Man catches wife spying on therapy sessions with kids, forces confession

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When a father's children started experiencing stress due to the current world situation, he got them therapy sessions. However, during a Zoom session, his wife left to take a nap and returned three hours later looking sad. When the father went to wake her up for dinner, he found her watching a recording of their daughter's therapy session. Furious that their agreement to respect their children's privacy had been broken, he forced his wife to confess to their children. The fallout was heartbreaking, with both children feeling betrayed and wanting nothing to do with their mother. The father turned to Reddit to ask if he was the a**hole for forcing the confession. The heart-wrenching story has gained over 25k upvotes and sparked an outpouring of support for the father and his children. Read on for updates on the situation and the fallout from the confession.

Kids struggle with pandemic, dad catches wife spying on therapy.

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Wife caught spying on therapy session with kids, gets confronted

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Wife caught spying on therapy, kids left sad 😔

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Disturbing: Wife secretly watches daughter's therapy sessions, husband finds out

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Respecting privacy in therapy sessions gone wrong 🤫

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Heartbroken kids after mother's confession of spying during therapy sessions.

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Wife caught spying on therapy sessions, blames husband. Oops.

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Redditor wonders if exposing spouse's betrayal makes them TA 🤔

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Grateful OP thanks anonymous user for Platinum award 🙏

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Grateful OP thanks stranger for Silver Award in Edit 2 👍

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Redditor expresses gratitude for support after spouse's betrayal 💕

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Grateful OP receives gold for sharing update on therapy session

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Why was the wife spying on therapy sessions? 🤔

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Wife caught spying on therapy; denies, storms off in anger

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Waiting for the tea to brew... ☕️

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Wife caught spying on therapy sessions, marriage ends in separation 👀

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Overcoming backlash and winning allies after confronting wife's spying.

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Divorce drama with a confident twist 💪

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Kids grateful dad caught mom spying on therapy sessions 🕵️‍♂️

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When your own friends catch your secrets 😬

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Stay tuned for updates on this developing story 👏

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Wife caught spying on children's therapy session 😱

A man posted on Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong for forcing his wife to confess to spying on their children's therapy sessions. His children had been attending therapy sessions due to the toll of the pandemic on their mental health. When his wife went to nap during their daughter's Zoom session, she returned after the session was finished, looking sad. The man then caught her watching a recording of their daughter's therapy session. He was outraged and made her confess to their children. The children were heartbroken and now want nothing to do with their mother. The wife has not given an explanation for her actions and has since left to stay with a friend. The man is considering a divorce, but his children are grateful for his actions as they have realized their mother is a control freak. Read on for some interesting comments and reactions.

Privacy matters: Spouse spying on therapy sessions is not okay 🤫

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Trust shattered. NTA dad got kids into therapy, wife betrayed them.

purplepuddlenut | purplepuddlenut

Protecting your children's privacy from a spying parent 🔎

TexasTeacher | TexasTeacher

Support for a good dad dealing with a selfish wife 💪❤️

feelitout | feelitout

Serves her right. 🤨 NTA caught wife spying on therapy.

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Man catches wife spying on therapy sessions with kids, NTA

darkdesertedhighway | darkdesertedhighway

Respecting kids' privacy is crucial. NTA for protecting them.

teilzeitfancy | teilzeitfancy

Wife illegally spying on therapy - NTA handles it.

Just-A-Throw-Away-Ok | Just-A-Throw-Away-Ok

Protecting your kids' therapy sessions is non-negotiable. NTA 👊

FaxCelestis | FaxCelestis

Spying on therapy? Definitely not okay 👎

yeetimusprimemoney55 | yeetimusprimemoney55

Feeling heard by parents is important. NTA for wanting privacy 😔

kkbelles | kkbelles

Commenter criticizes husband's extreme action in family betrayal.

Yeah_sure_right | Yeah_sure_right

NTA. Wife's behavior is inexcusable. TV story-like narcissistic parenting.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Privacy concerns in therapy sessions raised after wife's recording.

misfitzer0 | misfitzer0

Dad defends his kids' privacy against wife's betrayal 👏

king-of-arcadia | king-of-arcadia

Spouse spies on therapy sessions, gets caught. Hardest of NTA.

FuzzyChrysalis | FuzzyChrysalis

Respect privacy, especially in therapy sessions with children. #NTA

harmie10001 | harmie10001

Respecting privacy in therapy sessions is crucial 💬

annemartin | annemartin

Spouse caught spying on therapy, needs therapy too 💆‍♂️

SunflowerDenise | SunflowerDenise

Commenter praises OP's character in parenting despite spouse's behavior. 👏


Invasion of privacy and lack of empathy from a controlling parent 🤔

akelew | akelew

Possible tech tampering by wife, NTA for husband's actions 🔎💻

furyoffive | furyoffive

Wife's over-involvement in adult children's lives raises red flags. 💭

Premodonna | Premodonna

Unexpected confession sparks curiosity 👀

an-alt-account11 | an-alt-account11

Respect privacy boundaries, NTA! Narcissistic behavior can be damaging 👍

chococookies3434 | chococookies3434

Protecting privacy in therapy: why NTA did the right thing 👍

Philosopher_1 | Philosopher_1

Trust is key 🔑 NTA OP for being honest

sparksnbooms95 | sparksnbooms95

Parent catches spouse spying on therapy, forces confession to kids 👏

ollieryes | ollieryes

Kids' privacy invaded by spouse during therapy session, NTA stands up.

