Father takes away daughters' college money after destroying sentimental jewelry

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A father of two is facing criticism after taking away his daughters' college money. The man, who divorced his wife five years ago, has custody of his two teenage daughters every other week. The girls have been attending therapy to cope with the divorce and their hostile feelings towards their father's new wife. However, tensions escalated when the girls destroyed sentimental jewelry belonging to the father and his wife. The father responded by taking away their college funds, which he had been saving for years. The decision has sparked outrage from his ex-wife and daughters. Do you think the father was in the wrong? Read the full story here.

Navigating attraction with co-workers while married - a moral dilemma

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New love after rough divorce: a silver lining 💍❤️

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Father struggles with ex-wife's refusal to take daughters to therapy.

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Struggling with parenting teens and ex's influence, therapy helps little.

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Heartbroken father takes drastic action after devastating loss. 💔

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Sentimental jewelry turned into ashes turned into wearable jewelry.

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Heartbreaking: Father destroys sentimental jewelry, daughters taunt in response 💔

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Father cuts daughters off college funds after emotional fight 💸

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Dad cuts college funds after sentimental jewelry incident 💀

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Father retaliates by withholding college funds after divorce dispute.

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Family therapy didn't go well. Ex and daughters refused.

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Depriving daughters of college funds for sentimental jewelry, AITA?

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Father destroys daughters' college funds after they destroy sentimental jewelry 😡💰

Divorce is tough on everyone involved, but one father is at a loss on how to handle his two daughters' hatred towards his new wife. Despite therapy and discipline not working, the father had been saving up for his daughters' college funds. However, after they destroyed sentimental jewelry that was made from the ashes of their stillborn child, the father has decided to cut them off completely. But is he in the wrong? Read on for the comments and reactions to this family feud.

ESH in a difficult divorce, but dad needs to acknowledge damage.

SpookyArmadillo | SpookyArmadillo

Commenter calls out everyone's bad behavior in messy divorce.

sew-sarcastic | sew-sarcastic

Father punished daughters for not playing happy family in custody battle

[deleted] | [deleted]

A comment calls out OP for being selfish, while a reply defends OP's decision to end the marriage and move on without cheating. 😬

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

Daughters' behavior stems from parents' self-centered actions. ESH 🤷‍♀️

SlinkyMalinky20 | SlinkyMalinky20

Father takes away daughters' college money after destroying sentimental jewelry. Commenter points out how he caused the family's issues and suggests a heart-to-heart talk instead. Replies agree that taking away college funds is not the answer, and that he needs to take responsibility for his actions. ESH

Bluehairweirdo_ | Bluehairweirdo_

Commenter calls out dysfunctional family dynamics, suggests therapy 💬

tokiemccoy | tokiemccoy

Parent takes away college fund after daughter destroys sentimental item 💰

Slugdirt | Slugdirt

Heartfelt condolences to OP. NTA, kids disrespected lost child

andreaak88 | andreaak88

Father's action causes family feud with college funds at stake 💰

pookguy1 | pookguy1

Family feud: No winners, only losers in this sad tale 😔

slow_alien | slow_alien

Stepmom's arrival destroyed family; dad blamed kids; they hate Sara.

happybanana134 | happybanana134

Divorce settlement questions arise in college funds dispute 🧐️

SnooGiraffes3591 | SnooGiraffes3591

Commenter calls out cliches, replies bring up NTA responses

sunfloweries | sunfloweries

Father's 'discipline' backfires as daughters cut ties with him. ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divorce aftermath: Father's actions hurt daughters, but is he justified?

masterwolf0036 | masterwolf0036

Commenters sympathize with OP's actions, criticize stepmom's role 🤔

FirmlyThatGuy | FirmlyThatGuy

Daughters' evil behavior towards father justifies revoking college funds. 👍

grhand202 | grhand202

Divorced dad struggling to reconnect with his daughters and their college money

Signal-Reflection-54 | Signal-Reflection-54

A chaotic family drama with no winners. 🤦

YeouPink | YeouPink

Debate over who's the a**hole in father-daughter jewelry incident.

Senseis_Bun | Senseis_Bun

Daughters' betrayal unravels father's emotional affair with coworker. ESH.

carwash7 | carwash7

Commenter questions the legality and morality of father's actions.

cinnamngrl | cinnamngrl

Father takes away college fund after family betrayal, may lose daughters.

UnconvincingLegalese | UnconvincingLegalese

Daughters accused of evil, but one reply questions father's actions.

Zanetti616 | Zanetti616

Parenting fail leads to college fund disaster. YTA gets called out.

PugRexia | PugRexia

Everyone sucks here. 👎💔

Grandmas_Cozy | Grandmas_Cozy

Father stands up for himself and takes a tough love approach 💪

ArtlessOne | ArtlessOne

Consequence for destroyed memories leads to family conflict and regret 😔

ouatedephoq | ouatedephoq

Consequences go both ways 🤔👀

BassImpossible4015 | BassImpossible4015

Daughters destroy sentimental jewelry, father takes away college money. NTA.

likeahike | likeahike

Heartless act receives deserved judgement. 💔

MrsGruusahm | MrsGruusahm

Legal ownership of college funds complicates judgement of ESH verdict.

OpinionLogical2729 | OpinionLogical2729

Everyone sucks here according to this comment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA vs ESH: A difference in perspective 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughters' unacceptable actions and father's betrayal lead to conflict. ESH.

Tight_Ad_4459 | Tight_Ad_4459

Commenter defends OP's decision to take away college money 💰

fear_nothin | fear_nothin

Father takes away college money, but ESH in this situation 😬

CrunchM | CrunchM

Navigating family trauma and therapy after unforgivable loss 💔

totallythrownawaay | totallythrownawaay

OP's kids destroyed a sentimental stillborn baby jewelry. NTA for taking college money.

reddicq | reddicq

A tough situation, with no clear villains. 🤔

MidniteProph | MidniteProph

Divorced dad with broken family seeks validation from Reddit.

kinkaids | kinkaids

Heartbreaking. Father destroys siblings' ashes. Commenters support NTA.

guytyping | guytyping

Father punished daughter rightfully for destroying sentimental jewelry 💍

Raemlouch | Raemlouch

Heartbreaking loss of sentimental jewelry sparks disgust

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father takes away college money as punishment. ESH. 🤷‍♂️

LotusTarantino | LotusTarantino

Cheating led to destroyed jewelry and lost college funds. ESH 💍💔

likecommentsurvive | likecommentsurvive

Old enough to know better 💸🤷‍♂️

Malia87 | Malia87

Divorce drama unfolds in comment section 😮

Nothanks_nottoday | Nothanks_nottoday

Father emotionally cheated on his wife and punished his kids, YTA 💔

Capital_Armadillo780 | Capital_Armadillo780

Cutting toxic family and money - NTA taking a stand 🚫💰

DonDamondo | DonDamondo

OP's actions have deep-rooted consequences, ESH with heavier blame on OP 🤷🏻‍♂️

Fegjgg5783 | Fegjgg5783

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