Grandpa's Favorite-Grandkids-Only Policy Backfires at Family Event

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A grandpa who only has time for his favorite grandchildren and ignores the others creates tension at a family event. One of the grandchildren, who is tired of being ignored, decides to play a prank on him. But when the joke is not well received, it leads to a major family feud.

Was the prank harmless, or did it cross a line? Read on to find out what happened and decide for yourself if the grandchild was being an a**hole or not.

Grandpa's selective love causes family drama at reunion 🤔

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandpa's selective affection leaves some grandkids feeling left out 😞

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandkids plan to prank forgetful grandpa at family event.

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandpa's selective memory causes confusion among family members

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandkids call out grandpa's hypocrisy at family event 🤔

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandpa's 'favorites-only' policy causes family drama and anger 😬

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

A controversial joke leads to family tension at an event 😬

grandpastranger | grandpastranger

Grandpa's favorite-grandkids-only policy backfires 😉

A family event turned awkward when a grandchild pretended to not know their grandpa. For years, the grandpa only interacted with two of his grandkids, leaving the rest of the family feeling neglected. To get revenge, the grandchild pretended to not recognize their grandpa at a recent event.

While most of the family found it funny, some were deeply offended. The grandpa's wife even threatened that he would never speak to them again. Despite the backlash, the grandchild doesn't regret their actions.

What do you think? Was this prank harmless or disrespectful? Share your thoughts about the situation in the comments below.

Grandpa's questionable behavior raises suspicions amongst family members 👀

Appropriate-Pound-32 | Appropriate-Pound-32

Grandpa's policy backfires, commenters agree NTA 🙌

IAmHerdingCatz | IAmHerdingCatz

Grandpa learns a lesson: can't have his cake and eat it too 🍰

LL1713 | LL1713

Playing favorites with cats, wonder how they'll get revenge 😹

wordsmythy | wordsmythy

Commenter defends OP's actions, calls out entitled grandkids. 🙌

Exact_Purchase765 | Exact_Purchase765

Grandpa's favoritism causes family estrangement. Heartbreaking 😢

whoatemarykate | whoatemarykate

Grandpa's abusive behavior led to grandchild's estrangement and exclusion from will 💔

endymion2300 | endymion2300

Cheers to being in the clear! 🍻 NTA wins.

JKPhantom86 | JKPhantom86

Commenter sympathizes with op's frustration about grandpa's favoritism.

Sarahcrutch1 | Sarahcrutch1

Redemption for the outsider: Grandpa's selective love causes chaos.

BellaPerrix | BellaPerrix

Fair treatment causes family drama 🤷‍♀️

QueenYeen | QueenYeen

Grandpa gets roasted in the comments for his exclusive policy 😂

IHaveSaidMyPiece | IHaveSaidMyPiece

Grandpa's favoritism backfires at family event 😂

planting49 | planting49

Boomers demand respect, but never give it. You're NTA! 👍

Watershed787 | Watershed787

Grandpa plays favorites at family event, gets called out. 🤨

CptBaba_1131 | CptBaba_1131

Respect is a two-way street 🛣️

Nalpona_Freesun | Nalpona_Freesun

Agreeing with the judgement 👍

Mpg19470 | Mpg19470

Putting a grandpa's favorite-grandkids-only policy to the test 😏

MyFriendsCallMeEpic | MyFriendsCallMeEpic

NTA wins the game and the wife threatens no contact 😂

Remarkable-Plastic-8 | Remarkable-Plastic-8

Grandparent's questionable favoritism sparks NTA judgement 🔎

Rare-Philosopher-346 | Rare-Philosopher-346

Grandpa's kid mix-up leads to hilarious family event mishap 😂

vociferousgirl | vociferousgirl

Commenter relates to grandpa's unfair treatment with anger.

AlbatrossSenior7107 | AlbatrossSenior7107

Kid shows grandpa how it feels to be ignored. NTA 🤘

FrankieLamar | FrankieLamar

You go, champ! 👏 Keep being bold and brave.

willneverbecoolenuff | willneverbecoolenuff

Genius move gets thumbs up 👍

chainsawdog | chainsawdog

Grandpa's favorite grandkids-only policy exposed, truth hurts 😂 #NTA

ShannonS1976 | ShannonS1976

Grandfather's favoritism backfires, but commenter finds it amusing 😂

Salamander_9 | Salamander_9

Calling out bad behavior at family events. 👏 NTA

oieusouobixo | oieusouobixo

Grandpa's exclusive policy leads to hilarious threat misunderstanding. NTA.

