Woman Helps Elderly Couple With ASL, Boyfriend Gets Embarrassed

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A woman with ASL skills helped an elderly couple at a train station, but her boyfriend got embarrassed when she stepped in to assist. The woman, who had taken beginner ASL classes, saw her boyfriend trying to help the couple, but he didn't know the language. She offered her assistance and helped the couple find their way.

However, her boyfriend got upset and accused her of embarrassing him in front of the couple. Read on for the full story.

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Signing in secret: Boyfriend embarrassed by girlfriend's hidden talent 😳🤟

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Helping elderly couple with ASL, even with limited proficiency ❤️

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Boyfriend tries to help elderly couple with ASL, gets embarrassed 😳

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Woman saves the day by communicating with elderly couple 💬👵👴

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👋 Helping an elderly couple navigate with ASL 🤟

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Deaf couple needs help, boyfriend embarrassed by my ASL skills 😳

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Deaf couple helped by girlfriend, boyfriend embarrassed. AITA?

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Boyfriend's embarrassing behavior raises red flags in relationship.

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Dealing with embarrassment after girlfriend helps elderly couple with ASL 🤔

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Dealing with an egoistic boyfriend who's embarrassed of you?

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Navigating toxic masculinity in a relationship. 🙅🏻‍♀️

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Woman's post about ETA leads to confusion in comments section

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Embarrassed boyfriend opts for sign language assistance to help couple

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ASL grammar preferences discussed, 'speak' vs 'use' vs 'know' 🤟

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Stay tuned for an update on this heartwarming story ❤️

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Boyfriend gets mad at girlfriend for helping elderly couple with ASL 🤔

In a heartwarming incident at a train station, a woman came to the rescue of an elderly couple who were lost and flustered. However, her boyfriend, who was already trying to help them, was left embarrassed when he found out that his girlfriend knew American Sign Language (ASL) and he didn't.

The woman had taken beginner classes at university and was able to help the couple find their correct route. When her boyfriend got mad and accused her of embarrassing him, she defended herself saying that knowing ASL wasn't a secret and that the situation wasn't handled as he was getting annoyed and the couple was flustered.

The woman is planning to have a conversation with her boyfriend about how this is a problem with his ego and not her skills. While some may see this incident as a minor disagreement, it raises concerns about how toxic masculinity can affect relationships.

Boyfriend's fragile ego leads to red flags, NTA for helping.

ThePancakeLady65 | ThePancakeLady65

Helping an elderly couple with ASL embarrassed OP's fragile boyfriend 🤦‍♂️

RighteousVengeance | RighteousVengeance

"Wow, you're just full of surprises" - the perfect response 👌

rapt2right | rapt2right

Don't let your ego ruin a good deed 😒👎

Gretschdrum81 | Gretschdrum81

Commenter calls out YTA for fragile male ego, gets NTA support

lolifax | lolifax

Overcoming language barriers and toxic masculinity 🤝

Help24-7 | Help24-7

Supportive comment calls out concerning behavior in boyfriend 👍

someshadeofqueer | someshadeofqueer

Calling out insecurity 👀🚫

Raindripdrop | Raindripdrop

Supportive comment shuts down immature boyfriend's behavior 👍

General-Insurance852 | General-Insurance852

Empowerment over fragility: Supporting partners without backlash. ✊

yanivelkneivel | yanivelkneivel

Impressed boyfriend embarrassed by girlfriend's ASL skills 🤔

Daskesmoelf_8 | Daskesmoelf_8

Don't let anyone dim your light, especially not your boyfriend 💡

CBeisbol | CBeisbol

Skills can be intimidating 😳, but NTA for helping.

consectariana | consectariana

Commenter calls out fragile masculinity and immaturity in boyfriend

carina484 | carina484

Partner's insecurity over girlfriend's ASL skills is a red flag 🚨

Beef_Flavoured_Ramen | Beef_Flavoured_Ramen

Boyfriend embarrassed by girlfriend's ASL skills, time to move on.

Sillycats2 | Sillycats2

Insecurity is baffling 🤔 NTA wins the day 👍

InnominateSuspect | InnominateSuspect

Being multilingual is a gift 🎁🌍 – NTA all the way!

notwachuthink | notwachuthink

Breaking down toxic masculinity with ASL. NTA 🙌

megwol84 | megwol84

Supporting women in toxic relationships 💪🏼 NTA

thatdude_james | thatdude_james

Sign language assistance reveals boyfriend's insecurity. Time to break up?

