Dad Tells Wife Kids Don't Owe Them Anything, AITA?

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A dinner conversation about children has turned sour after the dad tells his wife that their children don't owe them anything. The wife is upset after their kids reveal they don't want biological children, and the dad tries to reassure her. However, things take a turn when he says that their children don't owe them anything.

Is he wrong for saying this? Read the full story to find out.

Kids don't want bio kids, dad respects their choices, AITA?

jelouse_metals | jelouse_metals

Controversial opinion on grandparenting, sparking family tension 🤔

jelouse_metals | jelouse_metals

Navigating family expectations and boundaries, AITA? 🤔

jelouse_metals | jelouse_metals

Parent grapples with guilt after making hurtful comment, AITA?

jelouse_metals | jelouse_metals

Do kids owe their parents grandchildren? 🤔

A dinner conversation took a heated turn when the topic of kids came up, and it turns out all three of their children do not want biological children. The father tried to explain that their opinions could change, but when he said "they don't owe you or me anything," it caused a rift.

Is it fair for parents to expect grandchildren from their children? The debate is on. Read on for some interesting opinions and reactions to this story.

NTA dad shuts down wife's gross 'real grandchildren' comment 🤢

AdministrationThis77 | AdministrationThis77

Adopted kids are real kids! NTA for defending them 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Helping a parent find purpose beyond their kids is crucial ❤️

HowardProject | HowardProject

NTA. Wife's expectation of 'real' grandkids is revolting. Kids don't owe that.

Runny_yoke | Runny_yoke

Parenting priorities questioned, NTA stands firm. 👍

ImpossibleBop | ImpossibleBop

Parents pressure teens to owe them, but NTA for questioning it ❤️

i-Ake | i-Ake

Adoption doesn't make a child any less loved. ❤

HKM-1017 | HKM-1017

Adoption is just as real, NTA but wife is insensitive 😕

EngineeringOwn2299 | EngineeringOwn2299

Step-moms unite! 🙌 Family is family, no matter what.

BunnySlayer64 | BunnySlayer64

Personal choice to have children, not a reflection of parenting.

Apprehensive_Tax_183 | Apprehensive_Tax_183

Empowering parenting, NTA puts kids first 🙌

cluelessnreddit | cluelessnreddit

Wife wants grandkids for the wrong reasons, NTA.

ReallyNow86 | ReallyNow86

Commenter defends respecting children's choices, wants tattoo of quote 💉

silverymarie | silverymarie

Respectful conversation on parenthood and societal pressure, 🤔

quoththeraven929 | quoththeraven929

Commenter and replies discuss the problematic nature of valuing biological grandchildren over other aspects of children's lives, NTA 👍

loneOstrich | loneOstrich

Setting boundaries with family, NTA 🙌

Apprehensive_Sea_515 | Apprehensive_Sea_515

Respect your kids' choices, NTA 👍

HorrorAvatar | HorrorAvatar

Parental love is selfless, NTA for acknowledging it 😊

FromTheBack6996 | FromTheBack6996

Children don't owe parents anything, NTA 👍🏼

ShadowKitty2002 | ShadowKitty2002

Respecting children's bodily autonomy, NTA 👍

Faddyfaddyfadfad | Faddyfaddyfadfad

Parents pressuring kids to have grandkids, NTA wins.

ha_look_at_that_nerd | ha_look_at_that_nerd

Family isn't always blood ❤️ Embrace the bonds you have

Miewx | Miewx

Empowering daughter's choices, NTA 🙌

Jma786 | Jma786

Accepting father encourages daughter's life choices, inspiring future generations 🌟

mwalker324 | mwalker324

Step one of two to becoming a grandmother 🤪

Remarkable-Mango-159 | Remarkable-Mango-159

Childfree woman supports dad's defense of his children's choices 💪

EmCityGirl | EmCityGirl

Not the a**hole for believing children don't owe parents anything 👍

lispoff | lispoff

Agreeing with NTA comment, people can be so selfish 🙄

SageofTime64 | SageofTime64

User defends adoptive parents, calls out wife's behavior. NTA.

bornabuckeye75 | bornabuckeye75

NTA for not pressuring kids into having children, but OP's wife needs to chill 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Adoptee calls out wife's attitude towards non-biological children, NTA.

PettyHonestThrowaway | PettyHonestThrowaway

Adoptee calls out 'real grandkids' comment, NTA wins.

siomairi | siomairi

Supportive comment defends adopted children and praises parent's actions. 🙌

aceinmyh0le | aceinmyh0le

Adopted grandchildren aren't 'real'? Wife's AH, NTA dad.

CMSkye | CMSkye

Navigating different opinions on Reddit relationships, NAH 🤝

CitizenCue | CitizenCue

Protect your marriage from becoming like this MIL's, 👀

Unsre4evr | Unsre4evr

Protective dad defends kids' choices, shut down in-law's pressure 🙅‍♂️

Zillah-The-Broken | Zillah-The-Broken

Choosing to have kids is a personal decision, not an obligation ❤️

798465312 | 798465312

Parent hopes for grandchild but respects kids' choices 😊

4dramallamas | 4dramallamas

Support for NTA's parenting decision on kids and adoption.

cmlobue | cmlobue

Empowered parent encourages kids to have kids on their own terms 💪

crazykaty19999 | crazykaty19999

Commenter sarcastically praises dad's 'laid back' parenting approach 🙄

DoreyCat | DoreyCat

Breaking the cycle! 👍

FishNDChick | FishNDChick

NTA shuts down step-grandkids discrimination 👏🏼

kairi79 | kairi79

Warning of potential mother-in-law issues in comment section 👀

FuckingBrieflyHonest | FuckingBrieflyHonest

Parent supports children's choices, priorities their happiness, 🙌

EhlersDanlosSucks | EhlersDanlosSucks

Commenter calls out wife's selfishness, supports OP. 💯

Ocean_Spice | Ocean_Spice

Grandparenting is not a reward, parenting is. NTA 👍

CallMeSisyphus | CallMeSisyphus

Protecting kids from pressure to have grandkids, NTA 👍

thedaybefore1 | thedaybefore1

Children shouldn't owe their parents anything, NTA 👏

HeapsFine | HeapsFine

Adopted kids are real kids, NTA, grandchildren are real too ❤️

Impossible-Code9339 | Impossible-Code9339

Choosing not to have kids, NTA. No one is owed grandchildren.

CuriousCrow47 | CuriousCrow47

Let go of unrealistic expectations, avoid heartbreak. 💔

Randyyoursticks1 | Randyyoursticks1