A dad's attempt to educate his daughters causes a fight with his ex

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A father has been left wondering whether he's the a**hole for shouting at his ex-wife in front of his daughters. After he found out his oldest daughter had started her period, he decided to teach all his daughters about periods and feminine hygiene products. When his ex-wife found out, she called him sick and perverted, and they ended up in a shouting match. But things took a turn for the worse when the father realized that his younger daughters had overheard their argument. What will happen next in this emotional story? Read on to find out.

Single dad opens up about raising three daughters alone 💪

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Co-parenting despite differences: A balanced approach 🤝

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Dad discovers stain on daughter's underwear, sparking concern and conflict.

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Heartbreaking moment as daughter reveals failed attempt to contact mother 💔

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A dad attempts to educate his daughters about menstruation 🩸

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Breaking the taboo: A dad's effort to destigmatize periods.

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Breaking gender stereotypes, one Playtex Sport at a time 🙌

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Teaching daughters: A dad's effort to educate his whole family.

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Father and daughter bond over cooking, learn together 🍴

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Dad's education on menstrual cups causes conflict with ex.

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Co-parenting made easy: Dad's clever trick for peaceful video chats

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Dad's period talk with daughters upsets ex 😠

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A dad's good intentions cause a heated argument with ex-wife 👨‍👧‍👧

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Dad's struggles to educate daughters amidst family drama.

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Co-parenting conflicts: Should parents just 'tough it out'? 🤔

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Communication breakdown between exes escalates over phone etiquette.

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Dad stands up for daughters against absentee ex. 👏

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Heartbreaking impact of parental divorce on children's self-worth. 💔

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A heated exchange between exes over daughters' sex education.

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Teaching moment gone wrong: Dad's lesson leaves daughters in tears 😢

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Heartbroken dad's shouting scares daughters during education attempt 😢

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Protective daughter defends dad during heated ex argument 💥

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Dad's attempt at educating daughters leads to unlimited video games 🎮

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Fighting with ex after educating daughters, AITA for shouting? 🤔

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Dad's attempt to educate daughters on periods causes fight with ex 😠

A father's attempt to educate his daughters about menstruation caused a heated argument with his ex-partner. After discovering that his eldest daughter had started her period, he decided to educate all three of his daughters about the topic. However, when his ex found out, she was furious and accused him of being sick and perverted. The argument escalated, and their children ended up witnessing the confrontation. The father is now questioning whether he was in the wrong for shouting. Read on to find out more about this tense situation and the reactions of Reddit users.

NTA dad gets support from commenters for defending himself against ex.

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Breaking toxic thought processes with his kids. NTA 👍🏽

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

A supportive comment thread about a dad's attempt to educate his daughters

chubalubs | chubalubs

NTA dad stands up for daughter, ex calls him pervert 🤬

mindxvermatter | mindxvermatter

A dad stands his ground against his ex's emotional manipulation 💪

MagicMauiWowee | MagicMauiWowee

Breaking the stigma around periods is great and important. 🩸

crazyducklady2709 | crazyducklady2709

👍 Dad teaches daughters about periods, ex calls him pervert. NTA.

MyRockySpine | MyRockySpine

NTA- Father's support for daughters in the face of sexism.

fibchopkin | fibchopkin

Empathetic father received praise for educating his daughters about periods 👏

IntrepidNectarine8 | IntrepidNectarine8

Single dad wins at parenting and movie marathon with daughters 🎬👨‍👧‍👧

TattieMafia | TattieMafia

A dad's dedication to his daughters through Twilight earns praise

mychickenmyrules543 | mychickenmyrules543

Impact of yelling on kids discussed, ex's behavior condemned.

Haileestorm96 | Haileestorm96

Supportive comment calls out neglectful parenting in divorce dispute 💪

StrikingDebate2 | StrikingDebate2

Father struggles with unreliable ex, but can't cut her off 💰

emotionally_autistic | emotionally_autistic

Father praised for educating daughters on periods despite ex's backlash 💪

Jendi2016 | Jendi2016

Dad's unintentional lesson on parenting sparks conflict with ex 👨‍👧‍👧

AlunWH | AlunWH

Document everything and hold your temper for your kids 👍

camlaw63 | camlaw63

Toxic ex tries to provoke father, but he remains a great dad. 👍

BarnabyJane | BarnabyJane

Period education is important and not gendered. NTA for educating.

scoobysnax15 | scoobysnax15

Single dad praised for parenting skills amidst family drama 👨‍👧‍👧

dramaticbitchblog | dramaticbitchblog

Handling period talk like a champ, but ex is hurting kids 😔

Haunted_bee | Haunted_bee

Dad's peak parenting: educating daughters on menstruation. Ex's guilt trip.

