Father refuses to convince stepdaughter to forgive abusive stepsister

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A father's post has gone viral after he shared his tough love towards his daughter's past actions. The post describes how his daughter, Allie, had mistreated her stepsister, Johanna, for years until she completely destroyed Johanna's scrapbook with pictures of her deceased father. Now, Allie is begging for forgiveness and trying to mend the relationship, but Johanna wants nothing to do with her. The father stands by Johanna's decision and tells Allie that she's getting what she deserves. Read on to find out more about the situation and how the internet is reacting to this father's tough love.

Blended family dynamics and favoritism explored in this section.

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Step-sisters' rivalry takes a dark turn, father caught in middle

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Teenage sibling rivalry explained, but is it really just that? 🤔

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Step-sister's breakup causes tension at home 🏠

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Step-sister's destructive behavior towards step-sister's belongings 😠

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Stepdaughter gives up on abusive stepsister despite father's refusal.

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Step-sister's cold behavior towards birthday girl explained.

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Stepdaughter wants step sister's forgiveness for a wedding invite 🎉

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Step-sisters' fallout: No wedding invite for Allie 😔

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Stepdaughter refuses to forgive abusive stepsister despite father's plea 💔

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Father refuses to enable abusive behavior towards stepdaughter 💪

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Standing up to abusive behavior, no need to convince forgiveness 💪

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Parent defends actions against abusive stepdaughter amidst assumptions 🙅

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Father defends decision to not force stepdaughter to forgive stepsister 💪

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Stepdaughter's abusive stepsister banned for destroying her belongings

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Father takes responsibility for abusive stepdaughter's behavior.

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Struggling parent seeks advice, met with judgment and hostility 😔

jennyjenny8675 | jennyjenny8675

Father refuses to convince abusive daughter to reconcile with stepsister

A father is caught in the middle of a family feud between his daughter and stepdaughter. The two have never gotten along, with his daughter frequently exhibiting abusive behavior towards her stepsister. After a particularly destructive incident, the stepsister has cut ties with the daughter and refuses to reconcile, even with pressure from the father. As the stepsister's wedding approaches, tensions rise as the daughter begs for an invite and a chance to reconnect. However, the father stands by the stepsister's decision and refuses to intervene, believing that his daughter's behavior has consequences. Despite criticism from others, the father believes in holding his daughter accountable for her actions. Read on for comments and reactions.

Parents failed to stop bullying, Johanna deserves better 🙅‍♂️

fruskydekke | fruskydekke

Commenter asks for information on steps taken to address abusive behavior.

PotentialityKnocks | PotentialityKnocks

Stepdaughter destroyed keepsakes, lacks empathy, and expects forgiveness for wedding.

Euffy | Euffy

Father's inaction during stepdaughter's abuse questioned by commenters. 🤔

Usrname52 | Usrname52

Johanna's resilience shines through despite abusive stepsister's behavior 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepdaughter's abusive behavior unforgivable, dinner invite awkward for victim.

Enimsaj12 | Enimsaj12

Parent's efforts to stop bullying stepdaughter didn't work. 🤔

Drnanna | Drnanna

Allie needs to put in the work, but OP and wife too 💪

LibraWoman1 | LibraWoman1

Stepdaughter wants forgiveness without making amends. NTA.

Zorkeldschorken | Zorkeldschorken

Stepfather stands ground on abusive stepsister, confusion over E6000 glue.

TogarSucks | TogarSucks

A reminder of *Little Women* sparks a debate about abusive behavior.

counting_daisies | counting_daisies

Father stands up to abusive stepdaughter. Mixed reactions from commenters.

moongirl12 | moongirl12

Stepfather refuses to let abusive stepsister ruin wedding day 🎉

Awkward_Badger7516 | Awkward_Badger7516

Father takes a stand against abusive stepsister. NTA.

popebologna | popebologna

Stepdaughter sets firm boundaries with abusive stepsister, father enables behavior. 💔

kaiser-kolovos | kaiser-kolovos

Commenter criticizes parenting, defends psychopathy, and blames upbringing.

LichwoodIsStolen | LichwoodIsStolen

Stepfather's responsibility questioned in abusive stepsister situation 🤔

Pyroddiction | Pyroddiction

Teaching accountability: NTA for not convincing stepdaughter to forgive stepsister.

waterdevil19144 | waterdevil19144

Commenter accuses Allie of being a former Regina George 👑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off toxic family is necessary for self-care. NTA 👍

SmoothCrimin41 | SmoothCrimin41

Parenting fail: Stepdaughter bullied for years, father gave up. 👎

KitchenCellist | KitchenCellist

Stepdaughter's stepsister only wants to be friends for her own benefit. NTA.

SirEDCaLot | SirEDCaLot

Parenting gone wrong... 😬

terribleterrabyte | terribleterrabyte

Commenter defends themselves against YTA judgement with frustration 😤

largerodent_ | largerodent_

Commenter questions why the girls couldn't live with other parents.

Doubledown00 | Doubledown00

Stepdaughter doesn't forgive abusive stepsister, is she right? 🤔

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Father caught between YTA and NTA for handling abuse

justamessylittlestar | justamessylittlestar

Both parents failed to protect Johanna from sister's cruelty. ESH

BloodQueen93 | BloodQueen93

Therapy not always the answer, says therapist in comment section.

theelephantupstream | theelephantupstream

Destroying irreplaceable things is unforgivable. NTA.

boinktheclown | boinktheclown

Criticism towards OP's parenting and lack of helpful replies.

iid0rks | iid0rks

Parenting gone wrong 😔

ComfortableZebra2412 | ComfortableZebra2412

Support for holding abusive stepsister accountable, no forgiveness necessary 😠

_Deletion | _Deletion

Parental responsibility to protect children from sibling abuse ignored by stepfather 🤬

GirlDwight | GirlDwight

Johanna is strong, patient, and NTA in a toxic situation 😌

jchetra83 | jchetra83

Stepdaughter's wedding threatened by abusive stepsister. NTA prioritizes bride's comfort.

Fluffy-Benefits-2023 | Fluffy-Benefits-2023

Stepdaughter's pain dismissed by insensitive stepparent and stepsister.

amjay8 | amjay8

Father fails to take responsibility for abusive stepdaughter, ESH. 🤔

runthetv27 | runthetv27

Stepdaughter faces consequences for abuse, refuses accountability. NTA.

Dangerfyeld | Dangerfyeld

Is Allie really sorry or planning something? 🤔

indi50 | indi50

Stepfather punished abusive stepsister, but not enough. Commenter supports stepsister.

Probswearingsweats | Probswearingsweats

Standing up against abusive behavior 👍

BillsCori | BillsCori

Navigating parenting advice on the internet can be challenging 😕

naomicambellwalk | naomicambellwalk

Stepdaughter's abusive stepsister burned her bridges, NTA for refusing forgiveness.

AQualityKoalaTeacher | AQualityKoalaTeacher

Commenter accuses father of being the a**hole for not helping stepdaughter

BurgerThyme | BurgerThyme

Daughter must show contrition for reconciliation, NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepdaughter's forgiveness denied, angel Johanna remains unscathed. 😇

pythiadelphine | pythiadelphine

Wedding drama: Stepdaughter wants to ruin abusive stepsister's big day 😒

Little-bit_ | Little-bit_

Commenter sympathizes with the situation, but doubts abusive stepsister will take responsibility. 🤔

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