PotatoMonster20 | PotatoMonster20

Commenter defends grandkids-only policy, calls out beneficiaries. 👍

netnet1014 | netnet1014

NTA calls out grandpa's favoritism with a brilliant response 💪

Livetorun123 | Livetorun123

Clever way to ensure grandpa's memory lives on. 😎

Commercial-Letter252 | Commercial-Letter252

Grandparents' favorites policy gets hilarious call out by grandkids 😂

Catladysaurus99 | Catladysaurus99

Grandpa's favoritism backfires, commenter defends the excluded grandkids. NTA

EconomyVoice7358 | EconomyVoice7358

Stranger forgets you but expects you to remember him? NTA 👍


Grandpa's favoritism creates family drama. Commenter defends NTA stance.

SheepherderWild3578 | SheepherderWild3578

Hilarious suggestion to spice up family gatherings with fake introductions 👋

Mistress-DragonFlame | Mistress-DragonFlame

When grandpa's favorite-only policy goes wrong 😬

anisetatlin | anisetatlin

Commenter supports not being the a**hole with strong language.

alexrevnold | alexrevnold

Family dynamics get complicated, but love prevails ❤️

Dense_Homework2908 | Dense_Homework2908

Disrespectful grandpa gets called out by family member. 👏

Stella-Moon | Stella-Moon

Grandma gets a taste of her own medicine 😏

Verdivc | Verdivc

A short and sweet comment that got the laughs 😂

SeinnaBronze | SeinnaBronze

Karma strikes: Grandpa's 'favorite-only' policy backfires 🤭

universeofme | universeofme

Grandpa's favoritism sparks family feud - NTA comment.

stonerraptor | stonerraptor

Grandfather's favoritism causes family rift, commenter relates with experience 💔

bombastiphobia | bombastiphobia

Lonely gramps enforces grandkids-only rule, internet calls him stuck fick

Duce_canoe | Duce_canoe

Grandpa's favoritism leads to family drama. NTA wins.

fergie0044 | fergie0044

When YTA grandpa's policy goes wrong, revenge is bittersweet 😈

Village_Green_Badger | Village_Green_Badger

Why bother with a grandpa who plays favorites? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

A wise friend once said, 'There's nothing more foolish than an old fool'. NTA 👍

Corner_OfficeSpace | Corner_OfficeSpace

Petty but satisfying revenge. You go, NTA! 👏

AssistPure | AssistPure

Favoritism amongst grandparents - a missed opportunity for genuine relationships 😔

AmbitiousCable9559 | AmbitiousCable9559

Family tree with ignored relatives as question marks? 😂 #NTA

kipsterdude | kipsterdude

No one is the a-hole, but what happened? 🤔

yobaby123 | yobaby123

Grandpa's favoritism makes for a hilarious family event 😂

WA_State_Buckeye | WA_State_Buckeye

Adult child defends grandpa's silence, but is it justified?

inkpaperdream | inkpaperdream

Commenter finds grandpa's favoritism amusing 😂

Strider-SnG | Strider-SnG

Grandpa's selective invite leads to hilarious consequences 😂

ThePearlEarring | ThePearlEarring

Grandpa's policy divides family: NTA comment sparks discussion 👨‍👧‍👦

bookshelfie | bookshelfie

Unapologetic and blunt response to family drama 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Granddaughter gets called out for lying to impress family members 😂

CommonPeas | CommonPeas

Grandma would be proud 😂 NTA strikes again!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keep up the grandkids-only policy! 🙌 #NTA

National_Ad_1611 | National_Ad_1611

Grandpa learns the hard way that playing favorites doesn't pay 💸

Flashy-Experience-25 | Flashy-Experience-25

Grandpa plays favorites, gets upset when ignored grandkids do too 😒

AshenRabbit | AshenRabbit

Grandpa's policy backfires, commenters say he's at fault. 🤷‍♂️

Wizard072 | Wizard072

Grandpa's favorite-grandkids-only policy causes family tension 😬

Bigfootsgirlfriend | Bigfootsgirlfriend

Grandmother's favorite-grandson-only policy leads to amusing memory loss.

Sapphire1166 | Sapphire1166

Heartbreaking neglect of grandkids by their own grandpa 😢

lynypixie | lynypixie

Support for grandpa's policy against family event enablers 🙌

misfitx | misfitx

Grandpa's favoritism causes family tension. Commenter thinks he's a jerk.

IllustriousCassowary | IllustriousCassowary

Commenter finds the situation humorous with Nelson's catchphrase

WeedLovinStarseed | WeedLovinStarseed

Not the a**hole and well-played 👍

greysea21 | greysea21

Grandpa's favoritism creates humor, commenter supports not being TA. 😂👍

SeaOk7514 | SeaOk7514

Grandpa's strict policy leads to awkward family moments 😬

trueseraphina | trueseraphina

NTA wins the popular vote 👍

CommentAway2893 | CommentAway2893

Grandpa's policy creates family feud, commenter says no wrongdoing.

Rude-Tomatillo-22 | Rude-Tomatillo-22