Johnny Depp Poised To Become British Pub Owner, A Place Right In The Heart Of The English Countryside That He Is A "Huge Fan" Of

Mariam Atef
Johnny Depp
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Amidst his quest for a serene life in the English countryside, actor Johnny Depp has set his sights on a $1.2 million UK pub currently owned by Paul Hollywood's fiancée.

Hollywood Icon Johnny Depp Sets Sights On English Countryside Inn

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Johnny Depp, the 59-year-old star of Pirates of the Caribbean, has reportedly taken a keen interest in purchasing the Chequers Inn.

Quaint Chequers Inn In Smarden Village Goes Up For Sale

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Nestled in the charming village of Smarden, the Chequers Inn is up for sale by its current owner, Melissa Spalding, 38, the fiancée The Great British Bake Off judge, aged 57.

Depp's Love For Chequers Inn

Johnny Depp smiling and wearing sunglasses.
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According to sources from The Sun, Johnny Depp is "a huge fan" of the Chequers Inn, which is conveniently situated "right up [his] street" from his Downton Abbey-style estate worth $16.2 million.

A Recommendation From A Friend

Johnny Depp
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Reports suggest that Johnny Depp was encouraged by his close friend, illustrator Ralph Steadman, who is a regular patron of the pub, to consider purchasing the Chequers Inn.

A Passion For Pubs

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"Depp adores the pub and has done for years," a source revealed.

"Johnny loves the history and has spoken before about wanting to buy a pub. It's right in the heart of the English countryside."

Locals Are Not In Love With The "Posh" Pub

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While the Chequers Inn may seem like a typical English pub from the outside, it is actually a "posh" pub on the inside, serving high-end cuisine that has apparently not been well-received by some of the locals.

Menu Is Too Expensive

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According to one unhappy customer who spoke with The Sun, the Chequers Inn's pricey menu is not in line with the desires of the village residents.

'It's not what village folk want," they shared. "And it's got so dear in there now."

New Chef Brings Top-Notch Posh Menu

Johnny Depp wearing a black shirt.
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The customer continued, "They've just got a new menu out which is a really top-notch posh menu – the likes of carrots done in charcoal, etcetera. They've hired a new chef and he brought his whole team with him."

Can Johnny Depp Revive Chequers Inn?

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Johnny's recent legal win against Amber Heard could give him the boost he needs to breathe new life into the inn, using his celebrity status to draw in customers and rejuvenate the establishment.

Fans Get A Glimpse Of Johnny Depp's Upcoming Movie

A scene from the upcoming movie Jeanne du Barry,
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Fans were treated to a sneak peek of Depp's upcoming film, Jeanne du Barry, as the official trailer was released earlier this week.

Returning To The Big Screen

A scene from the upcoming movie Jeanne du Barry,
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Johnny Depp's return to the big screen in the French biographical movie is marked by his portrayal of King Louis XV, alongside director and actress Maïwenn, who has faced controversy after allegedly "spitting" in the face of a journalist.

Jeanne du Barry Preview

Jeanne du Barry
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The preview for the highly-anticipated French biographical film features Johnny Depp donning a silver-haired look, as he takes on the role of King Louis XV and his affair with the titular character, Jeanne du Barry.

Upcoming Movie Selected As Opening Movie At Cannes Film Festival

A scene from the upcoming movie Jeanne du Barry,
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The much-awaited return of Johnny Depp to the film industry has been celebrated by fans and critics alike, with his upcoming movie chosen as the opening film at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Johnny Depp's Indulgent Purchases

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The actor Johnny Depp is well-known for his impulsive buying habits, particularly when it comes to indulging in expensive purchases that catch his fancy.

Impressive Property Portfolio

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Depp has accumulated a remarkable collection of properties worldwide, including a French estate, a Caribbean island, and a vast piece of land in Somerset.

Divorce From Amber Heard Takes Its Toll

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard together.
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The costly and tumultuous divorce from Amber Heard forced the Alice in Wonderland star to sell off some of his most cherished assets.

Financial Woes

Johnny Depp wearing glasses.
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The extent of Johnny's financial difficulties became apparent in 2020 when it was revealed that he had wasted a staggering $650 million in earnings from his films.

Indulgence Is To Blame

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Johnny's lavish lifestyle, which included indulging in expensive wine, art, mansions, islands, yachts, and private jet travel, is believed to have been a major contributor to his financial woes.

What's Next For Johhny Depp?

Johnny Depp placing his hand on his chest and smiling.
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Despite financial setbacks, Johnny Depp, an artist who pushes creative boundaries, is currently undergoing a significant personal and professional transformation, and fans are eagerly awaiting what's in store.