Woman Asks Dad to Buy Her New Beer After Kid Spills It, but He’s Not Happy

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A young woman was enjoying a beer with friends at an outdoor neighborhood festival when a young child ran through their circle and kicked over her full cup. She politely asked the child's father to buy her a new one, but he seemed reluctant and annoyed. Some may wonder if the woman was in the wrong for asking the father to pay for her drink, while others may argue that it was only fair since the child was the one who caused the spill. What do you think? Read on for the full story.

Beer ruined by child at a festival? Dad's reaction shocks all.

heyheyhey6789100 | heyheyhey6789100

Woman asks dad for new beer after spill, tension ensues 😬

heyheyhey6789100 | heyheyhey6789100

Student spills beer, asks dad to buy new one. AITA?

heyheyhey6789100 | heyheyhey6789100

🍺Kid spills beer, woman asks for replacement - dad not thrilled

heyheyhey6789100 | heyheyhey6789100

Woman asks dad for new beer after spill, but he's unhappy 😒

heyheyhey6789100 | heyheyhey6789100

Woman asks dad to replace spilled drink at festival 🍻

A young woman attending an outdoor festival had her full cup of beer kicked over by a young child. She politely asked the child's dad to replace her drink, but he seemed reluctant and irritated. The woman wonders if she was in the wrong for asking. Despite the uncomfortable interaction, she remained polite and eventually got her replacement drink. Did the dad overreact, or was the woman out of line? Read on for reactions and comments from others who have been in similar situations.

Empowering NTA comment, breaking gender norms with beer request 🍺

TorteTastey | TorteTastey

NTA asks dad to buy her beer after kid spills. Redditors share bad parenting experiences.

Throwaway_Double_87 | Throwaway_Double_87

Dad fails to apologize after kid spills beer - not cool 😒

ResponsibilityNo3245 | ResponsibilityNo3245

Parenting rule: break it, buy it - even with kids 🍺👶

LegendOfDylan | LegendOfDylan

Replacing a phone after a pool incident. NTA.

looking4rainbows80 | looking4rainbows80

Dad prioritizes beer over parenting, gets called out by commenter 😒🍺

Huntress_of_the_Moon | Huntress_of_the_Moon

Parental responsibility extends to fixing their child's accidents. 🍻

subsailor1968 | subsailor1968

Dad learns to take responsibility for his kid's actions 🍺

thewhiterosequeen | thewhiterosequeen

Dad in trouble for not replacing daughter's spilled beer 🍺

UnusuallyScented | UnusuallyScented

Dad's lack of accountability causes conflict over spilled beer 🍻

thehappymuggle | thehappymuggle

Take responsibility for your actions, even if it's a $7 beer 🍺

SnipesCC | SnipesCC

Dad fails basic decency test. 🤦‍♂️

ArtlessOne | ArtlessOne

Dad refuses to replace spilled beer, commenters side with daughter 🍺

plaignard | plaignard

Dad shaming for asking to replace spilled beer? Not cool 😒🍺

Nydos12 | Nydos12

Parent defends buying new beer after kid spills it 🍻

arrjaay | arrjaay

Dad's responsibility to replace spilled beer, but not happy about it 😒

Sk111W | Sk111W

Drink spill leads to family feud, who's in the right? 🤔

ElectricMoccoson | ElectricMoccoson

Cheers to the supportive dad! 🍻

restlsdreamr | restlsdreamr

Dad saves the day after kid spills drink 🍺

Any_Cantaloupe_613 | Any_Cantaloupe_613

Offering compensation for damaged property is common courtesy 👍

Reasonable_Deal8415 | Reasonable_Deal8415

Dad fails responsibility test, daughter pays the price 🍺

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent shares personal experience and offers advice for similar situation 💡

DeadlyShaving | DeadlyShaving

Dad fails to watch his kid, daughter not wrong to ask.

TwinGemini_1908 | TwinGemini_1908

Dad refuses to buy beer after kid spills it. Commenter says he's NTA.

veni_vidi_dixi | veni_vidi_dixi

Dad's beer spilled by kid, woman asks for new one

teh_stev3 | teh_stev3

Missed opportunity for a good dad joke 😕

anonymous67325 | anonymous67325

Parent agrees: Toddler's actions were embarrassing and dad's TA for not offering

cindyfos | cindyfos

Unwritten rules of drinking: You spill it, you bought it. 🍻

sleepy13445 | sleepy13445

Cheers to standing up for what's right 🍻

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Dad refuses to replace spilled beer, internet says NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad not happy with daughter's entitled behavior 🙄

