Gordon Ramsay Breaks Silence After Gino D'Acampo's Cannabis Scandal

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Gordon Ramsay wearing a navy blue suit.
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Gordon Ramsay finally broke his silence after news came out that his co-star Gino D'Acompo was caught with cannabis in his luggage at the airport. The 56-year-old celebrity chef took to Instagram to update his followers with what's going on in his life.

Back In Kona

Gordon Ramsay Instagram story.
instagram | Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay has been keeping mum since the scandal made news but he recently posted several photos on his Instagram story. In one photo, he announced that he was back in Kona, Hawaii. Sporting an Ironman shirt, sunglasses, and sneakers, he seemed to be in good spirits and not minding the drama.

Yummy Poke

Gordon Ramsay Instagram story with a picture of a Hawaiian Poke dish.
instagram | Gordon Ramsay

He also shared a pic of his meal - a bowl of poke from the popular restaurant Umekes. Ramsay praised the restaurant for a stunning meal!

Cannabis Scandal

Gordon Ramsay with fellow chefs in '‘Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip’.
instagram | ITV

According to reports, Gordon, Gino, and Fred had just landed at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire in Ramsay's private jet when three police dogs started surrounding Gino. The trio had just flown in from Spain, where they were filming for their ITV show Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Road Trip.

Sniffer Dogs Detected Drugs

Out of nowhere, the sniffer dogs started reacting to Gino, who was initially laughing it off. The three chefs were held by border patrol and Gino was escorted off for questioning.


Authorities later found a small box of cannabis inside his luggage. The 46-year-old chef was let off with a fine and a warning. The airport incident happened in November of last year.

Gordon Got Angry

A source told an outlet that “Fred and Gordon were pretty cross” when the incident happened. “Neither Fred nor Gordon, nor anyone else on the jet, had a single trace of anything suspicious.”

For His Bad Back

The next day, Gino made his apologies to his pals. He admitted to Gordon that he was smoking weed to help relieve his bad back.

Anti-Drug Stance

Gordon was apparently pissed, especially since he has been vocal about his anti-drug stance. The Hell's Kitchen chef has previously shared his brother Ronnie's addiction problems.

THC-Infused Food

Gordon, Gino, Fred, and guest in an episode of '‘Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip."
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In one episode of their show, Gino was seen enjoying THC-infused food. They visited Gino's friend in San Francisco, chef Holden, who created "hippie high tea" and other cannabis-infused meals.

"Not For Me"

Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Road Trip in an episode of '‘Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip."
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At the start of the episode, Gordon already tried to quickly shut down Gino's idea of trying cannabis. "Not for me," the chef said. "I'm not smoking cannabis, that's it!" After a discussion, the two chefs finally convinced Gordon.

Too Many Drops

Gino D'Acampo drinking something in an episode of Gordon, Gino And Fred’s: Road Trip.
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After one too many drops of THC, the chef got visibly high. Gordon advised him to “Slow down, you’ll be like a hot air balloon in a minute.”

Feeling Uncomfortable

Gordon Ramsey and Fred Sirieix on an episode of '‘Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip."
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In the cannabis episode, Gordon can be seen uncomfortable as Gino explained the growing trend of cannabis-infused food.

Watch Your Step

Gordon, Gino, and Fred
youtube | ITV

The visit ended with Gordon and Fred escorting Gino out of the apartment. He looked high and happy as he was being guided by his co-stars. "Watch your steps," Gordon said while they were coming down the stairs.

Gino Quits

Weeks after the airport incident, Gino suddenly made a decision to quit the show, blindsiding producers and his co-stars.

Contract Problems

The Italian chef claims it's because he didn't want complicated "contracts" to ruin his friendship with Gordon and Fred.

Making His Announcement

He uploaded his announcement on Instagram with a video clip. “Last week I decided not to film any more Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip. The reason is simple, nothing to do with Gordon and Fred — the friendship is very strong … It’s just because we can’t get the dates together."

Choosing Friendship

He reasons that he chooses friendship over arguments about contracts. "I want to be friends with the boys for many many years. So that’s it really, thank you for watching the show.”

An Insider Speaks Out

An ITV insider spoke out to refute Gino's statements. According to the insider, the chef was a "party boy" who always wanted to stay up late and didn't like early call times. Gordon and Fred are reportedly frustrated about the whole thing.

“Contrary to popular belief, the row wasn’t over money — all three men get paid exactly the same," says the source.

Party Boy With Demands

"Instead, Gino, who loves a party, wanted all sorts of caveats put into his contract around working hours so that he could effectively stay up late and have a bit of a lie-in before filming. He doesn’t like early starts — and made that clear."