Johnny Depp's Ex-Wife Speaks Out About Amber Heard

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Amber Heard
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Johnny Depp's first wife, Lori Allison, who still goes by Lori Anne Depp, has something to say about his most recent ex, Amber Heard.


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Talking on the podcast Popcorned Planet, the 65-year-old makeup artist said that what Amber did was "horrific," in relation to the trials between the two.

"I'm No Angel"

"I'm no angel," Lori says. "I've done my share of sh*t*y things to people, but what she did was absolutely horrific."

Defending Johnny Depp

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"If there were things that I could do to her that were legal, I would do them!" says the former wife of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. "I would."

"What's Not To Love?"

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Lori shared more details about how she knows Amber. According to her, she had met Amber before at house parties at Johnny's house. "She seemed really nice, and she was gorgeous," Lori said. "What’s not to love?"

"She Who Shall Not Be Named"

“But as time went by, I would hear things about her," Lori continued, calling Amber Heard 'she who shall not be named.'

Johnny Didn't Always Seem Happy

"He didn't seem too happy all the time, " she said, although she didn't want to jump to conclusions because she wasn't able to see him a lot.

Affected By The Trial

Lori then went on to say that she was affected by the things that were said during the court trial.

"I probably broke down several times because I felt really bad for him," she said in the podcast. “He’s very private–which is why I don’t do interviews–and I think for him to come out so wholeheartedly was what he really needed to do."

"An Epic Train Wreck"

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“I thought it was either going to be an epic train wreck, or it was going to go really well," she said about the trial.

Asking About Johnny

Additionally, although Lori didn't talk to Johnny himself at the time, she did constantly ask his friends about him, particularly Isaac Baruch, Johnny's artist friend.

"It Broke My Heart"

"[Isaac] said, 'Don’t worry, we’re going to win this,’ and I would literally hang up the phone and walk around crying because I was terrified for him," Lori remembered. "It just broke my heart that somebody could do that to him."

"I Love Him To Pieces"

When it comes to Johnny, Lori has plenty of good things to say. "He’s really generous. He has the biggest heart of someone I’ve ever met. I love him to pieces, and I get all goofy-eyed when I think about him and his future, our past."

"I Want Nothing But The Best For Him"

“I want nothing but the best for him, and I hope he feels the same about me!" Lori continued. “Can I say bad things about him? I can say bad things about everybody, but there’s no reason to. He makes normal mistakes as other people do."

"I Love To Give Him Hugs"

“But again, he’s generous and kind, and I can’t wait to be in a room with him again because I love to give him hugs.”

A Follow-Up Clarification

Popcorned Planet also posted a follow-up video clarifying the exclusive Lori Anne interview after her words were allegedly twisted by some media sites.

Young Love

Lori Anne and Johnny got married in 1983, when they were only 25 and 20, respectively. The two stayed together for only two years before divorcing in 1985 due to "irreconcilable differences."

How They Met

The two first met in their teens when Johnny was still playing in the band, The Kids, in which Lori's brother was the bassist. The two moved together to Los Angeles shortly in order to focus on their music.

Becoming A Makeup Artist

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Lori wanted to be a producer, but after an accident left her 70% deaf in one ear, she switched to becoming a makeup artist instead. Her clientele was composed mainly of celebrities, including film stars.

That Fated Audition

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It was there that she met many big names in the industry – including Nicholas Cage, who famously got Johnny his audition to Nightmare on Elm Street. And the rest, as they say, is history.

All Good Things

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Despite the divorce, it's evident that Lori still holds Johnny in high regard. This seems to be a running theme, with Johnny's exes like Kate Moss and Winona Ryder defending him and praising him despite their relationship coming to an end.