Ryan Seacrest Remembers His Time on 'Live' with a Goodbye Gift From Kelly Ripa

Dani Sanders
Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars posing for the camera
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Kelly Ripa and her spouse, Mark Consuelos, gave Ryan Seacrest the perfect farewell gift. They presented him with designer golf gear on his last day on Live With Kelly and Ryan. Read on to find out more.

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ Farewell Gift To Rhan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest made his final appearance on Live With Kelly And Ryan last Friday. He told People, “Kelly has heard and seen the photo evidence of me wanting to get into golf.”

Seacrest Compares It To A Large Purse

Ryan Seacrest at an event of iHeartRadio
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Ryan compared the very thoughtful and designer gold bag to a large purse. Consuelo is set to replace Seacrest on the talk show.

Ryan Explains Why The Gift Is Perfect

Ryan Seacrest interviewing Jackie Chan at the Oscars
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The gift is perfect for Seacrest as he has expressed a desire to get more into sports. He said, “I’m starting to get sporty now. I’m into tennis, I’m into golf- meaning I’ve gotten some equipment”.

Seacrest is Excited To Use The Golf Bag

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Ryan Seacrest repeatedly expressed how excited he was to use the bag. According to Seacrest, “I can’t wait to get out and use it. It was very generous of them.”

It's Not Just The Bag: It Has Something More!

Ryan Seacrest and Ripa Kelly hosting Live Kelly and Ryan
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Ripa, 52, and Consuelos, also 52, added something else to the gift to make it even better. The couple shares crude humor, and the added gift is on brand with this humor. Can you guess what it is?

Custom Made Golf Balls Included In The Bag

Ryan Seacrest at the Vanity Fair event
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Seacrest revealed that the golf bag did not come alone and had customized balls. These golf balls had Ryan’s face on them with the inscription “Ryan’s balls.”

Ripa Finds It Hilarious

Ripa Kelly laughing while looking at the camera
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“Because fundamentally, inside of me, is a 12-year-old boy. I just found that very funny,” Ripa shared in the interview. We have to say that it is hilarious.

Ripa’s Tearful Farewell Speech

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Ripa gave a very heartfelt farewell speech to Ryan with teary eyes. She said, “This has, without question, been the fastest six years of my life, and although you and I have been friends for decades and decades, I feel like I’ve gained through this process a younger brother, the oldest son.”

Seacrest Also Gushes Over Ripa

Ripa Kelly acting confuse while hosting Live Kelly and Ryan
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Ryan Seacrest also shares how amazing his co-host, Kelly Ripa, has been throughout his time on the show. He said, “She’s family to me. There’s no one better in the business, and it’s going to be strange not seeing her every day”.

Seacrest’s Girlfriend Was Also There

Ryan Seacrest  clapping at the oscars

Ryan Seacrest’s family and loved ones were all present at the final show. His girlfriend, Aubrey Paige, was also in attendance and sat in the front.

Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest posing in style for the camera
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The American Idol host and the model began dating in June 2021. The media rarely see her but shows up at the final show to cheer on her lover.

Why Is Ryan Leaving?

Seacrest left the show to move from New York to Los Angeles. He was dividing his time between American Idol and the show.

When Did Ryan Join Live?

Ryan Seacrest at American Idol taking selfie with audiences
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Ryan Seacrest joined LIVE! in 2017 after Kelly’s co-host, Michael Strahan, left in 2016. Seacrest was on the show for six years.

Ryan’s Departure Shocked Fans

Seacrest abruptly announced his departure from the show in February, which left fans shocked when they heard the news.

Seacrest Explains His Future Plans

Giphy of Ryan Seacrest saying game changer
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“What I plan to do once American Idol starts from Los Angeles later this spring, I’ll head out to the West Coast and host that show,” he explained to fans. It looks like he picked LA over New York, after all.

Ryan Will Guest Host And Fill In

Ryan Seacrest holding a cat while hosting the American Idol
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Seacrest has reassured fans that he is not leaving altogether. He will “guest host and fill in” from time to time.

His Last Appearance Was Emotional

Ryan Seacrest shaking hand with a man on American Idol
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The episode had many flashbacks of Ryan on the show over the years, which included his best and funniest memories with Dr. Jill Biden.

Ryan Receives A Special Farewell Cake

Ryan Seacrest with Jennifer Lopez posing for camera

The farewell cake was shaped like a tin of sardines, hinting at another recurring joke at the show. Consuelos got the cake for Ryan to celebrate his time on the show.

Ryan Passes On The Torch

Ryan Seacrest  posing excitedly for the camera at E awards

Ryan passed on his host duties to Consuelos by giving him a LIVE! coffee mug. It symbolized him officially transferring the hosting duties to Kelly’s husband.