ElectronicRub1716 | ElectronicRub1716

Deaf couple struggles, woman helps, boyfriend embarrassed. NTA.

FeastForTheWorms | FeastForTheWorms

Discussing the legality of disclosing talents on the third date 😂

bellePunk | bellePunk

Boyfriend's fragile ego puts elderly couple in difficulty. 🤦‍♂️

Blendinnotblandin | Blendinnotblandin

Gendered issue of men being embarrassed by women's competence. NTA.

MadameAllura | MadameAllura

Don't let a fragile ego hold you back! 🚩🚩💪🏼

betatwinkle | betatwinkle

Supportive comment calls out boyfriend's fragility in sign language incident ❄️👨‍❤️‍👨

TheVue221 | TheVue221

Empowerment! 💪 Dump the toxic masculinity and embrace equality.

cdacosta | cdacosta

Breaking down barriers: Woman helps elderly couple with ASL 💪

Ok_One6062 | Ok_One6062

Empowering others can sometimes bruise egos. NTA 💪

Chickpotatoes | Chickpotatoes

Boyfriend can't handle competition, but commenter says NTA 🤷‍♀️

ApprehensiveEscape90 | ApprehensiveEscape90

Supporting an elderly couple in ASL, why the embarrassment? 🤔

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

Breaking barriers with ASL and leaving toxic masculinity behind 🤟

ariajisel_ | ariajisel_

Dump the jealous and insecure boyfriend 💥

bedduzza | bedduzza

Agreeing with the judgement and calling out the boyfriend 🤦‍♂️

ctortan | ctortan

Being helpful is nothing to be embarrassed about 💁‍♀️

jesse_ventura_real | jesse_ventura_real

Dump him and give us an update! 💔💁‍♀️

rizuliz | rizuliz

Having unique skills is something to be proud of! 🙌

International_Yam_80 | International_Yam_80

Boyfriend's behavior is childish 🙄. NTA for helping.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Deaf community deserves respect 🙌 Dump the insecure boyfriend 💔

MrLextrai | MrLextrai

Empathy is key. 🤝 Don't let anyone shame you for helping.

CatAnne119 | CatAnne119

Deaf skills win, boyfriend embarrassment. NTA 🤟🏼

Creepy_Meringue3014 | Creepy_Meringue3014

Commenter hilariously suggests a sign language gesture for breakup. NTA.

kevwelch | kevwelch

🚩 Boyfriend's anger a red flag in helping elderly couple

pixp85 | pixp85

Dealing with an insecure partner? 🤔 Don't let it affect you! 💪

Wearedid | Wearedid

Commenter calls out boyfriend's behavior, suggests NTA judgment.

Puzzle__head | Puzzle__head

Red flags everywhere. Run, girl, run! 😱

Historical_Huntress | Historical_Huntress

Embrace the opportunity to learn new things 💡👍

Affectionate-Sir9290 | Affectionate-Sir9290

Why do people get upset when their partner knows a language?

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👍 Helping the elderly couple earned NTA some praise

Olthar6 | Olthar6

Multilingual surprises keep the love alive ❤️

Fancy_Mention_9212 | Fancy_Mention_9212

Supportive comment calls out concerning behavior in boyfriend 👍

Iyotanka1985 | Iyotanka1985

Boyfriend fails, woman saves the day with ASL 👩‍🦼✌️

ClockWeasel | ClockWeasel

Did he really have it handled? 🤔

Jada2raw | Jada2raw

Assertive girlfriend faces control issues, boyfriend embarrassed by kindness 🤔

SnarkyGoblin85 | SnarkyGoblin85

Comment calling out boyfriend's behavior with a roast emoji 🔥

PisceanPsychogist | PisceanPsychogist

Overcoming language barriers with bravery and support 👏

operabelle93 | operabelle93

Commenter suggests potential stress caused boyfriend's behavior, not abuse 🤔

TaintBiscuit101 | TaintBiscuit101

Supportive comment, toxic boyfriend, positive update 👍

Noneedtopickauser | Noneedtopickauser