Woman Stands up to Boyfriend's Brother at Family Dinner, but Was It Justified?

Family dinner
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Meeting your significant other's family can be a nerve-wracking experience. For one woman, the dinner started out well but took a turn for the worse when her boyfriend's brother made inappropriate comments about her weight and appearance. In this post on r/amitheasshole, she recounts the uncomfortable exchange and asks if she was in the wrong for standing up to him. Read on to find out what happened and decide for yourself if she was justified.

Meeting the boyfriend's family: Exciting or nerve-racking? 🤔

impossible-anxiety30 | impossible-anxiety30

Excited for a weekend meet-the-parents trip, but will it go smoothly?

impossible-anxiety30 | impossible-anxiety30

Navigating a tense family dinner with the boyfriend's brother 👀

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A sweltering dinner in a summer dress with British tea ☕

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Meeting the ex's brother for the first time, awkward much? 😬

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Navigating body shaming at family dinners 😒

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Woman shuts down body-shaming comment at family dinner 💪

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Woman shuts down body-shaming boyfriend's brother with laughter 🤣

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Woman shuts down boyfriend's brother's judgmental comment 💪

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Woman shuts down body-shaming brother-in-law, but chaos ensues. 🙅‍♀️

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Woman gets validation from boyfriend after confrontation with brother-in-law 👍

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Uncomfortable family dinner leads to awkward aftermath with boyfriend's family

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Abbreviated family titles cause confusion in heated comment section

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Woman shuts down boyfriend's brother at family dinner 🍽️

A woman narrates how her family dinner with her boyfriend's family went downhill after his brother made distasteful comments about her weight and dressing. The woman had just met her boyfriend's family and was excited about the prospects of the relationship until the dinner was ruined by the brother, Mike. The brother had made a comment asking if the woman was pregnant followed by a snide remark about her weight. The woman, shocked by the comment, retorted with a comeback that shut Mike down. The incident caused a rift in the family, and the woman wonders if she was justified in her actions or if she overreacted. Read on for the reactions of other readers to find out who was wrong and who was right.

Commenter stands up for OP, but not everyone agrees 🤷

SupahSang | SupahSang

NTA stands up to boyfriend's family member, gets no support.

DigDugDogDun | DigDugDogDun

NTA, but family dynamics may prevent resolution 🤷‍♀️

HotAlternative7372 | HotAlternative7372

Stand up for yourself, but don't forget to be gracious 🙌

LucyLovesApples | LucyLovesApples

Standing up to bad behavior - NTA 🙌

UnusualRedFlower979 | UnusualRedFlower979

Woman stands up to i*cel brother-in-law, wins at family dinner.

PlanktonOk4846 | PlanktonOk4846

Redditors suspect fake story due to similarities with previous post.

IdrisandJasonsToy | IdrisandJasonsToy

Commenter defends standing up to bully at family dinner.

kittenwolfmage | kittenwolfmage

Quick thinking and standing up for oneself is always admirable 😎

Funny_Jellyfish5632 | Funny_Jellyfish5632

British commenter defends woman's clapback at privileged boyfriend's brother.

erasedcitizenUK | erasedcitizenUK

Redditor calls out OP for reposting similar story in AITA.

Nedlander | Nedlander

Woman shuts down sexist comment at family dinner. #NTA 🙌

insomniatic-goblin | insomniatic-goblin

Commenters relate to post about confronting boyfriend's brother

CheerilyTerrified | CheerilyTerrified

Eloquent defense at family dinner, NTA 🙌🏽

frenziedmonkey | frenziedmonkey

Defend yourself but apologize for the scene. 🙏

greenhouse5 | greenhouse5

Commenter doubts truthfulness of story, adds humor 🤔😂

camadon23 | camadon23

Compassionate NTA comment empathizes with difficult family dynamics 🤗

Bozobozo111 | Bozobozo111

Commenter's witty response wins sympathy. 😂👏

EdgeMiserable4381 | EdgeMiserable4381

A concise and neutral response.

UnqualifiedIT | UnqualifiedIT

Responding to a bully with bullying - ESH judgement.

