Man and Wife Make Household Chore Agreement, but She Demands Too Much?

Cleaning dishes.
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A man and his wife made a deal to split household duties, but she is now demanding more than he can give. He cooks meals in bulk and stocks the fridge and pantry, but she wants him to serve her snacks and meals all day.

When he refuses, they argue. Is he in the wrong for not meeting her demands or is she being childish? Read on to find out how the situation develops and what the verdict is.

Husband and wife split household duties, but now there's trouble.

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Efficient meal prep tips for a stress-free week 🍴

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Man complains about wife's demanding behaviour for food 🍔🤦‍♂️

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When household chores become a power dynamic 🤪

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A household chore agreement gone wrong. Who's the real jerk?

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Man regrets chore agreement with wife, asks to go back. 😔

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Redemption and growth after accepting past mistakes 🙏

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New dad seeks fair division of chores with breastfeeding wife 🏠

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Man and wife split chores, but wife demands too much 🤔

In an effort to divide household duties, a man and his wife agreed that he would cook while she would take on the majority of housework/cleaning. However, things have taken a turn. The man has started cooking in bulk on weekends and portioning out the food for the week, but now his wife expects him to cater to her every whim throughout the day.

He argues that she is capable of making her own meals, but she insists that he's not holding up his end of the bargain. This has caused tension and arguments between the two. As the situation stands, the man is wondering if he's in the wrong or if his wife is being unreasonable.

After receiving feedback from commenters, he realizes he was in the wrong and plans to change. Learn more about this household dispute and the reactions it has garnered from the online community.

OP's lazy attitude and omission of key details make him TA 🤦‍♂️ YTA

Trick_Doughnut_6295 | Trick_Doughnut_6295

OP is called out for being a lazy cook and a crappy spouse 🍽️💔

threeforagirl | threeforagirl

Man expects wife to do all cleaning, childcare while he cooks.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband refuses to microwave food for breastfeeding wife. Yikes. YTA 😬

rjb4000 | rjb4000

OP is TA for not helping his exhausted new mom wife.

cawatxcamt | cawatxcamt

Breastfeeding mom needs more support from husband. YTA 👎

Easthampster | Easthampster

Is the chore division fair? The commenters raise valid points 🤔

GoddessOfMagic | GoddessOfMagic

Partner with your wife instead of gaming the system. YTA.

executivekitty | executivekitty

OP violates spirit of chore agreement, YTA for not helping more.

in-a-sense-lost | in-a-sense-lost

Cooking leftovers and making sandwiches may not be what she wanted.

Sufficient_Cat | Sufficient_Cat

OP's chore agreement backfires after neglecting wife's postpartum workload. YTA 😬

0verallL3mon | 0verallL3mon

Man whines about household chores, neglects wife's workload. 🙄

newaxcounr | newaxcounr

Can an app truly change someone's chore habits? 🤔

TealHousewife | TealHousewife

Husband neglects wife's efforts; YTA for not sharing household work 🙄

Noelle_Frostmas | Noelle_Frostmas

Commenter calls out husband for not stepping up with baby duties 😔

itsnotlikethemovies | itsnotlikethemovies

🤦‍♂️ YTA for not acknowledging your wife's extra work with the baby.

Eimzie | Eimzie

Commenter advises husband to be a team player and communicate better ❤️

Uglynosferatu | Uglynosferatu

OP's wife feels undervalued - YTA for breaking deal 😔

Jelly-Bean00 | Jelly-Bean00

Misleading husband leaves out important details. YTA.

cricket73646 | cricket73646

User calls out OP for not doing enough housework. Yikes 😬

ProbablyNotADuck | ProbablyNotADuck

Commenter calls out OP for being TA 💥

Chichimom21 | Chichimom21

Man criticized for not contributing to household chores. YTA.

jujubee_303 | jujubee_303

Is it fair to expect one person to do all cleaning? 🤔

tiewing | tiewing

Commenter calls out lazy husband for expecting praise for basic chores 💪

parke310 | parke310

User calls out OP for not supporting wife and being selfish 🤦‍♂️

f1shandwhistle | f1shandwhistle

Splitting chores 50/50 is fair, but childcare counts too. ⚖️

Jendi2016 | Jendi2016

Commenter points out relevant info to husband neglecting responsibilities 👀

wishyfishy | wishyfishy

Is she expecting too much during meal times? 🤔

Grinisti | Grinisti

New dad struggles with household chores, called out for not cooking.

ladypuffsalot | ladypuffsalot

Commenter calls out lazy partner for not contributing enough 👀

kindlefan12 | kindlefan12

Husband neglects wife's efforts with new baby and household chores 😒

oddbod94 | oddbod94

Man refuses to help wife, plays martyr, and now wants to back out. YTA.

talkingtomiranda | talkingtomiranda

Support your wife during postpartum, pamper her while breastfeeding. 💕

rebelwithmouseyhair | rebelwithmouseyhair

Man tries to loophole out of household responsibilities, called out YTA 😒

Stellanboll | Stellanboll

Working from home affecting chore agreement? 👀

Pocket-or-Penny | Pocket-or-Penny

Lazy husband gets called out for bad diet and lack of help

Lacosamide | Lacosamide

User accused of gaming the system in household chore agreement 💥

rich-tma | rich-tma

User calls out OP for trying to cheat his wife, suggests team work

shmelse | shmelse

The importance of love in resolving household conflicts ❤️

Radiant_Ad_5142 | Radiant_Ad_5142

Commenter calls out OP for unfair demands, threatens sandwich k\*ller

AcanthisittaAVI | AcanthisittaAVI

Commenter accuses lazy spouse, predicts divorce in future ⚠️💔

Flipnsip | Flipnsip

New dad learns a tough lesson on household duties. YTA 😬

AmberWaves80 | AmberWaves80

Man forgets to mention wife just had a baby, AH confirmed 😬

CastaliaRayne | CastaliaRayne

Lazy husband receives YTA judgement for not helping wife enough

peepingtomatoes | peepingtomatoes

Engage your partner in meal prep for less hassle 🍴

Bogg99 | Bogg99