Woman Tells Family to Stop Commenting on Her Weight Loss, Sparks Argument

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After losing a lot of weight, a woman is infuriated at the way people are now treating her. She explains how being overweight affected her life, from the constant jokes and comments to the scrutiny over her food choices. She stopped caring in her 20s and started moving her body for enjoyment and to alleviate her depression. She's now vegan and has lost a lot of weight. People are nicer to her, but she's angry about the way they're treating her differently. At a family event, she asked people to stop commenting on her body, but they persisted. She snapped and told them how disgusting it was. Her family is upset with her for making things awkward. Is she the a**hole?

Overcoming fat shaming: one woman's weight loss journey 👏

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Navigating toxic comments on body image and weight loss 🙄

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Embracing body positivity in a society that glorifies thinness 🙌

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Veganism as a lifestyle choice for physical and mental well-being.

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From size 18/20 to 10/12, woman is ambivalent about weight loss.

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Feeling noticed and appreciated after weight loss transformation ✨

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Positive attention after weight loss, but at what cost? 🤔

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Woman frustrated with being treated differently after weight loss.

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OP asks family to stop commenting on weight, met with resistance 💪

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Overcoming fatphobia from family and finding true support system 🙌

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Woman calls out family's double standards in concern for health ⚖️

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Woman confronts family's shallow weight loss comments 💪

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Family pressures woman over weight loss, causes uncomfortable gathering. AITA?

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OP decides to end anonymity, what's the reason behind it? 🤔

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Woman stands up for herself, refuses to apologize for setting boundaries 💪

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Wrapping up the discussion with some final insights 🤔

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Advocating for equality in body positivity 🙌

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Create a loving environment for all body types ❤️

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Take control of your health and speak up for yourself 💪

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Embracing body positivity amidst weight loss criticism 💪

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Looks can be deceiving, health is not just skin deep 😊

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Debating health vs. body size: a nuanced conversation 👍

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Get ready to face the heat in the comments 😳

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Positive comment section filled with gratitude and sparkle emojis ✨️

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Short and sweet goodbye message from the commenter 👋

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Woman tells family to stop commenting on her weight loss 😡

A woman who recently lost a lot of weight shares how people's treatment of her has changed since she became smaller. She talks about the difficulties of growing up fat and how she reached a point where she didn't care anymore. She also shares how she lost weight unintentionally while enjoying her life and alleviating her depressive episodes. However, she's angry about the treatment she receives now that she's smaller. People are nicer to her and she's treated with basic human decency, which infuriates her. She shares her experience at a recent family event where people persisted in commenting on her weight loss, even though she asked them to stop. She called out her family's fatphobia and how they only care about her looks, not her health. Her family left soon after and she's left wondering if she's the a**hole. Read on for comments and reactions.

Stop commenting on people's bodies, even if you think it's a compliment.

sorrowchan | sorrowchan

Empowering response to weight loss comments. 🙌

Stunning-Currency-95 | Stunning-Currency-95

Reflecting on unconscious bias toward overweight individuals, 100% NTA.

Liskasoo | Liskasoo

Family's supposed support can be the worst. Weight is not about health. 🙄

mrslII | mrslII

Standing up to family's weight comments, NTA! 💪


Weight loss is not always a good thing. Congratulating people on it can be problematic.

blondebythebay | blondebythebay

Fighting weight bias, one comment at a time! 💪

Commercial-Pear-543 | Commercial-Pear-543

Supportive commenter shares experience of weight loss and body shaming.

oliviamrow | oliviamrow

Acknowledging unconscious bias can lead to growth and healing. ✨

Isaacs_MC | Isaacs_MC

Body shaming is toxic, NTA for standing up for yourself 💪

Various-Bridge-325 | Various-Bridge-325

Defending weight loss and mental health, NTA comment wins.

EnergyThat1518 | EnergyThat1518

Empathetic comment validates struggles with weight loss ❤️

ughhhhstop | ughhhhstop

Celebrate yourself! NTA for reminding your family of your value 💪

samantha-tzofiya | samantha-tzofiya

Standing up to family's body-shaming sparks argument 💪

emotionallydented445 | emotionallydented445

Don't comment on anyone's weight, it's not your business 💪

anti_anti-hero | anti_anti-hero

Empathize with hurt feelings, NTA comment receives support

ray10k | ray10k

Defending her right to body autonomy and exposing weight bias. 🙌

Top-Fix-8616 | Top-Fix-8616

Strangers praised weight loss, but family's compliments only caused harm 😔

Rubberbandballgirl | Rubberbandballgirl

Commenter shares a story of a lost friend to emphasize concern.

ricosabre | ricosabre

Woman upset men hit on her after weight loss, ESH.

