Woman Denies Her Mother Access To Her Grandson For Refusing To Help

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Mother and child
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Being a new parent is tough, but even tougher when you have no help. One mother turned to her mother for assistance, only to be turned down repeatedly. After months of feeling alone and unsupported, she finally asked her mother for help in a desperate situation. When her mother refused, she cut off all contact and denied her mother a relationship with her grandson. Was she wrong to do so?

Overcoming postpartum depression while raising a newborn 👶

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Feeling isolated and overworked as a new mom

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Overwhelmed new mom denies grandmother access due to lack of help 💆‍♀️

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Unhelpful grandma wants access to grandson: daughter says no 🚫

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Grandma wants to see baby, but won't lift a finger 💅

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Children not invited to best friend's wedding due to safety concerns

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Finally found a babysitter after a month-long search 🙌

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Grandma refuses to help with babysitting due to yoga class.

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Mom denied access to grandson over lack of empathy and help.

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Grandma denied access to grandson for not offering help. AITA?

almost30xoxo | almost30xoxo

Mother refuses to help with grandchild, daughter cuts her off

A mother struggling with postpartum depression and a demanding job is denied help by her mother. After months of feeling unsupported and isolated, the daughter cuts her mother off and denies her access to her grandson. Is the daughter justified in her decision, or is she being too harsh on her mother? Read on to find out.

Daughter with PPD denied help from mother, NTA for setting boundaries 🚫

threeforagirl | threeforagirl

Ignoring your child in distress for brunch? NTA's mom is TA 🚫🧇

JudgeJed100 | JudgeJed100

Mother chooses mimosas over daughter's health crisis. NTA for setting boundary.

fzooey78 | fzooey78

Grandmother's heartless response to daughter's mental distress (NTA)

IAndaraB | IAndaraB

Mother's callous behavior towards PPD and lack of empathy for OP's struggles. NTA.

TheUnit472 | TheUnit472

Valid reason to deny grandma, but legal obligations are irrelevant 💁‍♀️

Vaxental | Vaxental

Mother refuses to help, daughter denies access - NTA.

Beginning_Ad_1371 | Beginning_Ad_1371

User defends woman's decision to deny mother access to grandson.

arashi-chan12 | arashi-chan12

Heartless mother puts her own plans over her daughter's life 😔

IsYouIsOrIsYou | IsYouIsOrIsYou

OP's mother opted out of the relationship, NTA for denying access.

Ok-Many4262 | Ok-Many4262

Putting yourself and your family first is not selfish. 🙌 NTA.

FearlessTea8 | FearlessTea8

NTA. Even though they're child-free, they'll babysit for loved ones.

Necroverdose | Necroverdose

NTA, but holding onto hope for parental love can be hard 😔

MyDogsAreRealCute | MyDogsAreRealCute

Mother prioritizes brunch over helping her crying daughter, NTA.

Variant-EC96 | Variant-EC96

A mother refuses to help her daughter with PPD and a baby grandchild. Commenters suggest ways to attend a wedding and offer childcare solutions. #FamilySupport 💕

LouieAvalonMac | LouieAvalonMac

Putting priorities in perspective: family or personal values? 🤔

Fishy_Mistakes | Fishy_Mistakes

Don't mess with a new mom. NTA for setting boundaries 🚫👶

Anneemai | Anneemai

Empathy trumps dislike for babies, NTA wins hearts 👏

PrincessSquiggle | PrincessSquiggle

Supportive comment offers advice and condolences for difficult situation.

janewillow_lovemusic | janewillow_lovemusic

Grandmother-to-be insists on helping her child and future grandchild

anewfaceinthecrowd | anewfaceinthecrowd

Struggling with PPD, working, handling home issues, and baby? You're NTA! 👏

destinova20033 | destinova20033

Mother prioritizes brunch over daughter's mental health and grandson. NTA.

were-youlookingforme | were-youlookingforme

Get a babysitter on airtasker and keep out the drama! 👶

Delicious_Wish8712 | Delicious_Wish8712

Setting boundaries with family for child's well-being. 🚫👪

SLMeros | SLMeros

Struggling single mom receives empathy for denying grandma access ❤️

marajade423 | marajade423

Heartwarming story of a parent's love and support. 💖

Disenthralling | Disenthralling

Struggling mom receives no help from grandma, denies access. #NTA

Lani_567 | Lani_567

Grandma in a wheelchair juggles work & grandkids, but yours can't? 🤔

Tlthree | Tlthree

Unconditional love knows no bounds ❤️

justdont7133 | justdont7133

Dealing with a mother who only wants to see you when you're good ♡

Low-Highway5880 | Low-Highway5880

Realizing parental neglect is painful, but prioritizing yoga over help? NTA

jenniemad | jenniemad

Cutting out toxic family members: 👍 or 👎?

Hopelessly_romantic2 | Hopelessly_romantic2

Struggling with PPD, OP's mother prioritizes brunch over helping. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

When a mother refuses to help, should access be denied? 🤔

Accomplished_Boat912 | Accomplished_Boat912

Supportive commentor agrees with cutting off AH grandmother.

Rtarara | Rtarara

Mother denied grandson access for refusal to help. NTA

JadeMarco | JadeMarco

Seeking therapy alongside medication can be helpful. NTA.

KittiesLove1 | KittiesLove1

Is grandma really a grandma if she's not involved? 🤔

Feisty_Bag_5284 | Feisty_Bag_5284

Vegetarian denied meat, doesn't care 🤷‍♀️

Lion-Competitive | Lion-Competitive

Supportive commenters share their own experiences with motherhood and offer advice 🤰

Top_Detective9184 | Top_Detective9184

Grandma chooses yoga over grandson, commenter calls out self-centered behavior 👀

Fix-It-For-Ya | Fix-It-For-Ya

Random internet stranger offers more help than own mother. 😅

starrymidnights | starrymidnights

Showing support for struggling mother, no a-hole here ❤️

filthybananapeel | filthybananapeel

Cold mother puts brunch before helping her daughter's child. NTA.

LesbianMacMcDonald | LesbianMacMcDonald

Mother denied access to grandson for not helping - NTA 🙅‍♀️

Southern-Animator975 | Southern-Animator975

Not the a**hole! But why did the mother refuse help?

em-ay-tee | em-ay-tee

Defending boundaries with a fiery NTA 🔥

Beardaclese2367 | Beardaclese2367

Doting grandmom suggests nanny service for wedding, NTA ❤️

Witty_Collection9134 | Witty_Collection9134