Woman With Appendicitis Left Alone at Hospital During Important Football Game

A hospital reception area.
Unsplash | Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

A woman with appendicitis was left alone in a hospital for hours while her partner went to watch an important football game with friends. She suggested booking a hotel to watch the game, but he insisted on going to his friend's place. Despite the hospital not allowing her to leave alone, her partner left her behind and only came to pick her up the following day.

He then accused her of ruining the game for him by constantly texting and calling during the game. She's now wondering if she's the a**hole for not understanding the cultural significance of football and asking her partner to do a completely unreasonable drive to pick her up.

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Surgery for appendicitis during weekend away, partner by side ❤️

femalesaddle | femalesaddle

Partner leaves surgery patient alone during recovery, prioritizing work ⚠️

femalesaddle | femalesaddle

Patient left alone during football game, partner prioritizes sports over health.

femalesaddle | femalesaddle

Husband's football game more important than wife's surgery 🤯

femalesaddle | femalesaddle

Patient's partner left waiting in car during hospital restrictions 😔

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Abandoned at hospital for football game, left to fend alone.

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Left alone during appendicitis treatment for a football game 🏥⚽

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Abandoned at hospital for football game, partner angry upon return 😡⚽

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Ignoring girlfriend's medical emergency for football is a**hole behavior ⚽

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Left alone in hospital during football game, AITA? 😔⚽

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Woman with appendicitis left alone during important game ⚽️

A woman with appendicitis was left alone in a hospital during an important football game. Her partner, who was agitated and impatient, left to watch the game with his friends and later called her a**hole for constantly ringing and texting him during the game.

In her post, the woman is conflicted about whether she is the one at fault for not understanding the cultural significance of football and asking her partner to make an unreasonable drive. However, she also suggests that they could have watched the game in a hotel room instead of leaving her alone in the hospital.

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Dump him now! You don't have a partner, you have a monster. 😳

ThrillDr1 | ThrillDr1

Partner prioritizes game over girlfriend's health, internet supports girlfriend. NTA.

FatStoic | FatStoic

Dump him. Your health is more important than a game. 💔

MixtureGlum | MixtureGlum

Boyfriend prioritizes football game over girlfriend's emergency surgery. NTA.

7thatsanope | 7thatsanope

Friend picks up OP at 2am and takes train to hospital. NTA ❤️

LuvMeLongThyme | LuvMeLongThyme

Commenter called out for embarrassing replies. 🤦‍♀️

ripleyxxoo | ripleyxxoo

Partner left woman alone at hospital during important football game, NTA. Replies show support and highlight importance of communication and recognizing abusive behavior. 😔

Realistic-Ad7861 | Realistic-Ad7861

Supportive commenters agree: woman can do better than selfish boyfriend 🙌

LoganDeLuca2004 | LoganDeLuca2004

NTA left alone at hospital during football game, boyfriend's abusive behavior.

GinnyFromTheBlock96 | GinnyFromTheBlock96

Health over football. NTA did the right thing 🙌

manofmatt | manofmatt

Commenter supports woman mistreated by selfish boyfriend 🤝

BookSlut92 | BookSlut92

Dump your partner, NTA commenter suggests 💔

LynnieFran | LynnieFran

After being left alone at the hospital, friend saves the day ❤️

femalesaddle | femalesaddle

Putting your health first is never selfish! 🙌🏼 Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Eastern-Water9701 | Eastern-Water9701

OP's boyfriend is being called out for his unacceptable behavior 🤦‍♂️

faeyt | faeyt

Foreign partner prioritizes football game over girlfriend's health. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter empathizes with poster's situation and warns against potential danger.

Salt-Seaworthiness91 | Salt-Seaworthiness91

Redditors call out bait post about England fans and toxic culture

cod1990 | cod1990

Spouse prioritizes football over wife's health. Not cool. 🤦‍♀️⚽️

Davien636 | Davien636

Disturbing account of abusive relationship - NTA

tigerlily2021 | tigerlily2021

Prioritizing a sport over a person's health is unacceptable 🤦🏻‍♀️. Drop him like a hot potato.

Not_an_Economist | Not_an_Economist

Obsessed neighbor prioritizes football over wife's surgery, alarming neighbor.

pickledshallots | pickledshallots

Dump the douche who abandoned you for football game 🏟️

gonnaneedtoletthisgo | gonnaneedtoletthisgo

Partner values football over girlfriend with appendicitis at hospital 😡

JudgeJed100 | JudgeJed100

Abandoned after appendectomy for a football game? Leave him. #NTA ⚽❌❤️

badass_biscuit | badass_biscuit

Passionate fan defends NTA verdict amidst important football game frenzy ⚽

TheRiddler1976 | TheRiddler1976

Commenter accuses man of abuse for prioritizing game over surgery

dragontopia | dragontopia

Partner prioritized football over woman with appendicitis, NTA commenter empathizes

Rastamoise | Rastamoise

Boyfriend prioritizes football over girlfriend's appendicitis 😡

Exarch_Of_Haumea | Exarch_Of_Haumea

Partner abandons woman with appendicitis to watch football game 🏥⚽️

VitalityVixen | VitalityVixen

Doubting the authenticity of the story 🤔

jesskill | jesskill

Partner prioritizes football over appendicitis, time to make changes ⚽️

JosKarith | JosKarith

Commenter advises OP to find someone who prioritizes her over football 🤔

Bozobozo111 | Bozobozo111

Commenter accuses others of falling for a troll's game 🙄

killyourselffatshit | killyourselffatshit

English football culture called 'toxic' in appendicitis incident. 💔⚽

globo37 | globo37

Partner abandons surgery for football game, commenter calls out selfishness. 🤦‍♂️

Comprehensive-Dog748 | Comprehensive-Dog748

Heartless abandonment after surgery - NTA

BerryLocomotive | BerryLocomotive

Partner prioritizes football over partner's health. NTA.

theemosheep | theemosheep

Dump him! NTA wins the day 🎉

andromeda123456789 | andromeda123456789

Standing up to a crappy boyfriend during a football game 💯

Vaeldicurun | Vaeldicurun

Partner prioritizes football over sick girlfriend, NTA for leaving.

NefariousnessGlum424 | NefariousnessGlum424

Partner chooses football over sick girlfriend, commenter advises leaving him.

louerbrat | louerbrat

When your partner prioritizes football over your health 🤦‍♀️⚽

GumpTheChump | GumpTheChump