded to the hate, but fans have taken over her comments section with praise and understanding.

Do you think her fans are right to defend her, or do you think the photo was a bit tasteless to post on Instagram?