Woman Refuses to Allow Kids Pony Rides, Chaos Ensues

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A woman's mother keeps offering her friend's grandkids pony rides on her horse without her permission. The woman has laid down the law but her mother exploded at her and showed up with 12 kids without her supervision. The property owner marked her mother as not allowed on the property without her there. The woman has blocked her mother and most of her family. Was she the a**hole? Read on to find out.

Overwhelming response to pony ride incident, grateful for support ❤️

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Commenter clarifies they don't hate kids, but... 🤔

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Safety first! Woman explains her refusal of pony rides 🐴

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Making amends with a meet-the-horsey after birthday party chaos 🐴

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Surprise pony rides planned for woman who refused kids' rides 🐴

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From rescue to chaos: Woman denies kids pony rides 🐴

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Protective horse owner shares love for her equine companion 🐎

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Horse owner frustrated with unexpected kid visitors 🐴👦

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Woman stands her ground against entitled mother's pony ride demands 🐴

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Woman causes chaos with 12 children demanding pony rides 🐴

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Blocking family over pony rides - overreaction or justified? 🐴

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Woman refuses kids pony rides, defends horse safety 🐎

A woman is defending her decision to refuse pony rides to children, after a disagreement with her mother. The woman, who has owned her beloved horse for over twenty years, was concerned about the safety of the kids and explained this to her mother who did not take kindly to the restrictions. After a disagreement, the woman spoke to the owner of the property where the horse is kept and he agreed that it was a liability to allow unsupervised pony rides. Despite this, the woman's mother showed up with 12 kids and was refused entry.

The woman has since blocked her mother and much of her family, who have been critical of her decision. However, the woman has also reached out to the family of the birthday girl involved and set up a 'meet-the-horsey' event with appropriate safety measures, including pony rides for the children. She emphasizes that she does not hate children and simply wants to protect them from potential injury or harm. What do you think of her decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NTA for not allowing pony rides, mother is entitled and irresponsible 🐴

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🐴 Woman refuses kids pony rides, person defends horse safety

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Safety first! 🐴 NTA for setting boundaries on pony rides.

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NTA suggests pony-owning, hilarity ensues 🤣

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Stand your ground! Your horse, your rules 🐴

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Taking care of your own property and protecting yourself. 🐴

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NTA. Your mom's lack of respect for you and the horse is appalling 🐴

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Commenters suggest possible reasons for relative's behavior 🤔

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Avoiding chaos and injuries, NTA refuses children's pony rides 🐴

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Stand firm, it's your horse and your rules. NTA 🐴

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Rancher explains the huge liability and stresses on the animal 🐴

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Expertly handled! 🐎👌 Suggest a horse riding place instead 👍

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Mom refuses children pony rides from a complete stranger, NTA 100%

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Commenter suggests a hilarious solution to a pony problem

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NTA sets boundaries for pony rides after horrifying horse program experience.

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Horses are amazing until they aren't 🏇. Unpredictable animals need respect 🐎.

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Horse owners can relate 🐴🙄

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Horse owner defends decision to not allow pony rides 🐴

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Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😔👨‍👧‍👦

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One owner's hilarious and frank assessment of their 'odd sausage' 🐴

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Keeping kids safe comes first 🐴👨‍👦‍👦

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Horse owner stands firm against entitled mother's demands 🐴

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Commenter receives support after family's poor behavior. 🙌

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Woman refuses pony rides, chaos ensues. NTA concerned for safety. 😲

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Having a horse is awesome, but kids and horses can be dangerous 💥

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Horses can be dangerous, NTA for not allowing pony rides 🐴

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NTA. Kid-safe horses handle chaotic minions. High-five to property owner.

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Breaking free from family entitlement 👊🏽

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Woman refuses pony rides, commenter supports NTA decision.

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Curious commenter asks about 12 kids at party 🤔

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🐎 NTA stands firm on not risking horse's safety for pony rides

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🐴 NTA explains the dangers of horses and suggests alternative options.

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Dark humor alert! 😂 NTA comment sparks no replies.

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Stand your ground! 🐴 NTA shuts down entitled parent.

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Protective horse owner defends her rights 🐴👩

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Suggesting a professional sign to avoid future chaos 🐴

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Commenter praises OP for refusing to let kids ride horse 🐴

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Horse owner defends decision to refuse kids pony rides 🐎

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Respect for animals matters. NTA sets boundaries for horse.

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Horse owner shuts down entitled parents demanding free pony rides 🐴🚫

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Advocating for our furry friends 🐶❤️

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Respectful comment defends horse owner's decision, sets boundaries 🐴

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Entitled behavior criticized in NTA comment 👏👏

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Horse expert warns of potential danger in putting kids on ponies 🐴

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Horse bites kid, blame goes to mom? NTA says comment.

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Mother's actions endanger children, commenter supports poster's decision. 🐴

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Support for woman who refused pony rides, praises for property owner 🐴

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