Man Refuses To Share Fast Food With Girlfriend, Eats In Car Instead

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Burger and fries
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A man and his girlfriend have an overall great relationship, but there's one problem - she always wants the first bite of his fast food. Despite his efforts to buy her food or leave some for her, she insists on having the first bite of his order. Fed up with this bizarre culinary version of jus primae noctis, he resorts to eating in his car and discreetly disposing of the wrappers. But when his girlfriend finds a garbage bag full of wrappers, she's furious at him for lying. What happens next is unbelievable! Read on to find out if he's the a**hole for not sharing with her.

A promising relationship hits a snag over fast food sharing.

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Fast food addict chooses burgers over girlfriend, eats alone 😞🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

When your girlfriend wants just one bite of your food 😒🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

When sharing is not caring: boyfriend hogs fast food first bite 🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Boyfriend eats fast food alone after girlfriend refuses to share 🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

When sharing food becomes a challenge 😒

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Secret fast food binges in car to avoid sharing 😬🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Caught in a lie, man chooses car over sharing fast food 🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Fast food feud: When sharing isn't caring 🍔

okpresence2147 | okpresence2147

Man refuses to share fast food with girlfriend 😠

A man who frequents fast food restaurants has been secretly eating in his car to avoid sharing with his girlfriend. Despite offering to buy her food or leave some at the end, she insists on having the first bite of every item he orders. Frustrated with her behavior, he has resorted to disposing of the wrappers in his car. However, his girlfriend recently discovered a garbage bag full of wrappers and is now angry with him for lying about his hunger. Was he wrong for not sharing or is his girlfriend being unreasonable? Let's take a look at what people have to say in the comments below.

Set boundaries and say no to food sharing. 🍔

PeteyPorkchops | PeteyPorkchops

When your food is your food, no one else's 😱

Wonderful-Mission908 | Wonderful-Mission908

Girlfriend's fast food obsession turns into bizarre control issue. NTA.

Ianthin1 | Ianthin1

Don't let her control you or your food. Hold your boundaries 🚫🍔

Fun-Tourist-7395 | Fun-Tourist-7395

When he takes the first bite, does she still want some? 🤔

nimajneb21 | nimajneb21

Possible reasons for girlfriend's strange eating behavior explained.

pokegirl395 | pokegirl395

Sharing food is a basic relationship dealbreaker 🍔🙅‍♀️

Literalstranger | Literalstranger

NTA. Sharing food boundaries and pet peeves in relationships 😍

therealleslieknope | therealleslieknope

Joey doesn't share food! Friends fans will love this comment.

1ofthedisneyweirdos | 1ofthedisneyweirdos

Asserting dominance in a relationship over fast food 🤮

tctwizzle | tctwizzle

Establishing boundaries in a relationship is important for both parties 🤔

DuckInMyHeart | DuckInMyHeart

Setting boundaries with girlfriend's food requests causes relationship strain 😢

theamazinglula | theamazinglula

Don't let your girlfriend control your food! 🍔👩‍❤️‍👨

Embarrassed_Hat_2904 | Embarrassed_Hat_2904

Assertive NTA stands up to entitled girlfriend over fast food 🍔

NotThisAgain234 | NotThisAgain234

Stand your ground, NTA. Your food, your rules. 🍔

mypreciousssssssss | mypreciousssssssss

Engaging comment suggests communication to resolve fast food feud. 👍

nonchalantenigma | nonchalantenigma

Setting boundaries is key. Don't enable bizarre habits 🚫🍔

WholeCollection6454 | WholeCollection6454

Car eating solidarity 😂

ryeong | ryeong

Partner ate all of OP's food, even the dog is better behaved 😡🐶

Mazikeen05 | Mazikeen05

Couple argues over first bite, is it a red flag?