Accomplished-Sugar-7 | Accomplished-Sugar-7

Standing up for herself pays off 👏

Ok-Lifeguard-9507 | Ok-Lifeguard-9507

🤔 Why is this commenter skeptical?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman stands up to boyfriend's brother 👊 NTA

CharismaPoison | CharismaPoison

Girlfriend stands up to toxic brother-in-law at dinner 🙌🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skepticism and distrust towards the article's authenticity 🤔

elle-bathory | elle-bathory

Standing up for yourself doesn't make you an a**hole! 🙅‍♀️

Connect_Bathroom_680 | Connect_Bathroom_680

Rising above the drama: how to handle rude guests 👑

_echo | _echo

NTA for calling out Mike's behavior, but could've responded differently.

OkBoss3435 | OkBoss3435

Size doesn't matter, but was she justified in her response? 🤔

On_The_Blindside | On_The_Blindside

Boyfriend's brother gets put in his place at family dinner 😎

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

Woman stands up to rude boyfriend's brother, makes questionable insult.

floatingwithobrien | floatingwithobrien

Meeting an a-hole with an a-hole is ESH 🤷‍♀️

Mabelisms | Mabelisms

Standing up to rude relatives: NTA wins the dinner.

Proud_Hotel_5160 | Proud_Hotel_5160

Standing up to toxic family, with partner's support 💪🏼

penguin57 | penguin57

Commenter calls out sexist behavior in family dinner interaction 👏

claudJAEus | claudJAEus

OP delivers epic verbal takedown of boyfriend's brother 👏👏

InexorableTides | InexorableTides

Woman stands up to boyfriend's brother and wins. NTA 👏

MrCarnality | MrCarnality

Support for NTA and curiosity for the update 🤩

Bright_Past_2226 | Bright_Past_2226

Text MIL to apologize but stand your ground. NTA 🚺👊

Anthiss | Anthiss

👍 Standing up to family drama, NTA wins over hearts

Pristine-Poem2005 | Pristine-Poem2005

Don't judge the container, judge the contents. Stand up!

psirjohn | psirjohn

Woman takes a stand against boyfriend's brother's horrible behavior 👏


When comments get too spicy... 🌶️🤔

JHauteville | JHauteville

Mother defends guest from rude son, approves of stand-up behavior 🙌

Sarah_J_J | Sarah_J_J

Empowering comment receives positive feedback 👍

butterflybaphomet88 | butterflybaphomet88

Standing up to toxic behavior, NTA wins the day! 🙌

Alcheologist | Alcheologist

Woman stands up to bully boyfriend's brother at dinner 👏

pedestrianstripes | pedestrianstripes

Commenter praises OP for standing up, calls her a goddess 👏

818ZENinja | 818ZENinja

🔥 Sassy comeback shuts down boyfriend's brother

Purple_reign407 | Purple_reign407

Size doesn't matter, but the clapback sure did 💥 NTA

FixinThePlanet | FixinThePlanet

Roasting the coddled brother - justified or not? 🤔

ObeyTheDj | ObeyTheDj

Standing up to boyfriend's brother at dinner – NTA

rhyleyrey | rhyleyrey

Standing up to disrespectful behavior earns respect. 👏

jamesfluker | jamesfluker

Standing up to toxic behavior with some audacity 🙌

sacredblasphemies | sacredblasphemies

Not the a**hole, but what did the brother do?

ninja-gecko | ninja-gecko

You go, girl! 💪 NTA stands up to boyfriend's brother

ewhyeasyfanaccount | ewhyeasyfanaccount

Not the a-hole, but what happened at the dinner?

Curious-Object2733 | Curious-Object2733

Mike's ex has a story, and we want to hear it 🤔

Kaiser93 | Kaiser93

Standing up to a rude brother at dinner 🙌🏼

clusterf_ck | clusterf_ck

Not the a**hole! But what sparked the confrontation?

ButterscotchOk7516 | ButterscotchOk7516

Standing up against family judgement. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'. Real world example 💪

LilWolfyCuddles | LilWolfyCuddles

Woman shuts down boyfriend's brother's rude assumptions. #NTA 💪

Avasgg | Avasgg

Standing up for what's right 🙌

Forward-Ordinary-300 | Forward-Ordinary-300