Radar1031 | Radar1031

Empowering comment, stand up for yourself! 💪

CK-Prime | CK-Prime

Congrats on your weight loss, but NTA for setting boundaries 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rejecting fake beauty standards, commenter stands up for self-love ❤️

esk_7140 | esk_7140

Commenter criticized for misplaced rage in weight loss argument.

veni_vidi_dixi | veni_vidi_dixi

Commenter suggests weight loss made OP happier, receives backlash.

PitifulGazelle8177 | PitifulGazelle8177

Commenter accuses woman of immaturity for rejecting family's concern

BeABeaconGiveHimHead | BeABeaconGiveHimHead

Losing weight and receiving attention can be overwhelming 😳

TheMightyDanks | TheMightyDanks

Woman defends her weight loss, family disagrees. NTA wins.

AbbreviationsMean578 | AbbreviationsMean578

Debating the thin line between body positivity and health concerns.

Goofy264 | Goofy264

Commenter praises OP for standing up to weight-shaming family. 👏

Fifi0n | Fifi0n

Self-love is important, YTA comment sparks discussion 💪

krathil | krathil

Controversial comment receives no replies

mangomojo | mangomojo

Comment suggests therapy for bitter OP. 💆‍♀️

Janitor_Snuggle | Janitor_Snuggle

Weight loss does not define you. NTA. 🙏

WoodenSympathy4 | WoodenSympathy4

Traumatic brain injury led to harmful weight loss obsession. NTA.

Zestyclose-Market858 | Zestyclose-Market858

Mixed feelings on weight comments, but going off is extreme 😬

Jaded-Size-7898 | Jaded-Size-7898

Empathetic reply applauds OP's handling of insensitive family 👏

navrupan | navrupan

Overcoming weight-related insecurities and living life on one's own terms 🎉

sharkdoododood | sharkdoododood

Overcoming depression and unhealthy eating habits is commendable ✨

Few-Entrepreneur383 | Few-Entrepreneur383

Encouraging comment on weight loss, shows empathy and support. 🙌

L-Anderson | L-Anderson

Empathetic response to weight loss comment with a touch of sarcasm 😏

Kanulie | Kanulie

Stand up for yourself, but don't expect them to understand 🤷

that_was_way_harsh | that_was_way_harsh

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. 👍

notrightmeowthx | notrightmeowthx

NTA. Calling out rude behavior is uncomfortable, but necessary 👏

young_coastie | young_coastie

Boundary respected, family ignored. NTA stands her ground.

Tigerboop | Tigerboop

Society's beauty standards affect how we're treated. 😔

PanicMom716 | PanicMom716

Overcoming depression is hard, congratulating weight loss is messed up ✊

Salt_Figure919 | Salt_Figure919

Struggling with weight loss due to medication side effects 💊

EmmaInFrance | EmmaInFrance

The struggle of being treated differently after weight loss 😔

VonThuggin | VonThuggin

Set boundaries for body talk. 🙅‍♀️

celebratingfreedom | celebratingfreedom

Not the a**hole for setting boundaries 👍

Joanapsmd | Joanapsmd

Body shaming is never okay. Your health is between you and your doctor.

antraxsuicide | antraxsuicide

Supportive comment applauding for standing up to family's comments 👍

sarasotanoah | sarasotanoah

Losing weight comes with its own set of challenges 😔

pvssyliqvor | pvssyliqvor

The complexities of commenting on weight loss and body image 🤔

FullFrontal687 | FullFrontal687

Supportive commenter empathizes with OP's experience and sends virtual hug

shealwayscomplains | shealwayscomplains

Diabetic woman shuts down weight loss inquiries with snark.

savvyliterate | savvyliterate

Kelly Osborne's weight loss praised in comment section, NTA!

LunchLady87 | LunchLady87

Weight loss changes perception, but not the need for sensitivity.

A_Girl_Has_No_Name58 | A_Girl_Has_No_Name58

Is this comment calling BS on the article? 🤔

Derek_Kent | Derek_Kent