Man Calls Woman in Supermarket a Creep for Overstepping Boundaries With His Baby

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A father was put in an uncomfortable situation when he was changing his baby's diaper in a Starbucks in a supermarket. An older woman overstepped her boundaries by critiquing his wiping style and trying to dress the baby. The father snapped and called her a creep. While some bystanders thought he overreacted, the father feels bad for his response. He took to the 'Am I the A**hole' subreddit to ask if he was wrong for his actions. What would you do in his situation? Click the link to read more and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Super dad takes on twin duty and supermarket challenge 💪

trichapc | trichapc

Dad shares supermarket bathroom fail, Starbucks comes to the rescue 🚼☕

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Woman oversteps boundaries with stranger's baby, suggests inappropriate hygiene practices 🤨

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Woman crosses line, critiques man's parenting at supermarket 🙄

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Father accused of overreacting when woman tried to dress baby.

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Regret over snapping at woman in supermarket for baby advice

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Mom clarifies why she didn't change baby in car, defends actions 🚼

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Mom defends changing baby on table in supermarket with 🤱

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Mom shares struggle of changing baby in men's restroom 🚼

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Being mindful of others' boundaries is important, even with babies 👶

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Dad defends changing baby on table, asks if response justified.

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No update on man calling woman creep for overstepping boundaries.

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Man shamed for changing baby in Starbucks, calls woman a creep 😱

A father is feeling guilty after he called an older woman a creep for trying to help him change his baby at a Starbucks. The father was shopping alone with his 3-month-old twins when one of them had a major diaper blowout. With no changing tables in the men's room or family bathroom, the father asked a Starbucks barista if he could change his baby on one of the tables in the back.

While changing his daughter, an older woman approached him and started critiquing his diaper-changing skills, even going so far as to try to dress the baby herself. The father became upset and called her a creep, causing the woman to cry. While some bystanders felt that the man overreacted, others sympathized with his situation. Despite this, the father feels guilty for snapping at the woman and wondering if he was in the wrong. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Setting boundaries with strangers and our babies 🤩

hellogoodbye543217 | hellogoodbye543217

Stranger oversteps boundaries with baby, parent sets firm boundaries 💪

lurkingandi | lurkingandi

Stranger danger in a pandemic. NTA for setting boundaries 🙅‍♂️

thelilasian | thelilasian

NTA comment leaves us speechless 🥞

memedoge_mk-69 | memedoge_mk-69

Don't mess with mama bear's cub 🐻👶

ImpGoddess | ImpGoddess

Dad defends his baby against overstepping stranger, gets praised 👍

NonSupportiveCup | NonSupportiveCup

Woman crosses boundaries with stranger's baby, gets called out. 😳

doktorsick | doktorsick

Setting boundaries with your baby: even cat moms understand 👶🐱

babylimes | babylimes

Respect boundaries: touching someone's baby without permission is inappropriate 🚫👶

Tiazza-Silver | Tiazza-Silver

Protective dad concerned about human trafficking in a supermarket encounter.

mellasay | mellasay

Woman called creep for overstepping boundaries with baby 👶

All_chill-inlife | All_chill-inlife

NTA! Verbal criticism justified for overstepping boundaries with baby 👶❌

Haunting_Effect3300 | Haunting_Effect3300

Parent expresses anger towards stranger touching their child in supermarket.

DecoyDaddy | DecoyDaddy

Stranger tries to touch baby without permission. Man calls her out.

ThinkH2o | ThinkH2o

Men deserve the same respect as women when caring for children 🙌

Im_A_Nice_Karen666 | Im_A_Nice_Karen666

Protecting your baby is top priority 👍

princessducky15 | princessducky15

Woman oversteps boundaries with twin babies, commenter supports OP

tea-or-whiskey | tea-or-whiskey

Respectful boundaries are important when it comes to babies 👶

rhyleyrey | rhyleyrey

Woman crosses boundaries by taking baby from car seat without permission. 😠

Palsticine_Porters | Palsticine_Porters

Polite communication is key. Don't be a jerk, YTA.

eboseki | eboseki

Gender bias in assuming men need help with babies. 😡

describt | describt

Stranger danger! Woman crosses the line with baby, NTA.

Suitable-Cod-1381 | Suitable-Cod-1381

Protective dad stands up for his baby in supermarket 💪

deadblood0 | deadblood0

Respect boundaries when helping with babies 🚼

hoonozeme | hoonozeme

Woman crosses boundaries with baby, commenter finds it freaky

Grace_Alcock | Grace_Alcock

Boundary-crossing stranger gets called out for inappropriate behavior 👶🛑

LoopyMercutio | LoopyMercutio

Protecting your baby: NTA comment receives praise 👏

KittyTheShark | KittyTheShark

Parent's justified anger at overstepping stranger in supermarket.

