Hiring manager tells college guy's mom her presence cost him the job

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A hiring manager shares a frustrating experience where a mother's overbearing behavior during her son's interview cost him the job. The mother kept interrupting the interview and answering questions on behalf of her son. After the rejection, the mother demanded answers and the hiring manager had to explain that her behavior was unacceptable. The hiring manager reveals that such interference can ruin a candidate's chances of getting hired, and advises applicants to demonstrate their skills and motivation themselves. Read on to find out how the mother reacts and if the hiring manager was in the wrong.

Behind the scenes of hiring for tech internships 👀

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Opportunity lost: How helicopter parenting can cost a job 🤦

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Virtual interview gone wrong due to unexpected guest 🤦‍♂️

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When mama's boy ruins job interview 😒

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Mom's job interview intrusion foils son's chance at employment 😒

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Mom's overbearing behavior costs son job - hiring manager spills tea ☕

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Interviewer ends meeting early despite candidate's good answers 🤔

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Overbearing mom tries to interfere with son's job application 🤦‍♀️

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Heartbreaking! 🥺 College guy loses job due to mom's presence.

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Mom's job interview antics: a cautionary tale for helicopter parents 🚁

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Overbearing parents can hinder job opportunities 😕

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Frustrated hiring manager denies meddling with overprotective mom's interference.

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Apology email sent to college guy after job rejection.

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Oops! Rejection email slips through the cracks amidst Covid craziness

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Overbearing mom costs son job, calls hiring manager to complain 🙄

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Hiring manager shuts down helicopter parenting during job interview.

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Missed opportunity? Hiring manager offers feedback to applicant's mom.

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🤦‍♂️ Mom's interview presence costs son the job

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Self-advocacy is key: Hiring manager explains importance of independence 🤝

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🤔 Is it appropriate for parents to be involved in interviews?

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Skills on resume not enough, candidate's presence matters too 🤝

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Hiring manager recounts mom's explosive reaction during phone call 📞

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Regretful hiring manager wonders if honesty was worth it 💼

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🚨Hiring gone wrong. A mom's presence costs her son an internship.🚨

A hiring manager shares his experience of interviewing a college student for a summer internship. The virtual interview took a turn when the student's mom appeared on screen and started answering questions on his behalf. The manager, understandably taken aback, cut the interview short. However, a month later, the manager received an email from the student's mother demanding answers as to why her son was not accepted for the position. The manager explained that her presence during the interview took her son out of consideration for the position. He advised the mother that every hiring manager views someone else answering questions on behalf of an applicant as a major red flag. The mother did not take kindly to this advice and ended up cussing the manager out. Read on to find out if the manager was in the wrong and what he could have done differently.

NTA. Hiring manager gives feedback to overbearing mom, helps applicant.

Cat_got_ya_tongue | Cat_got_ya_tongue

Hiring a kid with helicopter parents is a headache 💆‍♂️🤦‍♀️

thegoldenratio011235 | thegoldenratio011235

Hiring manager dodges bullet, avoids controlling mother at work. 🤦‍♂️

FullmetalBlue13 | FullmetalBlue13

Excluding parents from job stuff to avoid sabotage. NTA for telling mom.

scarfknitter | scarfknitter

Overbearing parent costs son a job, commenters lament helicopter parenting 🚁

LancreWitch | LancreWitch

Helicopter parenting costs son job, NTA commenters sympathize 🚁💼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Hiring a 19-year-old means dealing with his mom too 🤦‍♀️

conipto | conipto

Empathizing with the commenter, others suggest ways to make mom listen.

magstar222 | magstar222

Commenters doubt mom will learn her lesson 🤷‍♂️

mgnrs | mgnrs

Interviewee's mom ruins his job, but was it really his fault?

CashieBashie | CashieBashie

Offering professional guidance to lawnmower parents for real-world education 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kid's Karen mom ruins job interview, hiring manager offers advice.

calypso85 | calypso85

Applying for hundreds of jobs but only receiving 5 rejection emails 😤

LovepeaceandStarTrek | LovepeaceandStarTrek

Mom joins scholarship interview, gets politely asked to leave.

jackiebluu | jackiebluu

Hiring manager crosses a line by discussing application with applicant's mother 😬

lucia-pacciola | lucia-pacciola

Helicopter mom costs son job, commenter advises caution with HR.

Drafter13401 | Drafter13401

Helicopter mom ruins son's job prospects, commenters not surprised 🚁

wattson86 | wattson86

Interview ruined by overbearing mom, NTA but missed opportunity for solution

ik101 | ik101

Micromanaging mom loses son's job, gets called out. 👀

Gryffindor85 | Gryffindor85

Standing up to toxic parents is hard but necessary. 🙌

FullmetalPinetree | FullmetalPinetree

College hovering parents: the benign, intrusive, and outrageous 😳

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Hiring manager's unprofessional behavior causes public backlash ⚠️

michael-sfo | michael-sfo

Empathy for the struggles of young adults in the job market 😔

bionicfeetgrl | bionicfeetgrl

ESH for not giving him a second chance, but mommy ruined it 🤦‍♂️

DanielTube7 | DanielTube7

Helicopter mom gets a reality check. You go, NTA! 🚁👩‍👦

jpcats | jpcats

Candidate's mother's presence in interview cost him the job 😬

Pat01Learner | Pat01Learner

Recruiters, keep interviews between you and the candidate only! 😒

takatori | takatori

Avoiding overbearing parents in job search 🙅‍♂️

edirongo1 | edirongo1

Mom's unprofessional behavior costs son job. NTA for calling her out.

Stunning-General | Stunning-General

Secret interviews for college guy after mom costs him job 😔

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

Protecting their child from failure, but hindering their growth 🌱

rhymeswithpurple4 | rhymeswithpurple4

Helicopter parenting strikes again 🚁. NTA for not hiring.

Brundall | Brundall

👏 Good for the hiring manager for setting boundaries. 👍

MrsBorisLevin | MrsBorisLevin

Unprofessional behavior by the hiring manager, but NTA for mom.

January1171 | January1171

Standing up to helicopter parents like a boss! NTA 🙌

See46 | See46

Giving feedback to the son might save him future interviews 👍

ahamel13 | ahamel13

Leaving a candidate hanging after an interview is a big no. 👎

CopyDan | CopyDan

Mom's interference costs son job, but who's the real a**hole?

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