Defamation Trial Behind Him, Johnny Depp Returns with 'Jeanne du Barry' at Cannes!

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Johnny Depp posing in a tense mood
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Surprise! After his defamation trial, Johnny Depp is back with his latest movie, Jeanne du Barry, opening the Cannes Film Festival! Johnny Depp, a well-known star, has been in the headlines since 2020. After being famous for Jack Sparrow, the actor has been making breaking news through his rough courtroom trial. For the first time in three years, Depp finally took the chance and returned to television featuring in a French movie. He, with Jeanne du Barry, is going to hit the cinema as a French King. 

From Defamation Cases to The Cannes

Early days of  Johnny Depp's career

The defamation war against Depp and his ex-wife had been the only thing keeping Depp famous, until now. After defeating ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation battle, Johnny Depp's comeback picture Jeanne du Barry is poised to begin the Cannes Film Festival.

First Appearance In Three Years

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The 59-year-old performer will appear on screens worldwide for the very first time in three years during the film's world premiere on Tuesday, May 16, since it will be published in France the following day in theaters.

Johnny Depp Excels as King Louis XV in Comeback Film

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The long-gone star made his way back into the industry with this comeback film. Depp recently featured in promotional photographs for his widely awaited film as King Louis XV, which were published in January. Fans are super excited to see him once more on television.

The Character: The French King

Different characters played by Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is hyped for his phenomenal performance in the past. Alongside co-star/director Maiwenn Le Besco, who portrays King Louis' mistress, Jeanne du Barry, the seasoned actor appeared majestic as the French king.

The Unusual Get Up: Silver Hair And Royal Robes

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie star is seen in unusual attire. Depp wears silver hair rather than his typical brown locks as he did in his role as Jack Sparrow. As well as he is spotted in King Louis' iconic ancient hats and lavish royal robes.

Johnny Depp And His History With France

Early day of  Johnny Depp's career

Depp has a long history with France. He was in a committed relationship with French singer Vanessa Paradis from 1998 and 2012. He has resided in many houses in the nation, and he declared it his "home" in 2021. 

What's The Story Behind The Movie?

Louis XV ruled France from 1715 until he died in 1774. He got hitched to Marie Leczinska, Queen of France, but had a series of ongoing relationships. When he passed away, his final companion was Jeanne.

The Rise Of The Long-Gone Hero

Johnny Depp on a show with Benedict cumberbatch

The summer that followed was spent filming the eagerly awaited period drama. This is Depp's debut film in French, as well as his professional return. Le Besco has previously directed highly praised movies, including Polisse and Mon Roi.

Appearance Of More Stars

Just when you thought Depp was the main actor, you’re proved wrong. Pierre Richard, Benjamin Lavernhe, Noémie Lvovsky, Melvil Poupaud, Pascal Greggory, and India Hair will also appear in the upcoming movie.

The Million Dollar Budget Of The New Film

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Although the film's budget is unknown, Depp is said to have a starting price of $20 million for any part. Depp's participation with Jeanne du Barry was initially hinted at in July, and the picture will be his debut in three years.

A Brief Summary Of What’s About To Come

The official summary for the French-language film defines Vaubernier as “a young working-class woman hungry for culture and pleasure, who uses her intelligence and allure to climb the rungs of the social ladder one by one. She becomes the favorite of King Louis XV, who, unaware of her status as a courtesan, regains through her his appetite for life. They fall madly in love. Against all propriety and etiquette, Jeanne moves to Versailles, where her arrival scandalizes the court.”

Movie That Went Under The Water

His most recent film, Minimata, on war photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, came out in 2020. 

The film was a disaster, generating only $1.7 million globally at an estimated cost of $11-13 million. Apparently, to his agency, Depp earned $3 million for his involvement when "the financing became shaky." 

Behind The Scenes Of Depp’s Marriage

Amber Heard smiling and waving at the camera

Johnny and his ex-wife Amber Heard had been seen battling in court for the past few years. Heard, 36, notably accused Depp, 59, of assaulting her in 2016, which resulted in Depp being banned by most of Hollywood and losing film opportunities.

The Charges Paid In Millions

Amber Heard talking to the press
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The court ruled that Heard's charges against Depp were slanderous, and she was forced to compensate the actor a total of $15 million in penalties. The same court directed Depp to reimburse Heard $2 million when Heard challenged for slander. 

No Man’s Land: Meeting Halfway 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp attending an event together
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After what seems to be a decade-long fight, both parties met halfway. Heard submitted a motion to reconsider in early December, but both parties recently agreed that Heard would give $1 million to resolve the lawsuit rather than face another trial.

The End Of Dark Times

 Johnny Depp at an event
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Depp's attorneys, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez said that Depp is relieved the "painful chapter" has ended and that the proceeds would be donated to charities. Both the lawyers, especially Camille Vasquez, were highlighted throughout the courtroom hearings due to their excellent performance.

Debris Of The Trial

Johnny Depp in a tense mood

In an Instagram message, Heard acknowledged the payment but denied any culpability, declaring that the jury's verdict had "destroyed" her quality of life. The trial was all over the internet which gave every other person the right to interfere and say mean comments regarding Amber. 

Bashing Him Behind The Curtains

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A British court found in 2020 that 12 of 14 violent instances alleged by Heard were 'substantially accurate,' and Depp was compelled to withdraw from the Fantastic Beasts series at Warner Bros' demand.

Hollywood Star Again

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

However, following his harassment action with Heard in 2022, the actor has recaptured Hollywood's interest. Following a $301 million offer from Disney, Depp is allegedly in discussions to reprise his part as Captain Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.