Kylie Jenner Refutes Surgery Rumors, Fans Don't Buy It

Ashabi Azeez
Kylie Jenner in a braless leather dress
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Kylie Jenner is letting fans know that she hasn't had much work done when it comes to surgical procedures but many have differing opinions. The TV star recently denied surgery rumors that have been circulating on social media. However, fans took to social media to call her out for denying having plastic surgeries on her face. The Kendall-Jenner family star also recently shared a video of her embracing a natural look. 

Kylie Jenner Opens Up On A Long Time Speculation

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The 25-year-old recently had an interview with Hommegirls magazine where she addressed the surgery rumors. In the interview for the magazine's Spring/Summer 2023 cover story, Kylie shared that it was a "big misconception" about her.

Jenner Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

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The reality star continued that there was a misconception that she has had a lot of surgeries on her face. Kylie added that people also tagged her as an "insecure" person.

The beauty mogul told the magazine that the rumors were not true.

Why She Opted For Lip Fillers

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Kylie added that although she loved and wanted full lips, she was very confident growing up. However, she revealed that she got lip filler due to her lip insecurity and does not regret it. Kylie ended the interview by stating that even before getting the lip filler, she thought she was cute. 

Fans Call Out Kylie For Denying Her Surgeries

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Fans of the Kylie Cosmetics brand did not buy Kylie's comments on her surgeries. After the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum's interview, fans called her out on social media. Some fans on Twitter mocked her for denying undergoing surgery on her face. One fan also slammed Kylie for lying writing, "No one cares girl," Another user tweeted, "We have eyes but ok." 

Many Doubted Her Credibility

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Meanwhile, another fan joked that if The Kardashian star has no plastic surgery, then they are the president of the United States. Some fans however see nothing wrong with undergoing surgery, they just do not understand why she has to deny it. A user then suggested that Kylie's success was due to her lies about how much plastic surgery she has undergone. 

Kylie Embraces Natural Look By Showing Her Bare Face

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Earlier this month before the surgery rumors, Kylie showed off her makeup-free look and opened up about embracing her natural look. The former model is well known for her over-the-top glam which she has maintained over the years. However, the mother-of-two revealed she was ditching the lengthy makeup routine for a more natural look. 

Jenner Is A Lifestyle Lover

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The makeup mogul has served fans different looks over the years and does not hesitate to carry her fans along. The lifestyle pro recently gave fans a make-up tutorial to show how she goes more natural. Kylie also revealed that she has been prioritizing loving herself and her self-care. The socialite also shared that she realized one could still achieve that 'snatched look' with less makeup. 

Kylie Shared A Video Of Her Natural Makeup Routine

Kylie Jenner in a pleated sleeveless dress
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Kylie shared a video with Vogue where she showed a routine of her natural makeup. In the video, the reality TV star started by using her lip scrub before going into her routine. Once she was done scrubbing her lips, Kylie applied a Kylie Skin moisturizer onto her hand.

An Insight Into Her Natural Glam

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The next step was to apply a Kylie Skin Foundation onto her hands before applying it to her face. Kylie shared that the foundation was yet to be released. The beauty mogul also said she gets a more intimate and natural experience using her hands. 

Steps To Achieve Kylie's Natural Look

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After applying the foundation, Kylie applied her contour before adding blush to her cheeks. In the video, she explained that she mixes a peachy and natural shade. The next step was applying cream shadow, and eyeliner, filling her brows for a natural and bushy look then applying a highlighter. The final step in Kylie's natural look was applying mascara on her natural lashes. 

Inside Kylie And Chalamet's Rumored Relationship

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Apart from embracing a more natural look, Kylie is also embracing a new relationship. A source recently confirmed that the makeup mogul and Timothée Chalamet are dating. Although it is such exciting news, the source shared that the relationship was not all that serious for now. The source further revealed that Kylie enjoys hanging out with Chalamet because it feels different from her past relationships.

The Pair Are Yet To Address The Speculations

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Neither Kylie nor her 27-year-old beau have addressed the romance or stepped out officially. The source shared that the mother-of-two did not want to make things public with the actor at Coachella. It is most likely that Kylie and the Oscar nominee met through Kendall Jenner. The source shared that Chalamet and Kendall are friends so it was easy for Kylie to "integrate him into her life."  

Relationship Timeline Of Kylie And Scott

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The news of Kylie and Chalamet being a pair came three months after a source revealed that the socialite and Travis Scott were on a break. Kylie and Scott went public with their relationship on April 2017 at Coachella.

She Was Briefly With Tyga

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Their romance blossomed just weeks after the socialite split from Tyga. Over the next few months, the duo flooded social media with countless documentation of their romance. 

The following year, the couple welcomed their first child, Stormi Webster. The couple continued to make more fascinating public appearances, some with baby Stormi, most without.

Scott's Cheating Rumors

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However in December of that year, Scott addressed a cheating hoax created by a YouTuber, Christian Adam G. The following year, there was another rumor that the musician was unfaithful to Kylie which he denied. 

Kylie Went Back And Forth On Engagement And Wedding To Scott 

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Scott once revealed in 2018 that he and Kylie would tie the knot soon. The cheating scandal did not break the couple as they continued dating. However, by October 2019, a source confirmed that the duo was taking a break from their relationship. Four months later, a source confirmed that the duo was working on sparkling their love. 

They Welcomed A Second Child

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Three years later, the duo welcomed their second child in February. A few months after that Kylie started playing the supportive wifey role. She showed up to support him for his first major appearance since the Astroworld incident in 2021. However, an insider shared that she "goes back and forth about engagement and marriage,"  The source revealed Kylie did not completely rule it out but the priority was taking care of her kids. 

Kylie And Scott's Strong Co-parenting Relationship 

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In January 2023, news broke that Kylie and Scott were off again. The source revealed that the couple has been going on and off before. However, the duo has a strong co-parenting relationship. A source once shared in 2020 that the duo was co-parenting amazingly.

Their Parenthood

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The source also revealed that the musician was a "super-engaged dad." The source who shared the news of their split earlier this year, also stated that Kylie knows she and Scott will be in each other's lives.