Flashyjelly | Flashyjelly

Girlfriend demands first bite of food, commenter calls out behavior. 😒

ResidentOldLady | ResidentOldLady

Addressing territorial behavior in relationships: 🚫🍔 vs. 🤝

falselife47 | falselife47

NTA refuses to share fast food with gf, clever solutions offered 🍔

WorsePartOfValor | WorsePartOfValor

Sharing fast food is sacred. NTA made the right call.

mobyhead1 | mobyhead1

Eating alone in the car: a new level of food love ❤️

Jolteon2020 | Jolteon2020

Agreed! Sharing food is important 🍲 but NTA for wanting space 🚗

medicinewoman8 | medicinewoman8

Communication is key! 🗣️ Have an honest conversation with her.

stinson16 | stinson16

Girlfriend trying to train you like a dog 🐶 NTA

Hob-Nob1974 | Hob-Nob1974

Setting fast food boundaries with your partner. NTA.

ghostforest | ghostforest

Girlfriend demands first bites, commenter says NTA, she sucks 🍔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for NTA who refused to share food with girlfriend 👍

calaakla | calaakla

Hungry boyfriend refuses to share fast food, girlfriend throws fit. NTA.

dbthrowawayrowaway | dbthrowawayrowaway

When sharing food goes wrong...🍔😬

pookguyinc | pookguyinc

Don't let her control you with food. #NTA 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries in relationships: NTA for not sharing food 🍔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Food sharing boundaries: NTA asserts their right to their food.

alchemyann | alchemyann

Commenter praises clever analogies in NTA comment 👏🏼👏🏼

citizensfund82 | citizensfund82

Impressive knowledge of Latin doesn't make you an a**hole 👍

GoodPumpkin5 | GoodPumpkin5

Setting boundaries is important, but this comment is hilarious 😂

archiesheridan | archiesheridan

Girlfriend's partner refuses to share food, potential red flag 🚩

Select-Anxiety-1557 | Select-Anxiety-1557

Girlfriend's strange behavior deemed NTA by commenter 👍

WolfMaiden18 | WolfMaiden18

Boundaries matter in relationships 🚫🍔

Quantum_Blue_ | Quantum_Blue_

Girlfriend wants fast food, man eats alone in car 🍔👀

VinceMcMeme711 | VinceMcMeme711

Couple has a unique way of showing respect for each other 🍔

whatsmypassword73 | whatsmypassword73

Is eating fast food in car odd behavior? 🤔

veryanxiousopossum | veryanxiousopossum

Is it really about power? 🤔 NTA stands their ground.

No-Satisfaction-1878 | No-Satisfaction-1878

Partner's entitlement sparks deeper discussion. NTA 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Assertiveness is key. 🗣️ Stand up for your food. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromise not working, NTA for setting boundaries with fast food 🍔

RoastBeefIsGood | RoastBeefIsGood

Communication is key 📩, have an honest chat with her 👍

scmflower | scmflower

Stand your ground and keep your food to yourself 😎 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries in relationships can be tough 😕

yayayubsea | yayayubsea

Protect your fast food at all costs! 🍔🍟

Azile96 | Azile96

Assertive boyfriend won't share food, but still funny 😂

Objective_Oil_7934 | Objective_Oil_7934

Suggests a sneaky solution to the fast food problem 😏🍔

Affectionate_Ice_658 | Affectionate_Ice_658

Stand your ground! 🙌 NTA for setting boundaries.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Enjoy your food in privacy 🍔🚗 Don't let anyone judge you.

Ok_Conflict_2525 | Ok_Conflict_2525

Protect your food at all costs! 😂

GhostieCafe | GhostieCafe

Boyfriend's fast food behavior compared to a territorial dog 🐶

PresentationLimp890 | PresentationLimp890

Compromise and communication are key in relationships 💔

FireArcticFox | FireArcticFox

Girlfriend's behavior compared to dog training in hilarious NTA comment.

Caryria | Caryria

Could the girlfriend have an eating disorder? 🤔

WorsePartOfValor | WorsePartOfValor

Girlfriend's strange behavior over fast food, NTA for not sharing 🍔

BubbaC619 | BubbaC619

Can a bite before your partner makes you the a**hole?

Knupsel | Knupsel

Sneaky fast food tactics and a warning about health concerns 🍔👀

Sea-Ad9057 | Sea-Ad9057