Emmiey | Emmiey

Respect personal boundaries - touching someone's child without consent is inappropriate 💥

stinkyquartz | stinkyquartz

Protective dad shuts down entitled stranger trying to touch baby 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman crosses the line with stranger's baby, gets called out. 👶

mychemicaltestube | mychemicaltestube

Woman overstepping boundaries with baby called out, NTA

kelly08howell | kelly08howell

Stay-at-home dads deserve respect too 👏

shadow-foxe | shadow-foxe

Setting boundaries with strangers and pets: a comparison 🐶

jsninaz | jsninaz

Protecting your child is top priority in today's world 👶

naterzgreen | naterzgreen

Parental protection at its finest 💩👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

A misguided attempt to help a struggling dad in Target 💁‍♀️

eatapeach18 | eatapeach18

Parenting comes with the challenge of guarding kids from strangers 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Beware of strangers' intentions around your baby! 👀

Neat_Apricot_55 | Neat_Apricot_55

Commenter defends father's actions in supermarket baby incident. 👍

Craptiel | Craptiel

Don't touch someone's kid without asking! NTA for setting boundaries 👏

candicitis | candicitis

Helpful or creepy? The line is thin when it comes to parenting.

spncrbrk | spncrbrk

Protective father defends baby, receives support from fellow parents 👨‍👦

misternizz | misternizz

Stranger dressing a baby during pandemic? Unfathomable. NTA.

finfinfino | finfinfino

Don't touch other people's babies! 🙅‍♂️


Touch my baby without asking? You're the creep! 😠

whateverathrowaway00 | whateverathrowaway00

Woman oversteps boundaries with baby, man tells her off. NTA

_higglety | _higglety

Navigating generational differences with family. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Never touch someone else's baby without permission! 😠

Abject_Researcher_12 | Abject_Researcher_12

Woman oversteps boundaries with baby, man snaps back. NTA.

Viva_Veracity1906 | Viva_Veracity1906

Respect boundaries! Touching someone's child without consent is unacceptable 🤦🏻‍💻

OnePostPerson1989 | OnePostPerson1989

Woman oversteps boundaries with stranger's baby, called a creep. #NTA

Complex-References | Complex-References

Calling out a supermarket creep - NTA wins!

MidnightOtaku7 | MidnightOtaku7

Protecting our little ones is always a priority 🙌

EducationalPlant173 | EducationalPlant173

Baby boundaries were overstepped, NTA called her creepy 👶🚫

GeoffreyTaucer | GeoffreyTaucer

Respect personal boundaries with children. 👍

eevee135 | eevee135

Stranger touches baby, called out as creepy. 😨

Crafty-Emotion4230 | Crafty-Emotion4230

Agreed! Keep your hands to yourself when it comes to babies 👶

cola5 | cola5

Polite judgement, but name-calling wasn't necessary 😕

jailguard81 | jailguard81

Dad gets accused of incompetence by stranger. Not cool 😠

Rubberbandballgirl | Rubberbandballgirl

Setting boundaries without being a jerk. 👍

Stefie25 | Stefie25

Mom shamed for changing baby's diaper at Starbucks ☕

imax_707 | imax_707

Setting boundaries with strangers and their hands on your child 👋🚫

Its_squeaks | Its_squeaks

Assuming gender is not fair, even for intentions 😕

Remarkable_Okra_2454 | Remarkable_Okra_2454

NTA defended for calling out boundary-crossing woman in supermarket 👶

SamsonsHaircut | SamsonsHaircut

Setting boundaries as a parent is important! 👶

verucka-salt | verucka-salt

Setting boundaries with strangers and their hands 🙅‍♀️

Elleon2008 | Elleon2008

Setting boundaries with a stranger who crossed the line 🚫👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect boundaries with babies! 🚫👶

DevilsOutkeep66 | DevilsOutkeep66

Protective parent shuts down inappropriate comments about baby's genitals 👶🛡️

JustJudgin | JustJudgin

Woman overstepping boundaries with baby, man called out. NTA.

yayitsme1 | yayitsme1

Respecting boundaries is key 🔑. Parenting is already hard enough.

kittykaboomboom | kittykaboomboom

Respect boundaries with babies! 🚼

--h8isgr8-- | --h8isgr8--

Mind your own business, people! 🙄 NTA for sure.

Deucalion666 | Deucalion666

Stranger tries to pick up baby, called out as creep 👶🚫

administrativenothin | administrativenothin

Protective parent defends baby from creepy woman 👶👀

ProfessorFussyPants | ProfessorFussyPants

Don't mess with a baby or their outfit! 👎👶

RokketQueen1006 | RokketQueen1006

Unsolicited help can be creepy 🤔 - NTA handled it well

ChrisBatty | ChrisBatty

Polite response or justified clapback? Navigating social boundaries with strangers.

TriXieCat13 | TriXieCat13

Don't touch someone else's child without permission. 🙅‍♂️

Safe_Frosting1807 | Safe_Frosting1807

Sassy response shuts down woman-splaining 😎

kappalandikat | kappalandikat

Protecting your baby's boundaries 🚫👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect boundaries with babies! NTA for being angry 🤬

Successful_Good1636 | Successful_Good1636

Dad defends baby from intrusive stranger in supermarket. #NTA 🙅

nope_nopertons | nope_nopertons

Setting boundaries with strangers and their unwanted attention 🚫👶

Much_Ad470 | Much_Ad470

Respecting boundaries with babies during pandemic. NTA.

Ohmalley-thealliecat | Ohmalley-thealliecat

Setting boundaries with strangers over baby care, NTA 👶

PageStunning6265 | PageStunning6265

Protecting your baby from a stranger 👍

rebel_trash9 | rebel_trash9