John Stamos Tried to Fire the Olsen Twins from 'Full House': 'I Couldn't Deal'

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John Stamos
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John Stamos recently revealed he tried to get the Olsen twins fired from the iconic sitcom Full House. The actor revealed that at that time, he could not deal with the twins' cries. Here is all Stamos had to say about the Olsen twins and what they are up to now. 

Stamos Tried To Send The Olsen Twins Packing From 'Full House

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The 59-year-old made an appearance on Monday on Josh Peck and Ben Soffer's Good Guys podcast. During his appearance, Stamos revealed an incident during the first episode of the iconic sitcom.

The Olsens Had Baby Moments On Set

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The scene involved Stamos' character, Uncle Jesse, Dave Coulier's character, Joey, and a role played by the Olsen twins. Uncle Jesse and Joey tried to take care of one, Michelle Tanner, played by one of the twins. Stamos explained that the twins were screaming.

Stamos Versus The Olsens

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He continued that the twins did not want to be there, nor did he at that moment. The Grandfathered actor added that the producer kept switching the twins, promising they would not cry. Stamos explained that the twins were only 11 months old and "I couldn't deal with it." He continued that the twins were let go and replaced by two redheaded kids. Finally, however, he asked for the Olsen twins to be brought back. 

Other Issues That Took Place In 'Full House

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Apart from Stamos trying to fire the Olsen twins, other divisions took place in Full House. In 2022, it was revealed that Stamos and Saget often clashed on set. According to the You actor, he and Saget often fought due to their different styles.

How Stamos And Saget Found A Common Ground

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The Half-Baked actor was a comic and tried to make everyone laugh. However, Stamos added that it could be distracting and disruptive. On the other hand, the Born To Ride actor just wanted them to get their scenes done. Eventually, the men were able to find common ground. Saget, unfortunately, died in January 2022 at the age of 65. Stamos also delivered an eulogy at the late actor's funeral. 

About The Olsen Twins' Experience At 'Full House 

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Although Stamos tried to fire the Olsen twins, they remained there for eight seasons. The Olsen twins also managed to become one of the most famous twins in the history of Hollywood. The Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate, were only six months old when they were chosen for the role of Michelle Tanner.

The Olsens Acting Debut

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In the first few episodes of Full House, the Olsen twins were nine months old. The twins also had a baby wrangler and studio teacher, Adria Later, who cared for them on set. As a result, the twins sometimes split episodes and share the screen on a few occasions. The Olsen twins were eight-year-old when the season finale of Full House aired.

An Insight Into The Acting Career Of The Olsen Twins

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After the emotional season finale of Full House, the twins moved on to other projects. They were in fifteen movies together. In 1993, Ashley and Mary-Kate started their video series, Our First Video. They started their detective series, The Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley, the following year.

They Thrived In The Acting World

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A year later, they did their You're Invited series which ended in 2000. That same year, the Olsen twins started their next movie, Passport to Paris. In 1999, they starred in Switching Goal. The twins also starred in two action shows and one animated series. They also starred in Two of a Kind, So Little Time, and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! Apart from their acting career, the Olsen twins were also in fashion. 

Why The Olsen Twins Stopped Acting

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The twins had a long acting career, but Ashley's last acting project was in 2010, while Mary-Kate's was in 2011. In 2011, Ashley told Vogue that she was proud they could make kids smile. Mary-Kate added that although there was fear, there was also an exhale.

The Twins Ventured Into Fashion

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The paparazzi and press of Los Angeles made the Olsen twins paranoid. They were also heavily involved in fashion from a young age. They also launched their brands, The Row, in 2006 and Elizabeth and James in 2007.

What The 'Full House' Casts Are Up To Now

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The iconic sitcom Full House has been making waves for years. Here is a look at what the castmates are up to now. Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner, has starred in several movies like Port City and Redefining Love after Full House. Sweetin was also battling with drug addiction for a decade after the sitcom.

Candace Cameron Bure

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The mother-of-two and 41-year-old actress is now married to Mescal Wasilewski. Candace Cameron Bure, who played D. J. Tanner, appeared in a few TV movies and an episode of Boy Meets World. She took a break from acting for a few years but returned to work, with Make It or Break It being her most memorable pop culture moments. She has also starred in TV holiday movies.

About The Olsen Twins, Saget, And Stamos' Life

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle Tanner, released many successful movies. The twins own two fashion brands. Mary-Kate married French banker Oliver Sarkozy in 2015 but filed for divorce in 2020. On the other hand, Ashley married Louis Eisner in 2022.

Bob Saget's Hollywood Career

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Saget, who played Danny Tanner, kept busy with other shows like Raising Dad, Entourage, and others after Full House. He also wrote several books like Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian. He married Kelly Rizzo in 2018 and died on January 9, 2022, survived by three daughters.

Stamos's Works Since The Famous Sitcom Ended

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Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis, has also featured in movies like Glee, You, and Scream Queens. The actor also wrote his first memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, which will be out in October 2023.

More About 'The Full House' Casts And Where They Are Now

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Other castmates like Dave Coulier, who starred as Joey Gladstone, stayed active in the industry for two decades. He is also married to Melissa Bring, a fellow Full House castmate. Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler, left the acting world after Full House.

Lori Loughlin After Full House

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She also married Jeremy Rytky in 2002 but got divorced in 2014. Lori Loughlin, who acted as Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis, remained in the acting world until her involvement in the "Varsity Blues" college admissions bribery scandal in 2019.

Loughlin Is Back In The Hollywood Scenery

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After serving two months in prison, she got back into acting in 2021 and starred in a movie in January 2023. Blake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who played Alex and Nicky Katsopolis, stopped working after Full House.