Whoreson_Welles | Whoreson_Welles

Good dad defends himself against toxic ex's family. NTA. 👍

Aluric87 | Aluric87

A supportive reply to a dad dealing with a difficult ex.

lollyak16 | lollyak16

Father stands up for educating daughters, but ex-wife disagrees 😕

LuriemIronim | LuriemIronim

Support for dad standing up for his daughters against harmful behavior.

zicccccchhhh | zicccccchhhh

A heartwarming comment praising a dad's parenting skills 👏

Giorno-Smash | Giorno-Smash

Twilight feud between exes - ESH according to commenters 🙄

dcb720 | dcb720

Dad's honest mistake causes fight with stinky ex - NTA 🙌

texasify | texasify

Skeptical commenter calls out fake story with sarcasm 😒🙄

ACSspecpay | ACSspecpay

Father stands up for himself and daughters against cheating ex 👨‍👧‍👧👊

superlogs | superlogs

Supportive comment applauds dad for being a great parent despite ex's negativity 👏

pyramyst858 | pyramyst858

Ex crosses the line with vulgar language, commenter says NTA

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👏Respect to a dad who steps up to educate his daughters.

STrickster123 | STrickster123

Dad gets criticized for normalizing bodily functions with his daughters

bluie786 | bluie786

NTA, a dad's ex abandons their children for a new guy. He teaches them to manage expectations.

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Supportive response to a struggling dad dealing with ex-wife's excuses ❤️

howdepressingisthis | howdepressingisthis

Divorced parent relates to comment, praises dad for sticking up for daughters 🔥

Feisty_Monkey | Feisty_Monkey

A heartfelt response to a dad's actions during a tough time ❤️

Scally59 | Scally59

Commenter doubts OP's intentions, but suggests low self-esteem instead

KenzieJay19 | KenzieJay19

Supporting dad receives validation for unintentional mistake. 🙌

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A heartwarming compliment to a dedicated father ❤️👨‍👧‍👧

MissBarker93 | MissBarker93

Father praised for educating daughters, ex's reaction deemed unreasonable. 🔥👨‍👧‍👧

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teaching kindergarten doesn't make you a loser 👏

Darkrush85 | Darkrush85

Ex-wife tries to bait dad, he responds with grace 👏

Stemper_AKA_Redit | Stemper_AKA_Redit

This supportive comment praises a dad's parenting efforts 👏❤️

Bloody_Dutchy | Bloody_Dutchy

Support for a dad dealing with a difficult ex-partner 💪

smamicorn | smamicorn

Breaking taboos: A father's heartwarming effort to educate his daughters 💖

5t3phani3 | 5t3phani3

Ex uses daughters as pawns, OP praised for good fatherhood 👏

E1lemA | E1lemA

Encouraging comment to unknown situation 👍

TheBoleyn71 | TheBoleyn71

Divorced dad's daughters side against ex-wife in heated argument ❤️

Weekly-Salary | Weekly-Salary

Empathetic reply to dad's positive parenting and communication about periods.

1931-babyface | 1931-babyface

Father seeks full custody after ex-wife fails as a parent. 🙅‍♂️

Elegant-Despair | Elegant-Despair

Supportive comment applauds dad's parenting despite ex's manipulation 🙌

darkphoenixrising21 | darkphoenixrising21

Father gets praised for educating his daughters about periods 🩸❤️

katepace | katepace

Breaking the menstrual taboo with NTA and Twilight punishment.

Blobfish_Blues | Blobfish_Blues

Heartwarming dad vs. Blaming ex-wife 👨🏻‍🎤

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Parenting doesn't require ovaries! Helpful advice for gymnast daughters 💪🩸

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