Woman Calls Cops on Unsupervised Toddlers, But Was She in the Right?

A police car on the street.
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A woman calls the cops on unsupervised children, but was she in the wrong? She found two children playing on her porch without any adult supervision. The children were very young and did not seem to know where they lived. The woman tried to find out where they lived and even offered to walk them home, but the boy kept yelling at her.

She eventually called the non-emergency police line and two cops showed up. The mother of the children was found 10 houses down and appeared to glare at the woman. The woman wonders if she was in the wrong, as her boyfriend suggests that the family might not be fully legal.

What do you think? Was the woman right to call the cops or was she overreacting in this situation?

Unsupervised toddlers run towards the road, woman calls cops. 😱

lost_consideration90 | lost_consideration90

Concerned citizen calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, sparking controversy. 🚓

lost_consideration90 | lost_consideration90

Woman calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, mom gets defensive 😠

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Dealing with entitled toddlers: a three-year-old's disrespectful demands.

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Unsupervised toddlers terrorize neighbor; police called, chaos ensues 🚔

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Did OP do the right thing or was it wrong?

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Dealing with unsupervised toddlers: AITA for calling cops? 🤔

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Mother defends calling cops on unsupervised toddlers 👮‍♀️

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Taking action against child abuse - one call at a time 👏

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Unsupervised toddlers found outside, woman calls cops, sparks controversy ⚠️

A woman heard a commotion outside her house and found two unsupervised toddlers playing on her porch. After attempting to find their guardians and failing, she called the non-emergency police line.

The mother was eventually found, and the incident has since sparked controversy. While some agree with the woman's actions, others believe that she may have put the family in danger, or worse, caused them to face legal trouble.

The post also includes strange behavior from one of the toddlers, which may suggest a larger issue at play. The woman's boyfriend even speculated that the family may not be fully legal, adding another layer to the situation. Regardless of the controversy, the woman ultimately called CPS after receiving advice from commenters who pointed out signs of abuse or neglect.

The story raises important questions about when it is appropriate to involve authorities in situations involving unsupervised children and what steps should be taken to ensure their safety.

NTA. Negligent parenting led to toddlers running unsupervised on street.

OverallDisaster | OverallDisaster

'NTA' woman criticized by boyfriend for calling cops on unsupervised toddlers 🚔

kekejaja | kekejaja

Neighbor calls police to protect wandering toddlers from danger 🚔

Iarnden | Iarnden

NTA for calling the cops on unsupervised toddlers wandering around 🚔

Leolover812 | Leolover812

Concerned citizen calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, sparks debate.

Mister_Silk | Mister_Silk

Concerns raised about possible abuse at home for unsupervised toddlers.

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Commenter is praised for calling out negligent parenting, with supportive replies.

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Commenter praises responsible adult for calling for outside help.

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Concerned citizen calls out negligent parenting 👀🚔

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Dealing with entitled kids as neighbours, good luck indeed 🤞

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Commenter receives support for calling cops on unsupervised toddlers.

SirBellwater | SirBellwater

NTA calls out boyfriend's flawed logic on unsupervised toddlers 👍

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Woman calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, but was she right? NTA.

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

Calling the cops on toddlers: justified or overreacting? 🤔

Cherrygrove-elk | Cherrygrove-elk

Standing up for safety of unsupervised toddlers. 👍

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Neighbor's kids are entitled brats according to commenter 🤔

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Woman tries to help lost toddlers, receives criticism from boyfriend

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User defends woman who called cops on unsupervised toddlers.

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Neighbor rescues unsupervised toddler and CPS can't help 😢

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Disturbing situation in the house, caller not at fault 👀

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Possible abusive behavior from dad, concerning behavior from boy. 😟

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Neighbor finds unsupervised toddlers, calls cops, and gets backlash.

Dogismygod | Dogismygod

Calling social services might be a safer bet than cops 🚫👮

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Unsupervised toddler wanders alone in a bookstore, raises safety concerns 📚

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Stranger ensures safety of unsupervised toddlers, and gets praised 👍

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Safety first! 👍 NTA for looking out for the toddlers.

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Good intentions or not, safety of unsupervised toddlers is priority 🚸

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Unsupervised toddlers are poster kids for perfect manners? 🤔

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Unsupervised toddlers and custody disputes: the dangers of reporting.

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Report of child endangerment leads to helpful resources and encouragement 👍

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Commenter suspects abuse, calls out possible toxic dynamic. NTA.

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Calling the cops on unsupervised toddlers: NTA, but irrelevant details.

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🚨 Woman calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, sparking debate 🤔

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Neighbors struggling with unsupervised kids on busy street. NTA.

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Calling the cops on unsupervised kids: NTA or overreacting? 🤔

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👏 Good job stepping up and caring for those kids. NTA

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Calling the cops on unsupervised toddlers: justified or overreacting?

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Standing up for what's right 💪

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NTA. Caller's concern for unsupervised toddlers in danger is valid. 🚔

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Did this comment cross a line? 🤔

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Commenter suggests father's behavior may be to blame 👀

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Discipline debate: 🧒🏼👦🏻 vs. 😡

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👍 NTA for calling the cops on unsupervised toddlers.

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👏 NTA, parenting is key for well-behaved children.

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Being undocumented doesn't excuse bad behavior, NTA with caution 🤔

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Commenter suggests involving DCS for unsupervised toddlers - justified?

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Woman rightfully calls out child endangerment, NTA 💪

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Stranger danger: NTA calls cops on unsupervised toddlers.

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Controversial comment challenges support for Child Protective Services 😬

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👍 Calling the cops on unsupervised toddlers: justified or not?

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Concerned about safety, commenter reluctantly calls cops on unsupervised toddlers. NTA 🚔

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Calling out neglect: One woman's brave decision to protect toddlers 👏

DeannaMorgan | DeannaMorgan

Caller suspects child abuse and reports to CPS, good call 👍

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Mom's negligence, not caller's fault. NTA 👍

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Legal or not, letting toddlers play alone is debatable 🤔

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Concerned citizen calls cops on unsupervised toddlers, sparks debate

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Woman calls cops on unsupervised toddlers. NTA, but controversial.

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Comment defends woman who called cops on unsupervised toddlers 👍

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Concerned Redditor questions bizarre situation involving unsupervised toddlers. 🤔

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Concerned commenter calls out unsupervised toddlers endangering themselves 🚸

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Calling out bad parenting and taking action. 🚔

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Support for calling CPS on unsupervised toddlers 🚔

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