Man walks out of gender reveal party after unexpected news

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A man and his wife had a gender reveal party for their second child. When the sparkler revealed that they were having a girl, the man felt bitter disappointment and walked out of the party. He received criticism from his sister-in-law and wife for his actions. He felt that he just needed some time alone and that their accusations were unfair. Was he in the wrong for walking out? Read on to find out.

Excitement for second child, but gender reveal leads to surprise

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Sister plans gender reveal party for grouchy pregnant woman 🎉

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Gender reveal party goes awry with unexpected news 😨

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A surprising gender reveal causes a man to leave party.

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Pink sparkler reveals unexpected gender at party 🎉👶

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Disappointment hits hard at gender reveal party 😢

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Father disappointed by gender reveal results, had sports dreams 🏀

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Father fears added neuroticism after unexpected gender reveal news 😬

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Feeling outnumbered after brothers, sister - relatable sibling anecdotes 😅

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Man's reaction to gender reveal causes drama 👀

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Disappointed party-goer leaves after surprising gender reveal revelation 🤷🏼

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Unexpected gender reveal causes family drama. 😮

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Man leaves gender reveal party after unexpected news 😮

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Man leaves gender reveal party, asks AITA? 🔍

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Man walks out of gender reveal party after unexpected news 😭😭

A man who was eagerly waiting for the gender reveal of his second child at a party was left disappointed when he found out that he was having a girl. He had been hoping for a boy to do typical father-son bonding activities such as playing ball and going on camping trips. The thought of having another daughter and dealing with the added drama and neuroticism was too much for him. He walked out of the party and was accused of reenacting his father's abandonment of their family. However, he felt that accusation was unfair and he just needed some time alone. This raises the question, is he the A-hole for walking out of his own gender reveal party? Read on to find out what people are saying.

Commenter calls out OP's sexist attitude towards daughters, gets support.

ccnnvaweueurf | ccnnvaweueurf

Commenter calls out OP's sexism and suggests therapy 💁‍♀️

mandilew | mandilew

Parenting is a choice. You're required to show up for your kids.

tnannie | tnannie

Girls can throw balls too! YTA for thinking otherwise 😒

Dbl_Vision | Dbl_Vision

Commenter calls out OP's gender disappointment at reveal party. YTA.

Snausagefestivus | Snausagefestivus

Walking out of gender reveal party for having a girl? YTA 🙄

alalal982 | alalal982

A commenter calls out the father for being bitter and reminds him that science determines the baby's gender. 👨‍🔬

daiceedoll | daiceedoll

Commenter calls out misogyny and toxic masculinity in gender reveal party.

valleke5400 | valleke5400

Sexism at a gender reveal party? YTA and not alone.

Cupcake_Octopus | Cupcake_Octopus

Misogynistic dad gets called out by commenters 👀🤦‍♀️

miss_spellman | miss_spellman

Gender does not define interests. YTA for thinking so. ⚽🏕️

smh2301980 | smh2301980

Engaging response to sexist comment with powerful message. 💪

LifeofKiwis | LifeofKiwis

Man's disappointment over baby's gender leads to shameful behavior 👶🚫

rose_glass | rose_glass

Gender stereotypes debunked with unicorns and Barbies 🦄

pattiofurnitire | pattiofurnitire

Father called out for being sexist for leaving gender reveal party.

TheDreadPirateJeff | TheDreadPirateJeff

Commenter calls out father for abandoning wife and daughters. 💔

Wikidess | Wikidess

Gender reveal party turns dramatic with YTA's unexpected reaction 🤦‍♀️

jemmls4 | jemmls4

A surprising plot twist in this gender reveal party 🤔

magic_in_a_meatsuit | magic_in_a_meatsuit

Man storms out of gender reveal party after learning he's having a daughter 😡

StarsAndSnowtracks | StarsAndSnowtracks

Commenter calls out YTA for atrocious behavior towards daughters. Depression/anxiety not an excuse. Reply defends mental health sufferers.

ArgusRun | ArgusRun

Commenter calls out man for leaving gender reveal party 🤦‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a sore loser 🙄 Appreciate having a healthy baby girl.

CelikBas | CelikBas

Gender imbalance concerns? YTA. The comment section drops some truth bombs.

Spotbutagirl | Spotbutagirl

Commenter calls out OP for rude behavior at gender reveal.

WanderingWedding | WanderingWedding

Father storms out of gender reveal party after unexpected news. YTA.

Stefstar1232 | Stefstar1232

Commenter calls out father's YTA behavior toward daughters' potential.

Leakind92 | Leakind92

Expecting a specific gender at a gender reveal party? YTA 😠

sour_lemons | sour_lemons

Commenter calls out someone's behavior as selfish. 🤨

tinyahjumma | tinyahjumma

Commenter calls out rude behavior at gender reveal party.

Regular-Tell-108 | Regular-Tell-108

Father's disappointing reaction to gender reveal party sparks outrage 😡

420FLgirl | 420FLgirl

Commenter calls out unbelievable behavior at gender reveal party 👀

frozenbageldough | frozenbageldough

Father walks out of gender reveal party after learning baby's gender

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Father of 2 daughters coaches them in sports and dance 💪

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Grown man throws tantrum at gender reveal party 😡

BreyeFox | BreyeFox

Commenter accuses parent of gender-stereotyping child, recommends therapy 🤔

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Controversial comment about teenage parents. 😬

cpplearning | cpplearning

Man disappointed with having a girl? YTA, smile and nod 😊

DimesOHoolihan | DimesOHoolihan

Commenter calls out misogyny and toxic gender ideas, urges father to unlearn them 🙌

Meraden_Ddu | Meraden_Ddu

Commenter calls out 'neurotic' behavior in gender reveal dispute 💥

CrochetHoe | CrochetHoe

Commenter calls out OP for being a jerk 👎

wantamint | wantamint

Don't be a sexist parent. Girls can play baseball too ⚾

dampew | dampew

Insensitive comment receives fiery clapback. 🙅‍♀️👊

bitchy_badger | bitchy_badger

Commenter calls out OP's sexist reasoning for wanting a son 👨‍👧‍👧🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father criticized for gender bias in parenting. 🤔

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