Coworker crosses the line at baby shower, AITA for kicking her out?

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A man invites his female coworker to his wife's baby shower but things quickly turn sour when she starts making inappropriate jokes. Despite warning her previously about keeping things professional, the coworker persists and even suggests she'll be the baby's second mom. The man takes her aside and tells her to apologize or leave, and she chooses to leave. Coworkers agree she was acting inappropriately, but some think he should have let her down easier. Is he the a**hole for kicking her out?

New coworker causing drama at the baby shower 🤔

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Setting boundaries with a coworker who overstepped, 💼🚫❌

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Politely addressing unprofessional behavior at a baby shower 🤔

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Invited coworker who made jokes to baby shower, regretted it later.

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Coworker makes inappropriate comments at baby shower, causing discomfort.

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Coworker's inappropriate jokes made everyone uncomfortable 🙅‍♂️

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Setting boundaries at a baby shower 👶🏻🚫

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

Coworkers defend inappropriate colleague, AITA for kicking her out? 😕

coleeatspeas | coleeatspeas

🤔 Coworker called herself my 'work wife', kicked out of baby shower. #awkward

When does a joke cross the line? A man's coworker calls herself his 'work wife' and makes inappropriate jokes at his wife's baby shower. After confronting her, he's left wondering if he was too harsh in kicking her out. In a tight-knit workspace, how do you maintain professionalism while still having fun? This man thought he had made it clear that he wasn't comfortable with the 'work wife' label, but his coworker continued to make jokes that made him and his wife uncomfortable. Was he justified in asking her to leave or should he have handled it differently? The situation raises questions about boundaries in the workplace and how to handle inappropriate behavior from colleagues. Read on for reactions and comments from others on the situation.

NTA for setting boundaries with a creepy coworker. Get HR involved.

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

Coworker's inappropriate behavior at baby shower merits HR report. NTA.

SiriusBlacksTattoos | SiriusBlacksTattoos

Coworker's 'work wife' obsession crosses the line, NTA for kicking out.

rellyy_fishh | rellyy_fishh

Coworker's inappropriate behavior at baby shower, NTA for kicking her out 🤚

Davinaaa28 | Davinaaa28

Commenter doubts authenticity of post, calls out OP for inviting coworker

Leafburn | Leafburn

Documenting workplace harassment is crucial! 📝

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Setting boundaries with a coworker, NTA for enforcing them 🚫🤝

niallhoranstan55 | niallhoranstan55

Empathy for NTA's experience at baby shower with inappropriate coworker.

canadianborderguard | canadianborderguard

Inappropriate coworker kicked out of baby shower, NTA wins 🙌

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Standing up to sexual harassment at work. NTA! ✊

IAmHerdingCatz | IAmHerdingCatz

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for kicking out coworker.

Sun1Bear | Sun1Bear

NTA. Call in Dwight Schrute for bedbug extermination 🐜👨‍🌾

snarfblattinconcert | snarfblattinconcert

Commenter suggests HR involvement after coworker's inappropriate behavior 👀

aiyana_wolf | aiyana_wolf

Commenter disapproves of 'work wife/husband' behavior, calls it gross.

Embryw | Embryw

Protecting your relationship with humor 😂 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls OP out for inviting harasser, YTA.

glindathewoodglitch | glindathewoodglitch

Coworker hits on OP at baby shower, NTA for kicking out 👀

nova9001 | nova9001

Coworker's presence at baby shower causes discomfort, YTA for inviting.

ToeBaeBee | ToeBaeBee

Co-worker hits on married man at baby shower, NTA for kicking her out. 🚫

ThaneOfCawdorrr | ThaneOfCawdorrr

Co-worker makes inappropriate jokes at baby shower, NTA for kicking out.

MobMotherScitah | MobMotherScitah

Support for standing up to inappropriate coworker, consider HR involvement 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries is important, NTA made the right call 🖖

SensitiveAutistic | SensitiveAutistic

Setting boundaries is important 🚫 NTA for enforcing them

star_guardian_carol | star_guardian_carol

This is no joke. Coworker's inappropriate behavior went too far.

HoundstoothReader | HoundstoothReader

Newcomer defends OP, calls out coworkers' inappropriate behavior 👍

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

Good call kicking out the problem guest 👍

LuckStrict6000 | LuckStrict6000

Setting boundaries and enforcing them, NTA 👍

50matrix53 | 50matrix53

Setting boundaries at work: NTA for kicking out inappropriate coworker 👊

beetree23 | beetree23

Protecting your relationship at all costs, NTA 👍🏼🤰🏻

what-no-potatoes | what-no-potatoes

Keeping things professional at work is important 🙌

samaniewiem | samaniewiem

Get HR involved before it bites you! 😬

LilPerditaGattino | LilPerditaGattino

Setting boundaries isn't always easy, but it's necessary 💪

Joye_of_snacks | Joye_of_snacks

Setting boundaries and saying no is important. NTA 👍

JessonBI89 | JessonBI89

Coworker hits on married man at baby shower, wife approves. 👍

billebobblue | billebobblue

Coworker hits on married man at baby shower, NTA for kicking her out 💪

positivelypeaches | positivelypeaches

Report the coworker's behavior to HR ASAP 🚨

emherrera1960 | emherrera1960

Setting boundaries with a coworker who crosses the line 👍

jaxon7au | jaxon7au

Coworker's inappropriate behavior at baby shower shocks commenter

BigAsparagus9383 | BigAsparagus9383

Standing up for your wife's well-being, NTA 👍👶

DelightfulAbsurdity | DelightfulAbsurdity

Protective husband stands up for his wife at baby shower 💪

imsosickofthisbull | imsosickofthisbull

Stand up for yourself and involve HR when necessary 💪

knittedjedi | knittedjedi

Setting boundaries with a coworker isn't easy, NTA 👍

Saya_V | Saya_V

Standing up to workplace harassment, NTA 👏🏼🚫

usernaym44 | usernaym44

Baby shower coworker drama divides commenters, some calling YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report it to HR! NTA 👍

Krankhaus1221 | Krankhaus1221

Setting boundaries at work- NTA for standing up for yourself 💪

pricelinenegoosyator | pricelinenegoosyator

Report the coworker! NTA for kicking her out 🚫👩‍💼

MiniiMocha | MiniiMocha

Invite coworker to personal event, gets drama. YTA.

svc78 | svc78

Protect yourself and your job! NTA. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries is tough, but NTA for standing your ground 👏

PizzaCutter | PizzaCutter

Coworker's inappropriate behavior towards OP's wife, NTA

Stunning_Grocery8477 | Stunning_Grocery8477

Avoid inviting toxic people, even to baby showers. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report the incident to HR ASAP to protect yourself ⚠️

Due-Cryptographer744 | Due-Cryptographer744

Setting boundaries with coworkers is important, report to HR ASAP.

mercurystellium | mercurystellium

Setting boundaries at work can avoid uncomfortable situations 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Document with HR and consider relocation. Coworker's behavior is unacceptable. 🤨

FairyOfTheNight | FairyOfTheNight

Kicking out an obsessed coworker from a baby shower, NTA 👶

[deleted] | [deleted]