dogmom61 | dogmom61

Protecting patient privacy is crucial for mental health treatment 🤐

sarahbennet | sarahbennet

Commenter relates to spouse's behavior, establishes boundaries with humor 😂

biteme789 | biteme789

Respect your kids' privacy 😤🙅‍♀️ #NTA

Joycelly | Joycelly

Recording therapy sessions without consent is illegal and traumatic for kids

metalmerbitch | metalmerbitch

Child's mental privacy should be respected. NTA for setting boundaries.

juana_eat | juana_eat

Feeling unsure about legality but NTA for catching wife spying 😳

Dj_Rowan31 | Dj_Rowan31

Is therapy for the kids or for a deeper family issue? 🤔

SupremeLeaderMeow | SupremeLeaderMeow

Therapy is confidential. NTA for ensuring your wife confessed.

BexB783 | BexB783

Wife invades family privacy, blames husband - NTA stands ground. 👏

Waskomsause | Waskomsause

Spouse caught spying on therapy sessions, violated adult children's privacy 😡

nunyabuzness | nunyabuzness

Respect privacy in therapy sessions. NTA for protecting kids.

plantsandlaw | plantsandlaw

Respecting your children's privacy in therapy is crucial 👍

BlueMetalWave | BlueMetalWave

Respect privacy in therapy sessions, even from curious spouse 🤫

Victoruu | Victoruu

Respecting privacy is crucial in therapy sessions. NTA for confronting.

AntiqueRaspberries | AntiqueRaspberries

Protecting your children's privacy is crucial. 👍

Lexi_Applebum83 | Lexi_Applebum83

🤬 NTA! Spying on therapy sessions? That's messed up!

theorangecounter | theorangecounter

Respect client privacy! NTA did the right thing 👍

PleasehelpImbabey | PleasehelpImbabey

NTA stands strong in defense of privacy and family trust 💪

ruggpea | ruggpea

Protecting kids' therapy privacy- importance of confidentiality. NTA.

emotionalukeboy | emotionalukeboy

Protecting the kids is top priority. NTA. 👍

rumschweigen | rumschweigen

Parental betrayal is unforgivable. NTA shows tough love 💔

fabulous-fruit-loops | fabulous-fruit-loops

Teen's therapy session reveals parent's heartbreak, need for privacy ❤️

knotnotme83 | knotnotme83

Trust is crucial, NTA parent did the right thing! 👍

JennieGee | JennieGee

Wife illegally records therapy session, caught by husband. NTA.

naranghim | naranghim

Invasive parenting can ruin relationships in the long term. 😐

Mobile-Tooth | Mobile-Tooth

Spying on your family? Not cool. NTA for confronting.

SJ_Sharks_28 | SJ_Sharks_28

Wife caught spying on therapy, husband calls her out in front of kids. NTA.

Away-Cicada | Away-Cicada

Commenter predicts wife's future after therapy session spying. 💔

PissInThePool | PissInThePool

NTA for protecting your kids' trust in therapy sessions. 👏

aiduolc_nnyl | aiduolc_nnyl

🤔 Is this trolling? NTA for feeling betrayed, but how did she record it?

Reddoraptor | Reddoraptor

Privacy is key to successful therapy. NTA for confronting wife.

notsoteenagebitch | notsoteenagebitch

Recording therapy sessions without consent is a violation of trust 😔

BabaKazimir | BabaKazimir

Encouraging open communication and respecting kids' privacy in therapy 👍

overthis_gig | overthis_gig

🕵️‍♀️ Wife records therapy session, husband finds out with hidden camera

left_tenant | left_tenant

Respecting a child's privacy is crucial during therapy sessions 🤫

King_Sugarbear | King_Sugarbear

100% NTA agreement, rare for AITA. 👏

ImSoSpiffy | ImSoSpiffy

Betrayal of trust in therapy by spouse can ruin relationships 😔

Smitkit92 | Smitkit92

Kids requested therapy because of overbearing mother, NTA (not the a**hole).

aonele | aonele

Commenter sympathizes with man catching wife spying during therapy.

Lipstick_On | Lipstick_On

Respect your children's privacy. NTA for protecting it 👍

MrsPecan | MrsPecan

Protecting your children's trust in therapy is crucial. NTA 👍

randomperson20001 | randomperson20001

Protecting therapy privacy is essential. NTA for getting upset.

IntrepidNectarine8 | IntrepidNectarine8

Breaking your child's trust is a surefire way to lose them 💔

tashthevirgo | tashthevirgo

Mother caught spying on counseling, NTA to confront her, seek therapy.

Kythsharra | Kythsharra

Wife caught spying on therapy sessions, gets what she deserves 👀

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