Student makes racist comment, gets served a taste of their own medicine

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An Asian student has stood up to a bully who racially harassed them during the pandemic. The student reported the harassment, but the school failed to take action. The bully continued to harass the student until they made fun of the bully's financial situation. Other students nearby thought the student went too far, but the student felt they needed to stand up for themselves. Though the bully cried, they have left the student alone since. Read more to find out if the student was in the wrong.

Navigating racism as an Asian student in a predominantly white school

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Fighting back against racist harassment with a taste of justice

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School fails to address racist comment, excuses made for offender.

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Student receives backlash for racist comment on social media. 👀

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Back to school during pandemic sparks debate 💬

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Racist student gets a taste of their own medicine 😎

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Humiliated after racist comment, no one deserves to feel belittled.

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Dealing with racism in school without admin support 😔

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Bully receives poetic justice after making racist comments 💥

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Clapback Queen shut down racist comment with a *tasteless* reply 👑🔥

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Racist commenter faces karma for not valuing affordable healthcare 💊

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Student stands up against racist comment, faces backlash for response 😔

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Standing up to racism: Victim gives bully a taste of justice

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Student plans to transfer after facing consequences for racist comment 💬

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Student stands up to racist bully in epic clapback 👏🏽

Racial harassment is never acceptable, but one student had enough of her bully's racist comments. The Asian student had been enduring racially charged comments from a fellow student, who accused her of causing the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite reporting the harassment to school officials, nothing was done. On the second day of in-person classes, the bully made another derogatory comment, and the victim decided to take matters into her own hands. She delivered a scathing clapback, criticizing the bully's poor dental hygiene and economic status. While some fellow students thought she went too far, the victim felt empowered by finally standing up to her tormentor. The incident highlights the need for schools to take swift action against all forms of harassment and bullying. It also shows the power of standing up for oneself and refusing to be a victim. In the next section, we'll explore some of the reactions to the victim's actions and the overall issue of racism in schools.

NTA, standing up to bullies is necessary to stop them 👏

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Defending oneself with sharp tongue, but use power responsibly. 💪

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Burning bridges can be satisfying, but watch out for MLMs.

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Student makes racist comment, gets taste of own medicine 😬

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Commenter empathizes with OP and criticizes school's handling of situation 💪

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Commenter gets praised for standing up to racist bully 🔥

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Standing up against racism: justified or not? 🤔

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Standing up against racism with no sympathy 👊🏽

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Commenter defends OP from accusations of racism with sociological argument. 🧐

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Bully gets served a taste of their own medicine 😎

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Chinese girl stands up to racist bully in school. NTA 👏

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Commenter justifies revenge against racist student, blames school for inaction 🤷‍♂️

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Standing up against racism and privilege 💪

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Embracing hate: the new norm or justifiable response? 🤔

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Matching energy is sometimes the only way to deal 💪

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Standing up to bullies: NTA serves a**hole a taste of justice ✊

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Standing up for yourself is never the wrong thing to do 🙌

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OP delivers pun-ishing comeback in NTA comment section 👏🏽

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Standing up to racism: OP takes matters into their own hands ✊

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Standing up against racism and not letting it slide. NTA ✊

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Standing up against racism with fire emojis 🔥👊

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Clap back at racist student's poverty with NTA comment 👏🏾

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Standing up to bullies with a taste of their own medicine 😎

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Commenter calls out school administrators for failing to address racism 🔥

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Calling out racism and spinelessness with 💯 accuracy.

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Standing up to racism: one comment's journey from ESH to NTA 💪

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Asian-American student stands up against racist bully. NTA 👏🏼

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Short and sassy response shuts down racist comment.

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Fight back against racism - write a letter to the editor 📝

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Savage comeback shuts down racist student. NTA wins 🎉👏

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Standing up against racist slurs in schools 👊

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Commenter calls out racism and white privilege with a source 📚

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A savage comeback shuts down a racist comment. 🔥

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Commended for restraint in serving taste of medicine 🙌

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Standing up to racism and not taking the high road 🚫🛣️

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Standing up to racism and transferring schools. Good for you! 👏

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Stand up against racism. Not the a**hole for doing so.

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Empathy for the poor, but not for Chinese during pandemic 😒

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Standing up to racism, no excuses. ✊🏽

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Standing up to bullies with a knockout response 👊

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Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire 🔥

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Chinese student stands up to racist comment amid coronavirus outbreak

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Commenter defends standing up to racism with a sassy remark 💁

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Standing up against bullies with a not the a**hole attitude 🙌

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Standing up to racism - one comment at a time ✊

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Standing up to racism: Commenter defends taking a stand 💪

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Standing up against racism with a taste of their own medicine 🙌

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Fighting racism with fire emojis 🔥🔥 NTA comment shuts down hate.

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Redditor celebrates justice served with clapping hands and smiley face

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Standing up to racism: One person's victory ✊🏽

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