Ambitious_Parsnip_51 | Ambitious_Parsnip_51

Parenting responsibility: NTA asks for a new beer 🍺

DrMindbendersMonocle | DrMindbendersMonocle

Parenting 101: NTA comment advocates for responsible parenting 👍

Chiffarobe67 | Chiffarobe67

Taking responsibility for your child's actions is important 🙌

LampaDuck | LampaDuck

Parenting responsibility or financial accountability? 🤔

Odd_Light_8188 | Odd_Light_8188

Dad fails to make kid apologize for spilled beer. NTA takes charge 👏

Mysterious_Prize8913 | Mysterious_Prize8913

Dad deserves a new beer after the kid's mishap 🍺

Expensive-Aioli-995 | Expensive-Aioli-995

Cheers to that! 🍻 Dad owes her a cold one 🍺

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad refuses to replace beer spilled by kid, Reddit says NTA 🍺

edjennersmilkmaid | edjennersmilkmaid

Dad called out on beer spill BS, not happy 😒

Travelwithbex | Travelwithbex

Dad comes to the rescue after kid spills beer 🍺

alternativeedge7 | alternativeedge7

Concert spill etiquette: always offer to buy a replacement 🍻 #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking responsibility and being a decent human 🙌

deadeye_catfish | deadeye_catfish

Dad's negligence leads to beer spill and entitled behavior.

Snailpics | Snailpics

Teaching kids accountability and empathy pays off in the long run. 🙌

Accurate_Quote_7109 | Accurate_Quote_7109

Cheers to standing up for what's right! 🍻

Melissa_R2310 | Melissa_R2310

Kid spills beer, dad doesn't apologize. NTA offers solution 👍

Ciphree | Ciphree

Dad sets a good example for his kid, buys replacement beer 👍🍻

winstoncadbury | winstoncadbury

Dad apologizes and explains his financial situation after spilled beer.

Apprehensive_Bake_78 | Apprehensive_Bake_78

Cheers to being a considerate parent and a good friend 🍻

d4everman | d4everman

Parent owns up to mistake and offers to replace spilled beer. #NTA 🍻

Metasequioa | Metasequioa

Retail workers share similar experiences with entitled parents. #NTA

Lady87690005 | Lady87690005

Holding fathers accountable for their children's actions 🙌

thoracicbunk | thoracicbunk

Responsible parenting or entitled behavior? 👨‍👧

Hulkemo | Hulkemo

Kid spills beer, parent blames bad parenting, NTA verdict reached.

bkupisch | bkupisch

UK etiquette: mess with someone's pint, replace it. NTA 👍

Reasonable_racoon | Reasonable_racoon

Cheers to sticking up for yourself! 🍻

Theo73pdx | Theo73pdx

Parenting responsibility or not? NTA commenters weigh in 🍻

checco314 | checco314

Fatherly obligation to buy beer after kid spills, NTA comment.

TastyScallion82 | TastyScallion82

Dad refuses to apologize after kid spills beer. NTA?

unotruejen | unotruejen

Dad fails to offer new beer after spill. Commenters agree NTA 💁‍♀️🍺

demonspawn9 | demonspawn9

Generous dad offers to buy whole friend group drinks 🍻

Chandlingus | Chandlingus

Parent struggles with child's blunders, but sympathizes with OP's spill.

IllustratorSlow1614 | IllustratorSlow1614

Responsibility as a parent - NTA for beer replacement.

heathen000 | heathen000

Handling beer spills like a pro 🍻

zelonhusk | zelonhusk

🍺 Kid spills beer, dad refuses to replace it. NTA speaks up

Medieval_Football | Medieval_Football

Commenter defends person's actions, calls out father's behavior 🍻

Ceecee_soup | Ceecee_soup

Mom defends OP, says NTA for asking dad for new beer 🍺

fluffybunnies51 | fluffybunnies51

Not the a**hole! But why? 👀

Punkinpry427 | Punkinpry427

Parent empathizes with spilled drink, offers replacement. 🍻

Feisty-stubborn1985 | Feisty-stubborn1985

Supportive comment receives no response. 😔

plant-cell-sandwich | plant-cell-sandwich

Misunderstanding or just a bad situation? 🤔

Penarol1916 | Penarol1916

Dad's delayed beer replacement earns NTA judgement 👍🍺

stitch1989x | stitch1989x

Spilled beer at a festival? NTA for asking a dad to replace it.

SuicidalTurnip | SuicidalTurnip

A thoughtful response to spilled beer request 🍻

dr0wningggg | dr0wningggg

NTA defends OP for asking dad for one beer.

takatori | takatori

Standing up for yourself and holding others accountable 👏

saltychica | saltychica

Dad upset over spilled beer, but should he have paid? 🍺

donuts_are_tasty | donuts_are_tasty

Spilled beer, not your fault. Dad should replace it 👍🍻

WannabeBadass315 | WannabeBadass315

Spilled beer leads to dad's bad behavior - NTA response 🍺

canigetahiyyyaaaahh | canigetahiyyyaaaahh

Dad approves, kid spills beer, woman asks for replacement.

Sweet_Persimmon_492 | Sweet_Persimmon_492

Dad takes responsibility for spilled beer, sets good example 👍

SunshineThug | SunshineThug