Woman Wonders If She Is An A**hole for Questioning Her Husband's Reaction to Friend's Miscarriage

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A woman is questioning her own empathy after suggesting her husband may need therapy following his friend's miscarriage. Her husband has been acting as if the miscarriage happened to him and she is concerned about his mental health. But when she suggested therapy, her husband got angry and accused her of lacking empathy.

Is she being reasonable or is she an a**hole? Read the full story to find out.

Long-time friend's miscarriage: Wife's concerns, husband's reaction and empathy

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Husband's excitement over friend's pregnancy raises questions for wife 🤔

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Empathizing with friend's miscarriage, woman questions husband's reaction. 💔

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Husband's support for friend's miscarriage leaves wife feeling neglected

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Navigating grief and empathy in complex relationships 🤔

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Husband's intense emotions over friend's miscarriage cause tension at home

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Navigating grief can be tough. Is suggesting therapy insensitive? 🤔

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Struggling with empathy towards husband's reaction to friend's miscarriage 😔

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Is she heartless or reasonable? 🤔

A woman questions if she's being insensitive for thinking that her husband's reaction to his friend's miscarriage is over the top. Her husband's best friend, Bill, suffered a miscarriage at the six-month mark, and the husband has been comforting him ever since.

The woman empathizes with the couple's loss but is concerned that her husband is taking it too hard. He's been acting as if the miscarriage is still fresh, and his emotions are intense. She suggested therapy, but her husband got angry and accused her of lacking empathy.

Now, she wonders if she's the a**hole for questioning her husband's reaction. Read on to find out what other people think and whether or not the woman is being reasonable.

Husband grieving friend's miscarriage like it was his own child. NTA.

PhePheLaFrou | PhePheLaFrou

Husband's unusual grief and relationship with friend raises concerns 🤔

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Commenter suggests therapy and raises suspicions about husband's behavior 👀

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NAH commenter gives compassionate advice on grief and therapy.

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Supportive commenter suggests therapy for husband's unusual behavior ❤️

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Supportive comment and replies on handling a partner's grief

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Commenter suggests seeking professional help for husband's strong emotions 🙏

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Commenter clarifies that it was a stillbirth, husband is understandably emotional 💔

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Supportive comment section offers helpful advice 💛

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Wife seeks advice on husband's reaction to friend's miscarriage. NAH.

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A shocking accusation met with a clear denial 🤨

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Suggesting therapy for husband's unusual reaction to miscarriage - NTA

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Supportive comment validates woman's reaction to husband's extreme grief.

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Empathetic comment validates woman's concern about husband's behavior.

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Understanding the complexity of grief and being a supportive team ❤️

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Couple without kids navigates complex emotions after friend's miscarriage

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Husband's reaction to friend's miscarriage questioned, NAH consensus reached

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Understanding the full picture of grieving a stillbirth and chosen family.

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Supporting someone through grief can be tricky 🙏

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Supportive comment suggests therapy for grieving husband, NTA.

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Commenter suspects husband's odd reaction to friend's miscarriage.

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Supportive comment suggests therapy for husband's friend's stillbirth grief.

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Is Bill's reaction to his friend's miscarriage offensive? 💭

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Husband's excessive grief over friend's miscarriage raises concerns. #NTA

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Commenter explains the severity of miscarriage, calls out OP's lack of support. 😔

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Encourage therapy for grieving husband. 💆‍♂️

Ultronomy | Ultronomy

When secondhand grief becomes a barrier in marriage 🤔

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Questioning husband's reaction to friend's miscarriage - NTA

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Age difference raises suspicion, but commenter is NTA.

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Redditors urge OP to encourage husband to seek therapy 💆‍♂️

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Husband's strange reaction to miscarriage, NTA seeks explanation 💔

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Seeking help: Commenter suggests marriage counseling for troubled relationship 💔

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Supportive comment receives unnecessary accusation. 🙄

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Encouraging support for seeking therapy to address abnormal behavior.

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Suggesting therapy for godparent's reaction to miscarriage 🙏

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Commenter suspects husband's friend might be a pedophile 👀

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Breaking gender stereotypes in grieving; why can't men be emotional?

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Compassionate response to husband's hidden emotions about miscarriage 🤰

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Dealing with grief differently and unhealthy attachments.

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Commenter questions husband's sudden commitment to friend's pregnancy 🤔

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Comment shuts down homophobic replies with humor 🌈

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Suggesting therapy for grief - a compassionate NTA response ❤️

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Commenter suggests husband's reaction is suspicious. 🤔

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Questioning husband's odd reaction to friend's miscarriage, NTA receives support.

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The double standard of emotional availability and toxic masculinity 🤔

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