Kate Middleton Shames Royal Family with Royal Rule Break

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Kate Middleton spotted wearing bright coloured nail polish
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The church service on Easter Sunday is one of the few occasions when the Royal Family appears in force. And this Sunday, King Charles led the traditional service for the first time. Everything went well, except Princess Kate Middleton's Nail Polish color became the breaking news.

How Princess Broke the Golden Rule?

Kate Middleton broke royal rule
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The Princess of Wales broke the Queen's Golden rule on Easter Sunday when she arrived in a royal blue dress with crimson-colored nail polish. Queen Elizabeth II disapproved of bright-colored nail polish on such occasions.

Kate Middleton Broke the 'No Selfie Rule' in January this Year

Kate Middleton Selfie with fan
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This is not the first time Princess Kate Middleton broke the royal rule. She and her husband, Prince Williams, broke the "no selfie" in January on their trip to Scotland and Jamaica.

Princess Shamed Entire Family With Crimson-Colored Nail Polish

Crimson-Coloured Nail Polish
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On Easter Sunday church service, the 41-year-old princess upsets the royals' reps with her look.

Queen Elizabeth II Deplored Vivid-colored Nail Polish.

Queen Elizabeth II
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The female members of The Firm have been forbidden for years from wearing nail paint colors other than transparent, nude, or light pink. The Queen herself preferred light pink color nail polish.

The 41-Year-Old Princess Spotted Outside Church Wearing a Bright Nail Paint

Kate Middleton Spotted wearing bright nail polish

Kate, the Princess of Wales, shockingly wore red nail polish, ignoring the protocol, for the yearly Easter Sunday service.

Princess Kate Middleton is Known to Follow Royal Protocols

Kate Follows Royal Protocols by heart
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The princess has always followed the royal protocols and etiquette by heart, said an insider.

Kate Middleton Broke Queen's Unspoken Rule, Royals are Upset

Royals are Upset
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Royal protocol forbids royals from wearing nail enamel in bright colors and proposes they wear body-tone tones to official gatherings. So, it is shocking and upsetting for everyone that the princess broke this protocol at a traditional church service on Easter Sunday.

The Accusation of Hypocrisy on Royals for Not Punishing the Princesses

No Punishment for Princess
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People accused the royals of hypocrisy for not punishing the princess when she broke a strict protocol imposed by Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William Also Broke Royal Protocol

Prince William also broke the protocol last year
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The royal couple, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, broke royal protocol in 2018, when they arrived late for the ceremony.

Royal Family Gathers For Church Service Every Easter Sunday

Royals gathers for Traditional Church Service Every Easter Sunday
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Royal family Easter gatherings transpire every year. The family gathers at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle to attend church service. It is a part of their tradition, and the royal family follows this by heart.

The Princess of Wales Has Broken the Protocol a Couple of Times

The Princess of Wales
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The 41-year-old Princess of Wales, Kate, has seen breaking the royal protocols a couple of times. She took selfies with people while on a trip and broke the golden food rule in 2018.

The Princess's Red-tipped Fingers Perturbed Many Royalists

Red-tipped Fingers upsets the royals
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Kate broke an unofficial rule when she came to attend the church service with her family wearing red nail polish. The look has upset many royalists.

Did Kate's Easter Sunday Look Broke the Royal Rule?

Easter Sunday
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Though it was an unofficial rule, the royalists were shocked and said she had shamed the royal family.

Social Media is Awash With People's Comments

Social Media is Awash with comments on Kate's Look

Some on social media complained that Middleton didn't quite get it, with one tweeting, "Too bad the entire royal family photo is ruined by Kate's bold red nail polish. It's not proper protocol, and Kate Middleton embarrassed the entire family. Shocking.”

A Few Commented in Favour of the Princess

Kate Middleton supporter on Twitter
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Not everyone thinks she shamed the family. Some are happy that traditions are changing and modernization is coming.

Outrage Among Royals Enthusiasts

Outrage among royal enthusiasts
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Outraged critics Tweeted about how shameful it was for the family that Kate Middleton wore bright-colored nail polish against the protocol.

Nobody Commented How Perfect Kate Middleton Looked in the Royal Blue Ensemble

Kate Middleton
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Her entire look was sidelined with the nail color. Although, she looked up to the mark for the event.

Royals Have Strict Rules When It Comes to Appearances

Royals have strict rules
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The Royal Family has strict rules when it comes to traditions and appearances. And everyone needs to adhere to those rules.

Royal Family's Reps are Questioned For Further Comments

The Royal Family
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Does she actually break a strict rule? Why Kate wasn't punished if she did so? For answers to all these questions, royals' reps are asked to comment on this matter.