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Mini Ugly Christmas Sweaters Will Get Vodka Bottles In The Holiday Spirit

You know that ugly Christmas sweaters have become one of the most popular holiday traditions. People seriously can't get enough of these kitschy and cheesy sweaters. Well, if you ever wondered how to get your vodka collection in on the fun, now there are mini ugly sweaters perfect for your home bar.

Tito's Handmade Vodka is a craft spirit made in Austin, Texas.

Tito's Vodka

The company still uses old-fashioned distillery techniques to make this gluten-free vodka.

The company has also made a new holiday tradition with these adorable ugly sweaters for your vodka collection.

Tito's Vodka

The sweaters are released every year with a new design. So far, 2019's design hasn't been revealed, but we can't wait to see what it is!

The sweaters have become hot collector's items.

Tito's Vodka

You can find people selling them on eBay and Etsy to eager collectors. Everyone wants to complete their collection.

It's important to get the sweaters while they're still in stock because the prices can really sky-rocket on the collector's market.

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What can I say? Everyone wants these mini sweaters. Some sites are reselling them for as much as $60.

If you're savvy, you might be able to find them online on sites like Amazon for much less though.

The sweaters aren't just for bottles either.

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If you ever wanted to match with your vodka collection, this is your chance. The whole family can get in on the ugly sweater tradition!

Some people even use the mini sweaters as ornaments.

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Yes! I think we all need a boozy little Christmas tree in our lives, right? This is too cute.

And, to top your tree off, why not upcycle some of those mini Tito's bottles?

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I can already hear people singing "Have Yourself A Boozy Little Christmas" as they decorate their Tito's Christmas trees.

Best of all, Tito's supports non-profit groups with the proceeds from their merchandise.

Facebook | Tito's Handmade Vodka

That's an awesome idea that's truly in the spirit of giving! Be sure to check out Tito's as their 2019 sweater design will likely launch soon.

Is it really Christmas if you don't wear an ugly sweater?

Of course not! Be sure to pick up your sweater and one for your vodka bottles, too. Then you can really rock around the Christmas tree.

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