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Demi Moore Opens Up About Her 'Addiction' To Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore opened up on Monday's Red Table Talk about her "devastating" addiction to her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, alongside her two daughters, Tallulah and Rumer.

Monday's episode of "Red Table Talk" featured Demi Moore and two of her daughters, Tallulah and Rumer.

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Demi took the time to open up about her struggles regarding her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Mind you, this is in the wake of Demi's recently released tell-all memoir, "Inside Out".

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In September, Demi released excerpts from her book that reveal details of what her relationship was really like with Ashton and why they split up.

She first explains that when she met Ashton back in 2003, she fell head-over-heels for him, and their relationship was perfect. At first.

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But then revealed that their relationship became problematic after Ashton asked her to have a threesome with him and another woman.

“I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be,” she wrote in her memoir. But after experimenting with threesomes, twice, she realized it was a "mistake".

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To add insult to injury, Demi later discovered that Ashton had later cheated on her.

While Demi was out of town working on the film "Another Happy Day" in 2010, she saw reports that her husband had cheated on her with a 21-year-old woman in their home.

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Definitely not the kind of news you want to receive from a tabloid.

But there was one detail that made the situation even harder on Demi.

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What felt like a bigger "[expletive] you" to her than the infidelity, was that the woman was one of her daughter, Rumer Willis' friends, she wrote.

And according to Demi's memoir, Ashton didn't seem remorseful.

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"Because we had brought a third party into our relationship, Ashton said, that blurred the lines and, to some extent, justified what he’d done," she wrote.

Anyway, on "Red Table Talk", Demi got even more candid about how her toxic relationship with Ashton affected her.

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She revealed that after 20 years of sobriety, she relapsed while she was on a trip with Ashton.

"I opened that door to drinking after almost 20 years," she said. "I ended up pregnant and then I lost the baby at almost six months."

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"So, when I couldn't get pregnant again, the guilt that I felt — that it was clearly my fault — was just enormous

"So, we went on this trip and Ashton said, 'I don't know if alcoholism is a thing, it's about moderation.'"

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"I wanted to be that girl," she continued. "I made my own story up that he wanted somebody that he could have wine with."

"He’s not the cause of why I opened that door up,” she continued

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“I wanted to be something other than who I am. And I gave my power away.”

“The addiction and the co-dependency… like my addiction to Ashton — that was probably almost more devastating".

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"Because it took me seriously away emotionally,”

Tallulah then shared how this all affected her after her older sisters, Rumer and Scout moved out.

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“Watching the behavior with Ashton, those years, because everyone had left the house and it was just me living there. I felt very forgotten," she said.

"I feel like I developed and nurtured a narrative where she didn’t love me and I truly believed it,” she went on.

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“I know that she does, 100 percent but in that moment you’re hurt and you can't fathom that someone that loves you would do that to you — would choose someone more than you."

Well, you know what they say — hindsight is 20/20.

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