Halle Berry Lifts Shirt For Jaw-Dropping Abs Display

Geri Green
Halle Berry at 2023 Vanity Fair
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Halle Berry isn't get picked for action roles on account of her pretty face. The Oscar winner's jaw-dropping muscles continue to turn heads as she approaches 60, and one snap has been showing off those cheesegrater abs.

'Bruised' Abs

Halle Berry
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In November 2019, Halle updated her Instagram to promote what was then her unreleased movie Bruised. Showing off her mind-blowing abs, the mom of two posed from a training session and raising her shirt to showcase a torso that would rival The Rock's.

Abs Of Steel

All sweat-drenched as she also flashed a smile, Halle wore a tight, long-sleeved black top and monochrome pants, plus a bandana. She used both hands to roll up her sweaty top, where fans saw only rippling muscles.

See The Photo!

In a caption, the 56-year-old began: "Happy #FitnessFriday, everyone! There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it. One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs - and today? I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable!"

Fitness Goals

Halle added: "This #FitnessFriday, I encourage you guys to set your bar. What is your fitness goal? Set the BAR higher than you think, share your goal in the comments and HOLD yourself to it."

MMA-Trained Body

Halle Berry
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Halle's workouts go beyond your average Hollywood Soul Cycle trip. The actress completed three years worth of MMA training in just six months for movie John Wick.

'Worth Every D*mn Second'

In her caption, Halle also reminded fans that training isn't a walk in the park. The Hollywood star added: "The work won’t be easy, but that pay off? Worth every d*mn second."

Likes Pouring In

The post has gained over 400,000 likes, with actress Vanessa Hudgens also leaving one. Halle's love of fitness has also taken her into business. She is founder of her Re-Spin fitness accessories line and also boasts clothing collabs with activewear brand Sweaty Betty.

Looking Amazing At 56

Halle Berry in a dress
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Fans can't get over how Halle looks so good for her age, and you won't find her on lists of celebrities alleged to have collagen injections or plastic surgery. Halle eats well, she trains hard, and she isn't above a little wine-sipping. She's fresh from stripping down naked to enjoy a little wine from her balcony, a post that turned heads on Instagram and can be seen below.

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Halle Berry in a dress
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