Father tells daughter to stay out of his personal life, asks her to stay with her mom

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Divorce can be tough on everyone, especially children. In this case, a father is trying to navigate his personal life while also considering his daughter's feelings. After his daughter interferes in his dating life, he asks her to stay with her mother until she can accept his decisions. But is he in the wrong? Read on to find out the details of this difficult situation and decide for yourself if he's the a**hole.

Divorced father explains his reason for asking daughter to leave.

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Father's awkward explanation to daughter about his 'strong bond' with ex

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When a daughter's love life becomes her father's nightmare 😬

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Dad shuts down daughter's attempt at reconciliation, chooses solitude 🙅‍♂️

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Father explains his stance on reconciliation to his daughter.

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Daughter disapproves of dad's new girlfriend, seeks therapy. 💔

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Daughter refuses to let father's girlfriend in, causes inconvenience.

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Father asks daughter to stay out of his dating life. AITA?

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Father's daughter interferes with his dating life, asks to stay with mom 🤔

Divorce can be difficult for children to navigate, especially when it comes to their parent's dating life. Shea, a 16-year-old girl, is struggling to accept that her father is moving on with his life. Initially, Shea was supportive of her father's decision to date, but things changed when Shea found out that her parents had spent the night together. Shea has since been interfering with her father's dating life, even going as far as to sabotage his relationships. Despite her father's efforts to explain the situation to her, Shea continues to send him pictures of her mother and updates on her fitness journey. The situation came to a head when Shea refused to let her father's girlfriend into their home. In frustration, her father suggested that it might be best if Shea stayed with her mother until she could come to terms with his dating life. This has caused tension between him and his ex-wife, who thinks he's being an 'a**hole'. Despite the difficulties, it's important for Shea's father to prioritize his own happiness and well-being, while also being sensitive to Shea's feelings. How can he navigate this tricky situation without causing further harm to his relationship with his daughter?

Father's dating life sabotages daughter's mental health. ESH.

DocChloroplast | DocChloroplast

Father chooses new relationship over daughter's mental health. YTA.

SmellyCatLGBT | SmellyCatLGBT

Father's hypocritical behavior called out by commenters 🤨

Sea-Sky3177 | Sea-Sky3177

Father judged daughter's actions based on his own secrecy, YTA.

SBrB8 | SBrB8

Father's poor handling of dating life causes rift with daughter. YTA.

NerakYak | NerakYak

Father's dating pool includes daughter's friends' moms, YTA.

angel2hi | angel2hi

Father's dating life involves his daughter's teachers? Creepy! 😬

lisaslyfe | lisaslyfe

Daughter's extreme reactions linked to dad's dating choices. YTA 🙄

ConstantMoney7 | ConstantMoney7

Father's possessiveness causes concern for daughter's safety 😬

lboogie757 | lboogie757

Father dates daughter's teacher, kicks daughter out. YTA gets called out.

happybanana134 | happybanana134

Daughter calls out father's hypocrisy in personal life, defends women.

Direct-Plum-3558 | Direct-Plum-3558

User calls out father for prioritizing sex over family, gets a fiery response.

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Father using daughter's network to score dates, daughter feels uncomfortable

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dating your daughter's teacher and then her friend's mom? YTA 🤦‍♂️

Samanthas_Stitching | Samanthas_Stitching

Father's inappropriate dating habits alienate daughter, prompts harsh criticism.

AbbyFB6969 | AbbyFB6969

Daughter caught in parents' failed marriage, OP dating causes conflict. YTA 😒

LittleRedCarnation | LittleRedCarnation

Commenter questions open marriage possibility, calls father 'YTA'.

MildAsSriracha | MildAsSriracha

Father dates daughter's teacher and friend's mom? YTA indeed 🤦‍♂️

Gorgeous_Saurus_Rex | Gorgeous_Saurus_Rex

Daughter's needs should come first. OP needs to prioritize her. 🙅‍♂️

sunflowerdream452 | sunflowerdream452

Parents' toxic relationship affects daughter's emotional health. ESH.

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Father's inappropriate behavior leaves daughter feeling uncomfortable and betrayed 😕

xribbly | xribbly

Dating advice for the dad, workout with daughter instead.

yachtiewannabe | yachtiewannabe

Commenter thinks father is TA for involving daughter in dating

Julia070000 | Julia070000

Strange divorce reasons and a confusing parenting dynamic. 🤔

HalcyonBrightpike | HalcyonBrightpike

Father's messy relationship affecting daughter's emotional well-being 😔

Sadbabytrashpanda | Sadbabytrashpanda

Commenter calls out father for inappropriate dating choices. 😬

Born_Cup_5441 | Born_Cup_5441

Father's messy personal life is taking a toll on his daughter 💔

McflyThrowaway01 | McflyThrowaway01

Father's selfishness making daughter's life a***hole-free zone 😔

Specific-Quick | Specific-Quick

Commenter calls out father for inappropriate behavior towards daughter. 💥

Pleasant_Cold | Pleasant_Cold

Dating taboo: Don't date your daughter's teacher or friend's mom 😬

Better_Marketing_692 | Better_Marketing_692

Father's inappropriate behavior ruins relationship with daughter. 😔

AllThoseRedFlags | AllThoseRedFlags

Father's actions causing emotional damage to daughter, YTA 🤦‍♂️

couldbeyouornot | couldbeyouornot

Commenter calls out inappropriate behavior, deems father the a**hole. 💥

bambobat | bambobat

Co-parenting gone wrong, kid pays the price 😔

JuniperusRex | JuniperusRex

Father not obligated to reconcile but needs to be considerate. 💔

HarperStrings | HarperStrings

Father's questionable dating choices affecting daughter's life. YTA 😒

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Advice for parents dating after divorce, keep children out of it.

LookAtNarnia | LookAtNarnia

Father defends his personal life to daughter, sparks debate.

BlaqueDaliah | BlaqueDaliah

Navigating exes and new relationships, things get toxic. ESH.

Escape_Overlander | Escape_Overlander

Complicated divorce, inappropriate behavior and a pet peeve. 🤦‍♂️

Purple__Unicorn | Purple__Unicorn

Commenter calls out father for being a selfish a**hole 👀

xhocusxpocusx | xhocusxpocusx

Parent's messy love life affecting child's behavior. YTA.

Ancient-Regular4007 | Ancient-Regular4007

Expand your dating pool beyond your kid's acquaintances. YTA.

AnitaSouleata | AnitaSouleata

NTA. Daughter uncomfortable with dad dating friend, but hypocritical mother sabotages.

prove____it | prove____it

Dating dad's acquaintances: Yikes, YTA needs to chill 😬

Slytherin125 | Slytherin125

Divorced dad needs to prioritize daughter over personal life 👮

Quiet_Catch_4632 | Quiet_Catch_4632

Dating your daughter's teacher and friend's mom? Yikes, YTA.

Lopsided-Shallot-124 | Lopsided-Shallot-124

Commenter slams father and mother, no support in replies 💥

bimpossible | bimpossible

Dating drama draws judgment, but not for exes. 🤔💔

Dimsumchik | Dimsumchik

Dating daughter's friend's mom and teacher? YTA indeed! 🤦

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