Madonna, 64, Flaunts Tongue & Adds More Tour Dates!

Asma Irshad
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The 64-year-old music legend Madonna shared several poses while sitting beside her guitar and announced more dates for her upcoming tour with an eye-popping video.

Madonna's Recent Instagram Post

The controversial singer was seen in her most recent Instagram post posing in various positions while sitting next to her guitar and sticking her tongue out to lick it.

She Is In Love With Her Guitar

Madonna asked her fans "Is it possible to fall in love with your guitar?"
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The Queen of Pop asked the question, "Is it possible to fall in love with your guitar?" in the caption of her Instagram post.

Madonna's Stylish Look

Madonna's stylish look
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Madonna wore an edgy button-up one-piece that contrasted her flaming red cascading tresses with an oversized black jacket for an edgy appearance in the Video. On the bottom, she was only seen in a pair of edgy fishnet stockings, kneeling and cradling her guitar.

She Enhanced Her Look With Light Makeup

instagram | Madonna

She enhanced her glowing beauty with a light makeup look that featured her current go-to, a mauve pink, glossy lip.

She Also Wore Jewelry

She added jewelry to her outfit, including a stunning pendant necklace adorned with diamonds and a set of gold cross earrings.

Madonna's Plan To Go On A Global Tour

The performer revealed earlier this year that she would go on a global tour to celebrate her decades-long career.

She Will Perform Her Best Songs

Madonna's top hit songs
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A selection of Madonna's best singles from each of the four decades of music she has produced and released is scheduled to be performed throughout the Celebration Tour.

Hir First Statement Regarding The Tour

instagram | Madonna

She stated in her first statement that her 40th-anniversary tour in 2023 will take her to more than 35 cities across the world.

She Wants To Give Fans The Best Show

The Queen of Pop said, “I am excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes to give my fans the show they have been waiting for,” after announcing her tour in January.

Madonna Will Perform In These Cities

Beginning in July and continuing through January 2024, the tour will stop at 41 arenas in the US and Canada, including those in Vancouver, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Tulsa, St. Paul, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

She Will Stage Six UK Performances

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Also, she will stage six UK performances at the O2 in London in addition to other European performances in Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Cologne, Milan, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

Madonna Has Decided To Extend Her Tour

Giphy | Madonna

More is coming! The singer of Material Girl also said that she would extend her highly anticipated Celebration Tour by eight additional dates.

Surprise For Fans

Giphy | Madonna

Since then, she has pleasantly surprised her followers by adding tour dates and stops in other locations around North America and Europe.

She Will Pay Tribute To Her Career In Vancouver

Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

On July 15, she will launch her eleventh concert tour in Vancouver, where she will pay tribute to her legendary career and her legacy of hits spanning four decades.

This Tour Will End In London

Madonna Reinvention tour
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On December 6, the Celebration Tour will come to a finale in London.

Madonna's New Boyfriend

Josh Popper, Madonna's new love
instagram | Josh Popper

The statement was made after pictures on social media showed Madonna cuddling close to her rumored new boyfriend.

His Boyfriend Revealed Their Relationship

Josh Popper with Madonna
instagram | Josh Popper

Josh Popper, 29, the boxing coach for her children, revealed their relationship last week.

Josh And Madonna Met At His Gym

Josh and Madonna
instagram | Josh Popper

Josh is thought to have met the singer while instructing one of her six children at his gym.

Pics Of Working Out At The Gym Together

Josh And Madonna
instagram | Josh Popper

The only social media posts the couple has made about their relationship are of them working out together at the gym.